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Gender issues

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Voluntary Integration for Education and Welfare of Society (VIEWS)


Voluntary Integration for Education and Welfare of Society (VIEWS) is an Indian NGO working in Odisha. The organisation aims to improve the living conditions of the poor and marginalized by adopting strategies through community collective initiative and people's participation. Interventions are...

Revolutionary Ideology of Voluntary Entrepreneurs and Realistics(RIVER)


The Revolutionary Ideology of Voluntary Entrepreneurs and Realistics (RIVER)is an Indian NGO that works on health, environment, social, economic and cultural issues with and for marginalised communities in the slums of Kolkota. Major projects in which the organisation has been involved include...

Voice of Grace Foundation (VGF)


The Voice of Grace Foundation is a women's NGO in Cameroon. The organisation aims to empower rural and urban women and single teenage mothers economically, create awareness and sensitize them on issues pertaining to their rights (health, sexual reproduction and education), to encourage...

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Tailor training centres for Dalit women in India


Dalits are the most socio-economically oppressed class in India. The aim is to train and support impoverished Dalit women in basic tailoring, so that they can support themselves and their families. Centres aim to make and market garments to support the units and to provide the women with an income....

Reaching Hand


Reaching Hand is an Indian charitable trust established in 1996 to work with vulnerable children, marginalized women and deprived families, empowering them to lead a life of hope, self-worth and dignity. The organisation aims to act as a catalyst for social change through the provision of...

Helping Hands Welfare Association Baltistan


Helping Hands Welfare Association Baltistan (HHWAB )is a Pakistani NGO working in the general areas of health, education (both formal and technical for male and female), and the environment. HHWAB aims to develop comprehensive strategies with partners to ensure the provision of good health and...

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Enda inter-arabe: micro-credit in Tunisia


Enda inter-arabe is an international NGO operating in Tunisia. A member of ENDA Third-World based in Senegal, the organisation has been providing microcredit in Tunisia for 15 years.

Anti Domestic Violence Coalition (ADVC)


The Anti Domestic Violence Coalition (ADVC) is an NGO in Uganda. The organisation aims to highlight issues surrounding domestic violence by helping couples reconcile and by providing counselling to victims. The organisation runs a temporary shelter for people affected by domestic violence, and ...

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Funding & volunteers for Girls At Risk Support Unit (GARSU) in Uganda


Girl Child Network (GCN) UGANDA envisions a society where girls are empowered and enjoy their rights with support from whole communities so as to walk in the fullness of their potential. GCN: * Mobilizes whole communities to eradicate patriarchal structures that dominate homes, schools, and...

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A to Z Textile Mills: A Public Private Partnership Providing Long-Lasting Anti-Malaria Bed Nets to the Poor in Tanzania


Malaria, transmitted through mosquito bites, kills a million people worldwide each year. In 2004, A to Z Textile Mills of Tanzania became the sole African producer of long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets, able to kill mosquitoes on contact for five years without retreatment and resistant to...