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Assistance needed to vocational training center in Uganda


Our priority is to create a difference in a child’s life by providing real solutions to real problems and teaching them how to “fish” rather than just receiving “fish”. We do not believe in our beneficiaries to be just on the receiving side, we support them to get involved and participate to...

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Training Returnee Refugees in South Sudan Verified non-profit organisation


Long term development in South Sudan has been severely challenged by more than two decades of civil war. This war led to the death of more than 2 million people and the displacement of millions more. Thousands of returnee families (former refugees) are now completely dependent on humanitarian aid...

Australian Greens


The Australian Greens is part of the Global Greens network, with around 70 Greens parties established world-wide. Their vision is for a fair, independent and sustainable Australia. Their core beliefs focus on ecological sustainability, grassroots participatory democracy, social justice and, peace...

Clothes Line Incorporated


Clothes Line Incorporated is a fully endorsed Sydney based, not-for profit organisation, which provides good quality clothing and other essential items, free of charge, to the homeless and disadvantaged. Clothesline does not receive any government funding and all our staff are volunteers. The...

IT Share


ITShare SA Inc. refurbishes discarded or donated computer parts and peripherals. The team accepts donations of computers from businesses, institutions and individuals. IT Share then processes the goods and makes them available to low-income groups, individuals and communities for a minimal fee. ...

Women & Children's Hospital Foundation


The Women & Children's Hospital Foundation Inc is the charity branch of the hospital in South Australia which provides funding for various projects connected to the hospital. The Foundation's projects include: purchasing equipment; supporting research; improving patient facilities; funding...

Connected Inc


Connected Inc aims to assist other charities by helping them process often overwhelming donation loads. Especially following natural disasters, Connected is able to directly provide people with vital products immediately when they need it. In particular, Connected helps provide essential...

Charity Link Australia


Charity Link Australia is an ever growing partnership of philanthropic business people and individuals who grant comprehensive, practical resources and services directly to individuals and families who are referred from existing welfare agencies, intervention and housing support programs. The...

Hope Foundation


Hope Foundation works in Australia primarily with women caught in addiction and in the sex industry. Hope Foundation works with those involved and their loved ones to bring hope, help and healing, including exit and rehabilitation programs. This target group has been identified to provide relief...

World Relief Australia


World Relief Australia Inc. (WRA) works with community groups and NGOs in Australia and abroad to provide effective aid relief and longer term development projects. WRA provides emergency relief to those suffering as a result of natural disaster (eg. earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, catastrophic...