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Action Committee Service for Peace


This organisation was founded in 1968 and its main tasks include the support of common concerns and projects of the member organisations, co-operation with other institutions and organisations, advertising and information about peace service opportunities, planning seminars and courses, and...

Logo has been developed and is operated by the Commerce and Companies Agency. The website is edited by employees of the Employees in the Danish Government Centre for CSR in cooperation with the web group at the Commerce and Companies Agency. aims to communicate information, knowledge...

CSR Europe


CSR Europe is a European business network for corporate social responsibility (CSR) with around 70 multinational corporations and 31 national partner organisations as members. CSR Europe has a unique delivery model which aims to support companies in building sustainable competitiveness, foster...



CSR NEWS is a worldwide internet platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is owned by the non-profit-making Corporate Responsibility Foundation and is neutral and independent. CSR NEWS provides news about corporate responsibility and is an international platform for dialogue with...

Global CSR


GLOBAL CSR is a Danish consultancy group that specialises in creating sustainable solutions for private companies, public authorities and organisations. They focus particularly on the social dimension of CSR and anti-corruption, and also provide consultancy services in relation to the environmental...



CSR network is a consultancy that helps companies do business in a responsible way and aims to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) a reality. The organisation offers services ranging from CSR strategy to environmental auditing, stakeholder dialogue and report development.

European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (EVHAC)


The establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (EVHAC) has been proposed by the European Commission as part of its humanitarian assistance effort. It has selected three of its main partner organisations in Humanitarian Aid to run the first pilot projects and recruit, select, train...

Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB)


Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) is a collaborative effort of seven humanitarian agencies (CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Save the Children and World Vision) aimed at improving the speed, effectiveness and delivery of humanitarian response programs. The ECB implements...

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Refrigerators needed for Mercy Ships Verified non-profit organisation


Mercy Ships is united by a strong set of values with beliefs that have inspired our actions since the first Mercy Ships voyage. Our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy concentrates in providing free medical care to those nations in West Africa currently rated at the bottom of the Human Development...

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Toolbook Series: developing Partnership Initiatives


The Toolbook Series, published by the Partnership Initiative, is developed from action research and in close collaboration with practitioners worldwide. The aim of the toolbooks is to enable a flexibility of application across cultures and sectors.