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Asian Health Institute (AHI)


Group of medical practitioners that provide both preventive and curative health care programmes, and medical training for local communities in Asia.

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Refrigerators needed for Mercy Ships Verified non-profit organisation


Mercy Ships is united by a strong set of values with beliefs that have inspired our actions since the first Mercy Ships voyage. Our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy concentrates in providing free medical care to those nations in West Africa currently rated at the bottom of the Human Development...

Mercy Corps International - China


Mercy Corps is a not-for-profit international humanitarian agency. Its goal is to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Believing that communities must be the agents of their own transformation for change to endure, Mercy Corps...

Integrated Developmental Education Activate Society [IDEAS]


Integrated Developmental Education Activate Society (IDEAS) is a non-governmental organisation based in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. IDEAS provides emergency relief projects and rehabilitation to tsunami-hit women through income generation activity like fish pickle making programmes.

Murera AIDS Prevention and Support Group


Murera AIDS Prevention and Support Group focuses mostly on education, prevention and the support of those affected/infected by the disease, creating a sound and pro-active atmosphere which aims at helping the community in understanding those people who have been infected by HIV/aids. At the same...

Food for the Hungry International - Uganda


Food for the Hungry International - Uganda, part of a global Christian partnership, is involved in programmes that provide community health education, assistance to enable children to attend school and receive health check-ups and medical treatment, and assistance to Uganda prisons. Working in...

Chayachitra Yuvajana Sangham


Established in 1999, Chayachitra Yuvajana Sangham is an Indian based organisation which works to provide disadvantaged people with social services and educational development programs.

Les Petits Riens


Les Petits Riens is a second-hand shop on four floors filled with a wide variety of discarded items, including books, beds, bicycles, computers, fur coats and beer glasses. Les Petits Riens is a registered charity, started by a Catholic priest named Father Friodure, in 1936. The public donates...

Realsom Organization for Welfare & Development


Realsom Organization for Welfare&Development aims to provide the resources necessary to make Somali residents self-sufficient in health,employment,sanitation and education through developmental programs/projects. Realsom was partnered with Local, National and International NGOs Based in Somalia....

Islamic Relief (IR) - Niger


Islamic Relief (IR) - Niger, an office of the UK-based Islamic Relief, operates programs that cover health and nutrition, and water and sanitation activities. IR - Niger also provides free health care for malnourished children, their mothers, and pregnant and nursing women. Exemplifying its...