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Light and Life Mission Cameroon


The Light and Life Mission Cameroon is a ministry of the Free Methodist World Mission. Its main aim is to preach the gospel, plant churches and administer them. The Mission also offers humanitarian assistance to orphans, widows, and the needy providing scholarships and vocational training and...

Akmuskhamala I. A.Inc (U) Ltd.


AkmusKhamala I.A.Inc.(U) Ltd. is a Ugandan company offering project identification and implementation, marketing and finance management.

Youth Advocates Ghana-YAG


Youth Advocates Ghana-YAG is an NGO working to eliminate sexual violence against women and children (violence against girls in school, rape, defilement and sexual harassment as well as demanding sex favours before offering employment etc). YAG works at the grassroots level with poor...

Return Home Deveopment Organization(REDO)


The Return Home Development Organization (REDO) is a Tanzanian NGO that works on poverty reduction in rural areas through the provision of education and women's economic empowerment. ...

African Friends in Need Network (AFINNET)


African Friends in Need Network (AFINNET) promotes rural community development initiatives and projects focusing upon community participation and capacity building. Women, children and youth are AFINNET's primary beneficiaries. AFINNET gives grants to community programmes which are administered by...

Young Social Entrepreneurs Trust (YSET)


The Young Social Entrepreneurs’ Trust (YSET) is a Zimbabwean NGO with a focus on working with youth people between 17-35. YSET promotes educational, sustainable job creation, health, vocational training, awareness campaigns, career guidance, electronic and cloud-technology advancement, sporting...

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Shipment of 50,000 donated text books in a 40ft container from worldwide book drive, Dallas,Texas,USA to Kenya


We would like to supply books to the children in the followings: I.Vulnerable children (orphans)in children homes in Kenya 2.Non formal schools in urban slums especially in Nairobi 3.Rural based community libraries 4.Self sponsored students who want to further education Kenya Book Source Trust...

Kenya Book Source Trust


Kenya Book Source Trust is is a Kenyan charity with a mandate to receive books and other learning materials from abroad. The Trust aims to assist poor Kenyans to access books and other educational material more easily.

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The main objective of the project is strengthening, developing and promoting the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in our society, particularly the orphans who live in the arid and semi-arid parts of Northern Kenya where most are lack of food, water and basic...

Wathajir Development Organisation


Wathajir Development Organisation is a Kenyan NGO that promotes the well-being of vulnerable pastoralist communities through integrated livelihood and social development programmes.