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Upper Hill Kipkorgot Water Project


The Upper Hill Kipkorgot Water Project is a self help group in a rural area of Kenya. The community is attempting to establish a water supply and has started the project by identifying a suitable location for drilling and is currently looking for partners to assist its own efforts.

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We are a community faced with a big challenge in accessing water for domestic use. We have managed to mobilize ourselves, registered the welfare but failed to rise enough money to drill a borehole due to its high cost.My piece of land is positioned on a higher ground from where if drilled and tanks...

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Vocational Center for Rural Farmers in Cameroon


We are a group of rural farmers formed into an NGO -NICOLIPA (New Integrated Collective Initiative for Poverty Alleviation). Our aim is to increase the knowledge of the rural farmers, reduce or stop rural exodus, educate the farmer on how to use the PC (Functional Literacy Programme), increase food...

World Wide Evangelistic Church

Compu is intoduced to children in remote areas

The World Wide Evangelistic Church is a religious organisation that works in Tanzania. In addition to its faith-based activities, the Church is trying to assist various communities to drill wells to help with the current acute water shortage.

Community Development and Tourism Foundation (CDTF)


The Community Development and Tourism Foundation (CDTF) is a Ghanaian NGO that works on advocacy, capacity building and tourism promotion.

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Sponsorship for Youth Literacy Education Program in Liberia


This project is designed to provide literacy skills for 200 Zero-literate women and men (75% women and 25% men) in Todee and Careysburg District, Montserrado County, Liberia. The 14 years of Civil Conflict devastated every sectors of the Liberian Society, including the breakdown of family life...

Liberia Rural Children Psychosocial Development Organization (LIRCPSDO) Inc.


Liberia Rural Children Psychosocial Development Organization (LIRCPSDO) Inc. is a Liberian NGO that works in rural areas with young people and children, and aims to empower their parents through education and other iniatives. The organisation has four major programme areas: food security, health,...

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Support youth to youth education in Ghana


Peer Educators Club-Ghana (PEC-GH) is an NGO helping young people on development and health. PEC-GH aims to help young people in making informed decisions, as we provide support and counseling to the vulnerable youth in the society. The issue that PEC-GH is trying to address is the...

Peer Educators Club - Ghana


The Peer Educators Club-Ghana (PEC-GH) is an NGO that works on development and health, helping young people to make informed decisions about their lives. In particular, the Club provides opportunities for young people to discuss issues relating to sexual health, and to access counselling for...

Nyasubi Youth Development Forum (NYDF)


The Nyasubi Youth Development Forum is a Tanzanian NGO that promotes opportunities for young people, focusing on education, health and the environment.