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Pakistan: Floods - Jul 2010

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Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environmental and Development Initiatives


The Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environmental and Development Initiatives is an alliance of three rights based organizations in Pakistan; Laar Humanitarian Development Programme (LHDP), HELP Foundation and Doaba Foundation. The Consortium acts as a platform for the people living in the area...

Youth in Action Balochistan


Youth In Action Balochistan (YIAB) is an NGO in Pakistan. YIAB works on a range of interventions in education, health and hygiene, youth and women's empowerment, emergency response and preparedness, governance, legal aid and human rights. Activities include capacity building and service...

Relief Education Development (RED) International


Relief Education Development (RED) International is an NGO which is specifically engaged in relief, education and development projects through a network of local partners around the world. The organisation works to change lives through the relief of poverty, sickness and suffering and through...

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


With 187 member countries, FAO is one of the largest specialised agencies in the United Nations system and the lead agency for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development. Through providing a knowledge network, and sharing policy expertise, FAO aims to raise levels of nutrition and...

Home of Hope


Home Of Hope (HOH) is a Pakistani NGO. The organisation was established in the post-earthquake period when thousand of people died and many children became orphans. The main purpose of HOH is to create a child friendly society through the establishment of a home for children that provides...

Rural Development Society


The Rural Development Society (RDS) is a Pakistani NGO working for the rehabilitation and resettlement of neglected and marginalized rural communities. Its priority areas are social mobilization, capacity building, advocacy and lobbying.

Foundation for Human Excellence®


The Foundation for Human Excellence (FHE) is an NGO that focuses on human development in Pakistan. The organisation supports projects intended to create an environment of human values, respect for one other, tolerance and healthy culture. Projects include health care, training for young people,...



Globalgiving is an online marketplace for philanthropy that connects individual and institutional donors directly to social, economic development, and environmental grassroots projects around the world. The organisation can provide its partner projects with access to new donors, online fundraising...

Change thru Empowerment (CE)


Change thru Empowerment (CE) is a registered Pakistan based NGO embarking upon enabling the people to struggle for their rights and promote a society where individuals' identity is just "Humanity" and they live together with respect for diversity and dignity. Currently, we are working in...