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Conservation of endangered forest in Kabuna-Kaderuna, Uganda

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Budallisa Youth Environmental Protection Organization (BYEPO)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

BYEPO has been working to protect and conserve nature by promoting afforestation and creation of habitats for the wildlife. The achievement is evident with more trees growing on the land of some local farmers and schools who have benefited from our program. You can see the results of our programs on –

We are encouraging community members to plant indigenous local trees for proper restoration of the endangered plant species, some of which are medicinal. These plants were used / taken without replacement and were close to extinction.

We are also distributing some tree seedlings to schools and local communities to be planted as a continuous process to ensure proper vegetation cover, as forest conservation and to restore the habitats for wildlife, particularly endangered wild life species. Meanwhile we feel that the ecosystem will gradually improve, and will lead to rain formation to facilitate the agriculture industry.

We are also providing environmental education to the local community members to create awareness about the values of nature conservation.

The situation of deforestation and loss of habitat in this region is still severe, and it needs gradual and continuous change. Our organization keeps on creating positive impact by implementing small scale projects for nature conservation, and in the long run it will mitigate climate change as well.

What is your project and how will it help?

The forest conservation project have these goals:

- BYEPO’s management will carry out activities of nature conservation and activities which will lead to diversification of the economic activities in the forests and swamps, in order to eliminate the local population from encroaching on such resources.

- Currently, the activities of charcoal preparation and rice growing in the wetlands and swamps are common amongst local population. As people will be encouraged to provide themselves with other economic activities, it will reduce the need for the activities that are damaging to the forests and the swamps. This alone will ensure restoration opportunities of the forests and the swamps, which provide good habitat for the endangered wild life species.

- When planted trees grow larger, they will provide good habitat for the endangered biodiversity and will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity for a long time.

- Conservation of the indigenous natural trees will provide improvement on the natural setting of the environment for biodiversity and ecology.

- The endangered medicinal plants will be restored hence provision of medicine to the local community and the improvement of health as a result.

- Risks of malnutrition and diseases caused by poor diet and nutrition will be minimized since there will be proper rain distribution under good controlled temperature for proper crop production and animal rearing.

- With time, the forest will also provide good hunting activities to provide food for human consumption from some of the wild animals, since number will grow after multiplication at a controlled rate to bridge the food source and protein gap.

- Soil and water conservation will be improved as a result of having enough vegetation cover to reduce soil erosion and silt deposition in the wetlands. This of course will maintain good environment for wildlife in the ecological system.

- The education acquired through sensitization will greatly create awareness and a positive attitude towards the conservation of nature.

- There will be stable ecological system in a natural setting in such a way that the factors which spread diseases like malaria will be controlled by the bats as they prey on the mosquitoes.

- This will help to promote the tourism industry.

- The local community will earn a living as they get employed by the activities of the project implementation.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Other people can partner with us by:
- giving us constructive ideas
- making donations for these particular activities we are carrying out
- contacting us a give us support in order to implement the activities

On this note we greatly and anxiously invite most of the interested partners to give a hand for the implementation of these projects of nature conservation and climate change.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Funding / Budget = US$ 58,529.07
(US$1 = UGX2,597)

Please contact us for a detailed budget.

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Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

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Africa: Uganda

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