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Gender issues

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Educational Social Cultural Organization ( ESCO)


The Educational Social Cultural Organization (ESCO) is a US based NGO dedicated to providing relief and charitable assistance to alleviate poverty in India. The organisation strives to bring hope to the poor through education and socio-economic development. ESCO has set up a health centre and...

Bala Vikasa


Bala Vikasa Social Service Society is an Indian NGO in Andhra Pradesh. Bala Vikasa aims to help the poor to help themselves through capacity building in target communities through effective motivation, community organization, exposure, and training programmes. The organisation is currently ...

Young Educated Safe and Skilled (YESS)


Young Educated Safe and Skilled (Y.E.S.S) is an indigenous multi-dimensional volunteer based development organisation in Uganda. The organisation aims to empower young people physically and psychologically through skills development projects and education.

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Establish a seed fund for rural women entrepreneurs in Uganda


We are an organization that has helped to start village savings banks (over 17) among rural women in villages throughout Eastern Uganda. Each week, the women get together to add a small amount of money that they have saved to a combined fund. Women can then take loans from the savings bank and...



SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) is an Indian NGO that focuses on women's health. SNEHA targets four large public health areas - maternal and newborn health, child health and nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and prevention of violence against women and children. ...

Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong (IRD)


The Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong (IRD) was established in 2002 by the founding members of the China Education Association of the University of Hong Kong. The organisation assists people living in poverty-stricken rural areas to improve their livelihoods and raise their...

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Help to build a school for vulnerable girls in Maasailand, Kenya


We work with vulnerable young mothers and children, most of whom are between 13 and 18 years old. When these girls give birth their lives become hopeless as they are unable to continue with their education and frequently find it difficult to support their children. We want to ensure that young...

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Help to create micro-enterprises for women in Mazini, Swaziland, Verified non-profit organisation


We are aiming to assist underprivileged women in Manzini to attain financial independence through the creation of micro-businesses that will generate income. In Manzini, the most densely populated town in Swaziland, there are very few possibilities for self-advancement. Women, in particular,...

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Volunteers needed to assist the Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong)


We aim to assist the people living in poverty-stricken rural areas of China to improve their livelihoods and raise their ability to fulfill their potential. Our goal is to ensure that the children and women in impoverished rural areas of China have access to quality and affordable health care...

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Help to establish vocational training centres for women in India


We aim to help the underprivileged in India in regard to education, healthcare, self-employment, social welfare and disaster relief. We provide scholarships for poor students and have established a medical diagnostic centre cum polyclinic and conduct free medical camps. We also distribute food...