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Urim And Thummim Childcare Trust


The Urim and Thummim Child Care Trust is an NGO in Malawi. The Trust reaches out to street children, the elderly, the hopeless and widows, providing them with survival skills and empowering them to be self sustainable. The Trust operates in both rural and urban areas.

Baraka Childrens Home


Baraka Children's Home is a charitable organisation in Kenya. The charity supports orphans, destitute, abused and abandoned children in collaboration with the District Children's office and the community, providing children with basic needs such as food, shelter, medicine, clothing, parental and...

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Provision of 30 litre Rotary Barrels for easier collection of potable water by women and children.

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To work with partners including NGOs, agencies, voluntary groups, charities etc,. to provide 30 litre Rotary Barrels to replace the dirty unhealthy containers, buckets, jerry cans etc currently used by women and children to collect non potable water. The majority collect over long distances (up to...

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Develop community project in Kenya


We are a community based organization in Kenya and aim to help the most vulnerable children in our community. We are also interested in helping women. We carry conduct HIV/AIDS training and provide seed money for business development. We also support the education of orphans who make craft items...

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Primary school classrooms in Jinja, Uganda


Sajjabbi Memorial Orphanage and Vocational School is a community based organisation which has been operating for five years in the most remote areas of Muwangi – Kayira parish districts of Jinja. We mainly focus on improving the education of orphans and vulnerable children whose guardians and...

Sajjabi Memorial Orphanage Junior and Vocational School


The Sajjabi Memorial Orphanage Junior and Vocational School is a school for underprivileged children in Uganda. Currently, the school has 70 pupils: 10 orphans, 10 from poor backgrounds and 50 from better off families. The latter are charged fees which are ploughed back into the school to...

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Eliminate cholera among rural dwellers in Nigeria


We want to help the people of Osun state who live in areas affected by cholera by eradicating open defecation and by providing clean water and sanitation facilities. We have previously implemented a water project funded by the Australian High Commission through which we provided boreholes and...

Oogoria-Moru Pentecostal Assemblies of God


The Oogoria-Moru Pentecostal Assemblies of God is handling all categories of people in all sectors of development. This includes education and faith. In March 2013, the organisation had 70 people. The main issue is the dire poverty that the people are facing as a consequence of war and the...

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Sponsor HIV/AIDS orphans in the Masaka and Lwengo districts, Uganda


Our NGO assists orphans and vulnerable young people to access education and care. Our main targets are the most underprivileged children and youths orphaned /affected by HIV/AIDS from the urban slums and from rural villages. There is no question that one of the major problems the AIDS scourge...

Foundation for People's Welfare Nakalembe


The Foundation for People's Welfare Nakalembe is an NGO in Uganda. The organisation works for people living with HIV/AIDS, helping them to become more self-reliant through counselling and support. The Foundation also provides educational support for the children of HIV/AIDS victims, and this year...