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Empower local communities through sustainable protection of the environment, Cameroon


A healthy environment is essential to human welfare. At the same time the constraints and avenues to improved environ mental management mainly arise from human needs and actions. There is thus a strong linkage between environmental and social agendas and tools such as stakeholder analysis,...

Hope for Community Development and Consultancy Organisation (HOCODECO)


The Hope for Community Development and Consultancy Organization (HOCODECO) is a grassroots NGO in Tanzania. The organisation runs a women's support project and provides free early childhood education to poor children and HIV/AIDS orphans.

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Ndoto Yango community and education centre in Tanzania


Ndoto Yangu Community Center (NYCC) believes that every human being has got his/her own dream that he would like to accomplish. NYCC wants to eradicate the extreme poverty by creating a learning center where by poor and marginalized children and youths of Kitomonto Ward will use it to gain...

World Alliance against Youth Unemployment


The World Alliance against Youth Unemployment (WAYU) is a forum of organizations across borders dedicated to eradicating youth unemployment. The organization is the initiator of the Global Campaign against Youth Unemployment. The organisation is based in Rwanda.

Herbert Childrens Haven


Herbert Childrens Haven (HECH) is a Ugandan NGO that promotes a just and conducive environment for children through; advocacy,nutrition, shelter,education and health. Currently, HECH has 120 children staying with or attached to 40 foster families some of whom have no adequate sanitation facilities....

Action for Development in Underserved Areas (ADUA)


Action for Development in Underserved Areas (ADUA) is a Ugandan NGO that works with and advocates for vulnerable groups.

Laverna Children’s Home & primary school


Laverna children’s home and primary school is a registered non-profit community oriented development organization with over six years experience in child development situated in Donyo sabuk Kiboko Location, Matungulu District Machakos County in Kenya. The organization was established in 2005 and ...

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Construction of pit latrines for foster homes in Uganda


The most vulnerable and marginalized group in our community are the children who have been orphaned or suffering the effects and impact of poverty. It is evident therefore that these orphans and other vulnerable children’s social problem is one of the biggest challenges facing many families in...

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Mosquito nets to fight Malaria in orphanage, Uganda Verified non-profit organisation


Hope Children’s Centre is a rural community initiated educational institution established in 1994 by the community Bukasa Parish on realization of the growing number of helpless children who had no help and future assured education as most of them were regarded to be with no value at all in their...

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Help poor children to stay in school, Cameroon Verified non-profit organisation


Social Development international (SDI) takes a more holistic approach to provide children with books, didactics, and uniforms, pay restrictive fees, and negotiate with schools to reduce and/or eliminate schools fees, train teachers and care givers with life and livelihood skills. Teachers will be...