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Destined Child International Foundation


The Destined Child International Foundation is a Nigerian NGO that is committed to assist in reducing poverty by reaching out to orphans, widows and the less privileged. The Foundation aims to provide shelter and basic education for orphans and street children, and to help widows increase...

Chipata Youth Outreach Ministry


The Chipata Youth Outreach Ministry is a Zambian NGO that supports young people struggling to find employment. The organisation has held a series of community consultation meetings to discuss youth unemployment, and intends to provide training to help young people create their own businesses..

Grace Evangelistic Missions


Grace Evangelistic Missions is is a faith-based organization in Kenya.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care Support Project


The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care Support (OVCCCS) is an Ethiopian NGO that focuses on the development of rural communities, particularly on women and children.

Kids in Desperate Situations Uganda


Kids in Desperate Situations Uganda is an NGO that works in education and health. The organisation also aims to assist the entire households in which the children live.

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Financial Assistance for the construction of Barr christian vocational center in Uganda


Help the youth, orphans, vulnerable children and women who have been in the internally displaced camps in Northern Uganda to train them to be self reliant in the community. Because of no classrooms, the training is always done under the trees in the compound of the church and the number of...

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Volunteers for the promotion of computer and literacy skills in Uganda


Aims of Maendeleo foundation are: 1) to provide computing equipment to local schools, public libraries and university’ centers for lifelong learning located in rural areas of Uganda. 2) to teach children and adults from poor communities basic computer skills which will allow them: a) to have...

Maendeleo Foundation


The Maendeleo Foundation is a Ugandan organisation that is committed to helping to build a productive computer services industry in East Africa, connecting people and information using the latest internet technologies, and thereby increasing personal incomes and boosting the local economy. The...

Living Fountain Care Point


Living Fountain Care Point is a small project of a 15-member Self Help Group of volunteers working towards alleviating the problems of abandoned and vulnerable children within the community of Mombasa and its environs. The Group is running a Children’s Home and providing care to abandoned children...

Kiswa Children's Centre


The Kiswa Children's Centre is an orphanage in Uganda that cares for 56 children between the ages of 3 and 18.