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Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG)


Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG) is a United States based non-profit organisation, founded in 2001. HISG specialises in private sector resource mobilisation and management and has networked over 45 warehouses across the USA to work collaboratively to aid the poor and needy around...



AmeriCares is a US-based nonprofit organisation that solicits donations of medicines, medical supplies, and other relief materials from US and international manufacturers, and delivers them to indigenous health care and welfare professionals around the world. Internationally it is involved in...

Global Rescue Services (GRS)


Global Rescue Services (GRS) promotes the protection of the life amongst communities in need in any part of the world by provision of trained specialist rescue support services, personnel and equipment; and, advances the education and training of rescue personnel and rescue dogs in all aspects of...

Mobility Equipment for the Needs and the Disabled (MEND)


The Mobility Equipment for the Needs and the Disabled (MEND) is a charity that helps people overcome their disabilities and become more independent. By helping disabled people become useful and capable, MEND aims to help them regain their dignity within the community.

Igorot Tribal Assistance Group (ITAG)


The Igorot Tribal Assistance Group (ITAG) is a non-governmental organisation working on environmental affairs in the Cordillera region of the Philippines. Their work includes a study of ecological degradation and campaigns to educate people in the region to protect and conserve genetic resources,...

Centre For The Training Of Poll Workers (CETPOW)


Centre For The Training Of Poll Workers (CETPOW) helps to sustain democracy in Africa and new democratizing countries by creating awareness among political players.

In Kind Canada


In Kind Canada provides "one-stop shopping" for the corporate, government and charitable sectors and allows business and government to redirect their surpluses for distribution through In Kind Canada to needy charities. Any Canadian Registered Charity can join the In Kind Canada program. In Kind...

Charitable Recycling Program


The Charitable Recycling Program is a mobile recycling service based in the US. Mobile phones can either be recycled for parts or sold as second hand in developing countries. The profits are re-invested in domestic and international charities.

Diakonie Emergency Aid - Azerbaijan


The Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DK) or Diakonie Emergency Aid was established with the objective of providing humanitarian aid worldwide during catastrophes. It supports people who have fallen victim of natural disasters, war and displacement and who are not able to cope on their own in the...

National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR)


NAEIR is a non-profit organisation that solicits donations of new goods from US-based corporations and redistributes these goods to their non-profit member organisations. NAEIR was founded by Norbert Smith, who discovered, while working as a charitable gifts consultant to major corporations, that...