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Empower And Care Organisation (EACO)

Eaco family visits

The Empower and Care Organisation (EACO) is a community-based organisation operating in Mukono District, Central Uganda, and Maracha District, Northern Uganda. EACO aims to reduce poverty and HIV/AIDS through economic empowerment, and the provision of educational opportunities and support for...

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Construction and Equipping of Vocational School for the Less Privilaged in Cameroon


Light and Life Mission Cameroon has been helping the widows, the very poor, the needy, the vulnerable, the orphans and the underprivileged in the areas where we have churches. The issue is that in Cameroon, the fee of professional training is too high for poor children to afford it. We think...

African Ark Open Society Institute


The African Ark Open Society Institute is an NGO in Kasese, Uganda. The institute is accredited in Uganda and affiliated to the Marie Schlei Association in Germany, an organisation specialising in herbal medicine. African Ark runs vocational training courses in herbal medicine, and agriculture...

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Funding needed to build and equip a six-classroom school in Congo

Projet ec1

We want to help young girls, handicaped children, and leprosy kids who do not know how to read and write. The issues is that in our area... 70% of young girls do not know how to read and write. 80% of handicapped children do not study. 80% of children who have leprosy are disabled and...

Return to the Soil Project


The Return to the Soil Project is an organisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo whose purpose is to improve life for its members and promote a culture of peace, social justice and peaceful resolution of conflict. The organisation also aims to fight against illnesses such as AIDS, leprosy and...

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Funding required to build an orphanage home in Liberia

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We are trying to help orphans affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans and other children in the community who are living in difficult circumstances. These children do not receive proper care and do not attend school. There are issues that need addressing around child labour, the childs right to education,...

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Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Bugembe, Uganda


Women Support and Health Care (WOSHEC) was formed as a result of the spiritual moral decay and disintegration of the Bugembe community that led to high crime rates, poverty, loss of food, high prices, human sacrifices, child neglect and abuse that are being experienced throughout the country. Hence...

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Funding for the Construction 4 Classrooms at Green hill Nursery and Primary School, Namwiwa

One of the class room blocks we have

Green hill Nursery and Primary School has direct beneficiaries of approximately 470 pupils (Nursery to Primary Seven), over 300 parents, 14 teachers, 4 support staff and 4 Board of Directors of Green Hill Nursery and Primary School, Namwiwa. Meanwhile the indirect beneficiaries are over 20,000...

House of Glory Ministries


The House of Glory Ministries is a church in Tulbagh, South Africa.

Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources (Hawassa University)


The Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources is a college within the Hawassa University in Ethiopia. The College conducts applied and development oriented research in soils, non timber forest products, biodiversity conservation, natural resource economics, fuel, silviculture,...