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Capacity building for HIV/AIDS organisations in Nelspruit, South Africa

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Phaphamani Home- based Care Centre

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Phaphamani Home Based Care Centre provides care and support to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We work in more than 8 zones in the Kabokweni area outside Nelspruit, South Africa.
The organisation responds to poverty, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to child and women abuse by implementing home-based care services to people suffering from HIV/AIDS related illnesses.

Many of the community-based organisations helping to deliver these services have poorly trained management and staff. Services are thus inefficiently delivered and resources can be wasted. It is clear that capacity building is needed to improve management skills and thus improve effective service delivery.

What is your project and how will it help?

Capacity Building of Community Based Organisations Management Teams and operational staff providing home- based care to vulnerable sick people and children.

1.The organisation will embark on a SKILLS TRAINING programme for selected managers from management teams of identified community based organisations to improve their management and service delivery. These organsiation receive funding from the Department of Social Development to run home based care activities and the project will help them to increase knowledge and skills in regard to project planning, governance and resource utilisation to meet the objectives of their organisations and contribute towards achieving the goals of the national HIV/AIDS strategic plan.

2. Skills acquired will assist management of these community based organisations to comply with funders’ requirements and ensure sustainability of their institutions.

3.Mentoring activities will be implemented through linking organisations with experienced mentoring officers from service provider organisations who will provide coaching through site visits to CBOs, meetings and referrals to other resource stakeholders.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Currently the organisation is working in partnership with Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa and the Department of Health and Social Development and community stakeholders such as churches, ward committee and NGO forums.

Phaphamani HBC Centre supports more than 25 organisations funded by the Department of Health and Social Development to render home based care services. The Department provides materials for HCBC management training and qualification guidelines for training of care workers in home based care activities.

Please detail the resources that you need.

The organisation is seeking funding to continue with the capacity building project implementation.
Funds will cover material development, hiring of skilled mentors and payment of monthly salaries for project staff.
Funding will also be spent on staff and CBO managers who need to travel to and from training and meetings.
1. materials development (manuals) = R 75, 0000.00
2. project adminsitration = R 20, 000.00
3. skills training workshops = R 145, 000.00
4. travelling of mentors = R 45. 000.00
5. management cost (salaries) = R 210, 000.00
6. audit and contigency = R 15, 000.00

Total budget estimated = R 510, 000.00 ($62,000)

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