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Help build a home for Ugandan orphans


Mountains of Hope cares for 20 orphans in a rented building with very basic sanitation and schooling facilities in Mpigi, central Uganda. The children sleep 10 to a room. We are committed to providing a safe home based on Christian values for many more orphans and are planning to construct a home...

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Help to build a school and orphanage in South Sudan


Social Action Orphanage Organization (SAO) is an NGO in South Sudan. Its major goal is to support the rebuilding of live and happiness in the war-ravaged communities. We aim to help the vulnerable groups of orphans who have been affected by the long civil war and have no one to care for them. In...

Social Action Orphanage Organization


The Social Action Orphanage Organization (SAO) is an NGO in Juba, South Sudan. The organisation's major goal is to support the rebuilding of life and happiness in the war-ravaged communities of Southern Sudan through implementing community -based rehabilitation and development interventions...

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Providing school supplies for orphans in Uganda

Heal kids going 4 studies

We exist to help and support disadvantaged children and help the most vulnerable members of the community. In particular, we want to help children to access the education they need for a better future. Many of the children we care for need blankets, shoes and clothes as well. Some have only 2...

Monda African Art Ltd


Monda African Art is a limited liability company established in Nairobi, Kenya in 2005. It strives to create and produce original high-end handicrafts, including beaded sisal bags, fashionable jewelry and utilitarian soapstone items. The company is managed by a competent and experienced partnership...

Maasai Treads


Maasai Treads was established in August 2005, as part of an initiative to assist young creative shoemakers to earn a reasonable wage through recycling initiatives. Maasai treads makes footwear as well as a range of Maasai treads essentials. Maasai treads aims to show the global marketplace that...

Machakos District Co-operative Union Ltd (MDCU)


MDCU was established in 1964 as an umbrella organisation of primary co-operatives in Machakos district, Kenya. Today it assists mainly marginalized producers in the handcraft sector with products such as wood carvings, baskets, soapstones, etc. The mission of MDCU is to improve the quality of...

Kazuri 2000 Limited


The mission of Kazuri is to provide and sustain employment opportunities to the disadvantaged members of the Kenyan society. Kazuri began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting with making handmade beads. It started with two Kenyan women and soon discovered that there were many other women in...

Honey Care Africa


Honey Care Africa was established in 2000 as an innovative private sector social enterprise to promote sustainable community-based beekeeping in Eastern Africa. It was set up with an explicit triple bottom-line agenda, with an emphasis on generating economic, social and environmental values...

Bosinange Juakali Soapstone


Bosinange Juakali soapstone is a private limited group that produces soapstone carvings (Arts), which are handcrafted by Kisii artisans in Kenya and sold locally and internationally to help them to alleviate poverty and improve their livelihood. The group was started in late 1980s under the...