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UNICEF Costa Rica


UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) was set up in the aftermath of the second world war to provide food, clothing and shelter for children affected by disease and famine. This mandate was extended indefinitely in 1953, and UNICEF now works in 191 countries worldwide. In Costa Rica, UNICEF's...

Food on Foot (FoF)


Food on Foot (FoF) is an NGO dedicated to providing the poor and homeless of Los Angeles with nutritious meals, clothing, and assistance in the transition to employment and life off the streets. FoF operates a weekly meal programme every Sunday in Hollywood, serving more more than 500 meals each...

CARE International - Thailand (Raks Thai)


CARE International is an international humanitarian organisation that helps families in poor communities improve their lives and overcome poverty. In Thailand, CARE’s programs focus on agro-forestry, conservation, children’s education, small enterprise development, HIV/AIDS prevention and...

Pexhurst Services Limited


Pexhurst Services Limited (PSL) provides interior design services and delivers everything from complete design and refurbishment to stand alone elements such as joinery, partitions, ceilings and electrical work. PSL is committed to Health and Safety issues as an essential part of their interior...



Asha is community health and development society dedicated to helping the urban poor of Delhi. Asha works with over quarter of a million slum dwellers in 45 slum colonies around the city of Delhi, enabling them to transform their lives. "Asha" is the Hindi word for "hope". Asha aims to give people...

Centre Regional pour l´Eau Potable (CREPA) - Burkina Faso


CREPA works for the improvement of living conditions of poor people - mainly under-privileged and neglected populations living in rural cities, peri-urban areas and urban centres by improving their access to drinking water and sanitation services.



FareShare is a UK-based charitable organisation dedicated to reducing food poverty. FareShare works with over 100 food businesses to minimise food waste by providing practical solutions to help ensure that the minimum amount of food is wasted wherever possible. Working with companies such as...

All As One - Sierra Leone


All As One is a registered NGO operating in Sierra Leone since 2000. They have opened a children's centre, school and medical clinic. They provide shelter, medical care, schooling, meals, clothing and social interaction for the children in their direct legal custody.

World Health Organization (WHO) - Nepal


The World Health Organization, the United Nations specialised agency for health, was established in 1948. The organisation aims to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services. Health is defined in WHO's Constitution as a state of complete physical,...

World Health Organization (WHO) - Oman


The World Health Organization (WHO) is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy...