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Aids Counselling Network Intiative

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The Aids Counselling Network Intiative is an organisation in Uganda. The Network offers counselling and guidance services. education on food security, and access to education for orphans, people with disabilities and women.

Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL)


Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL) is a legally registered company limited by guarantee. ACEIL owns Acholi Broadcasting Service (ABS FM) which is being established in Gulu. The main objective of the company is to empower the community in northern Uganda who are recovering from...

Friends of Stone Circle Foundation


Friends of Stone Circle Foundation is a Gambian NGO in the Central River Region. The organisation aims to assist young people and women to access skills training. The Foundation provides training in horticulture, sustainable agriculture, electrical installation, soap making, tie and dye and body...

Integrated Community Voluntary Development Program of Kenya


Integrated Community Voluntary Development Program of Kenya [ICVDK] is a Kenyan NGO. The organisation aims to empower the community through volunteer placements both locally and internationally to help build capacity for community based projects.

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Construction of Ngege Medical Clinic, Kenya


We are a Christ's Grace Evangelistic Ministry (CGEM) a faith-based Christian organization working in a resource-constrained remote area of NGEGE in the Nyanza province, 260 kms from the Capital City Nairobi (Kenya). Activities include evangelism, and health related issues. We're presently working...

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Financial and material support for community project in Kenya

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Our organisation is helping children and women as well as the youth and the general community with their development agendas. We do this by providing trainings on HIV/AIDS, providing feeding program, supporting resource centers, sponsorships, building community schools, providing uniforms,...

Comfort Arms of Needy Children (CAC)


Comfort Arms of Needy Children (CAC)is a child-centred NGO in Malawi. The organisation aims to develop the full capacities of children through evidence-based interventions focusing in particular on children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Life Concern Foundation


The Life Concern Foundation is a Ugandan NGO that aims to alleviate the suffering of people in the poorest communities through sustainable grassroots initiatives in health and education.

Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM)


Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM) is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation brings together grass roots groups involved in integrated development activities including agriculture, small scale fishing, environmental management and small businesses.

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Fund microcredit programme for women in Nigeria


Guildance Community Development Foundation is involved in capacity building of rural poor women and youth group and extension of Revolving fund to them. We help the poor rural communities help themselves. Our mission is to empower and improve the poor people’s opportunities to access skills and...