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Ongoing Supply of Used Computers for Refurbishment Verified non-profit organisation


Crossroads strongly supports the digital inclusion of the poor and needy. Crossroads does so by providing high quality refurbish computers at no cost to non-profit organisations and those in need both locally within Hong Kong and internationally. Crossroads Global Distribution attempts to bridge...

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Vocational training to young mothers in Uganda


The declining standards of girl child education in the district of Kasese, Uganda, leaves a lot to be desired. Almost every family has a daughter who got pregnant and had to drop our of school because of that. Green Development Link would like to promote vocational skills to these teenage...

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Reconstruction after the Thane cyclone devastation in India


The severe cyclonic storm “Thane“ that crossed Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry on 30th Dec 2011. Streets in Pondicherry were littered with damaged trees the next day. We were too scared to go out when it was still raining because we were not sure whether more trees would collapse. Even the tsunami did...

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Establishment of ICT programmes in Kenya


The youth in developing countries have a wind of opportunities through engaging in certificate programs offered in medium level learning institutions within the country, mainly Youth Polytechnics. Computers for Schools Kenya is a charitable organization that has over the last six and half years...

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Donation of goods for empowerment programme in Sierra Leone


Our organisation is helping the youths in the Bumpeh and Ribbi Chiefdoms in the Moyamba district of Sierra Leone. We run a youth empowerment program where the aim is to give the youths vocational training and give them access to information communication and technologies. This will empower them and...

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Vocational centre for war struck youth in Somalia


Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization is a non profit organization based in Hargeisa Somalia. This local NGO is a voluntary organization and supports social activities in Somalia. It is particularly focused on youths' basic development, education and job creation. There is a gap in...

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Business partnership sought with nonprofit benefiting from camping equipment/tent donations


We are a business looking to establish a long term partnership with a nonprofit organization who can benefit from consistent, recurring donations of tents among other camping supplies. Preferably an organization will be able to receive large quantities of tents, more than 1000 per year.

International Accelerated Missions (IAM)


International Accelerated Missions (IAM) trains nationals in several countries for humanitarian work and other projects. IAM programs include discipleship training schools, long and short term volunteer opportunities, medical missions, international teen ministry, and orphan care.

Rotary International District 9110 Nigeria


With more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, Rotary International members volunteer in communities to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio. The Rotary clubs of District 9110 in Nigeria focus on: literacy and education,...

Association Emmaüs


Association Emmaüs provides for the social integration and housing of certain categories of people in difficulty, such as AIDs sufferers, young people, and squatters. To help finance the programme, clients participate in a project centred on the collecting, sorting, repairing, and selling of second...