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Gender issues

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United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


USAID is an independent agency that supports long-term economic and social development through policy dialogue, conflict prevention, technology transfer in sectors such as health, agriculture, education and housing, and promotion of trade and investment. U.S. assistance is channeled through...

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Income generating activities for deprived communities in India


Women in rural areas of India suffer both economically and socially. As a result of their general status as second class citizens, development programmes do not take into account the aspirations of women, and are not effective in achieving their objectives. Rural women in our project area...

Christian Coastal and Interior Minstries Association


The Christian Coastal and Interior Minstries Association (CCIMA) is an Indian NGO in Andrha Pradesh. The Association works among the poor and needy, particularly in regard to rehabilitation and health. The organisation provides food, clothing and other necessities to members of the communities in...

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Fighting AIDS through income generating projects in Kenya


Kenya is home to over 42 million people, and has the 6th highest HIV prevalence rate in sub-Saharan Africa. It has an HIV prevalence rate of 6.3%, and more than 1.4 million Kenyans are living with HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kenya has been disproportionately impacting women. Roughly 3 out of...

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Reduce poverty by helping women and youth in Uganda


Our organisation aims at supporting women and youth of Kagadi Sub- County to improve on their house hold income and give them a brighter future and reduce poverty in the community. Our two main fields are: - Rural Finance and Entrepreneurship Development - Care and support for the orphans...

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Providing unemployed teens and rural youth with skills and training in Ghana


The aim of the project is to identify and support poor unemployed girls and women, particularly those under 18 years old, who are living below the poverty line and have engaged in social vices such as prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation, robbery, streetism and alms begging. The...

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Training of poverty ridden rural women in India


The Women Shristi Association is an NGO based in West Bengal, with regional office in Kolkata. We work with the rural women who are victims of poverty and prey to social evils such as prostitution and trafficking. We intend to train these women in tailoring, handicraft, jute works, computer skills...

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Teaching Programme for Traditional Birth Attendants in Ghana


Akpafu organization is trying to help train practicing but untrained traditional birth attendants in Ghana. The need to train traditional birth attendants stems from the current shortage of professional nurses and midwives in the country and for that matter in the project region. The main goal is...

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Support Orphanage Development Centre in Congo


We are helping orphans and children from poor families to attend school in order to have a brighter future. After many years of war many children were orphaned and no one there to help them. In 2006, we decided to start a Centre for orphans at Rumangabo (45 miles from Goma) Fifty percent of the...

Agalean One Komyuniti (A1K) Association INC


The Agalean One Komyuniti (A1K) Association INC is an NGO in Papua New Guinea. The aims of the organisation are to promote community development, to act as a medium for dialogue between the community and all forms of government, CBO, NGO, development partners and other organizations, to promote...