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Growing capacity - reshaping the lives of oppressed families in the slums of India

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Global Equity Brokers Verified non-profit organisation

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Eddie and his team are encouraging, educating and empowering oppressed women who are now developing their own savings and micro-finance institutions, transforming their families and building productive futures. You will be amazed as your simple gifts of time release potential and grow incredible returns from the meagre resources in squalid slums.

What is your project and how will it help?

Saahasee is spreading basic education and hope as it releases the power of collaborative effort in urban slums across India. More than half a million women are now overcoming hygiene and sanitation issues and reclaiming their rights as people. Saving one rupee a day and investing it collectively is at once building a sisterhood of micro-finance institutions and transforming life in the slums. Families are boosted with education for children, economic opportunities for husbands and a radically empowered, enriched and productive future for the whole community.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Support Eddie and his team to empower some of the world’s most oppressed families living in slums. New Zealand based Global Equity Brokers understands the needs of Western business people and will tailor opportunities to suit your desire and ability to give, from one or two hours to one or two days or weeks. Sharing your time and interest, knowledge and expertise will take these collaborative federations of women into new dimensions of success. Help them market their collective skills and labour on new levels, broaden their understanding and boost their confidence as they engage with mainstream businesses in the marketplace. The value of your guidance and support is multiplied many times as it reaches deeply into the hearts of thousands of women and families. The federations themselves are growing, breeding and spreading as a groundswell of self-help initiatives sweeping into the slums.

Grow your appreciation of the amazing returns from meagre resources. Slums are being transformed by courage, commitment and tenacity in the face of huge odds. Are you ready to fill your heart with the love being shared?

Invest locally – where you live or work – or overseas. Global Equity Brokers bridges the language and cultural barriers and distance, applying your high-value gifts of time, expertise and resources directly where they are most needed. In this way, and by promoting a two-way learning exchange, Global Equity Brokers delivers meaningful outcomes and high returns on every dollar invested. Global Equity Brokers matches your high-value gifts to selected local groups, such as Saahasee, which already have a wide impact a successful track record. Global Equity Brokers also offers opportunities for companies or individuals to invest on-site.

Invest yourself, make a difference and be inspired.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Global Equity Brokers will help you gift your marketing expertise to existing women’s co-operatives – labour pools with thousands of women seeking ‘in-home’ work in slums. If you have more time, as a Westerner leading the marketing you would become a unique selling point. Communication and public relations skills are also needed to document and report on this successful urban slum empowerment model. Your skills could help this success in India to be copied around the world, published in international journals and marketed to potential private/corporate supporters/funders.

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Asia: India

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    Henry Tenenbaum says: Are you interested in developing a video for documenting and promoting this program? My services are gratis, but I do ask that travel and expenses be covered.

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