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Compact AS


Compact AS manufactures and distributes emergency, therapeutical and supplementary compressed dehydrated packaged food and water products. These products are targeted towards areas including disaster relief, special dietary programmes and emergency preparedness storage. Many of the products are...

ZanaA Africa


ZanaAfrica (ZanaA) is an American charity with a mission to identify and scale up African-led innovations to achieve national, replicable, and sustainable solutions to poverty in the nexus of health, education, and environment. Two of the services the organisation provides are the establishment...

Sumitomo Chemical UK


Sumitomo Chemical is a large chemical company working in many industry sectors (petrochemical, plastics, insecticides etc. As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Sumitomo Chemical also supplies the Olyset Long Lasting Insecticide Net for malaria prevention. The Olyset Net was...

Mundri Relief & Development Association (MRDA)


MRDA identifies relief and development projects jointly with communities, and then help design, administer, coordinate and supervise the implementation of these projects in Maridi and Mundri counties, Western Equatorial Region, South Sudan. MRDA also offers logistics support and gives information...

Vision Spring


VisionSpring is a social enterprise which aims to provide affordable eyeglasses and access to vision care to neglected communities across the developing world while providing sustainable jobs. It trains local villagers on how to conduct outreach and vision screenings and how to operate a...

Community Development Foundation (CDF)


Community Development Foundation (CDF) initiates and supports a number of community development projects and programmes in the Wakiso District of Uganda. These focus around primary health care, basic education and training, agriculture and farming, empowerment of marginalised groups and...

CAMO(Central American Medical Outreach)


Central American Medical Outreach, Inc. (CAMO) is a humanitarian-aid organization established in 1993 to bring medical aid to Honduras. CAMO volunteers treat more than 143,000 cases annually, and run 16 aid programmes in Honduras and surrounding countries. The organisation also sends 5 containers...

Excess Access


Excess Access is a website that matches business and household item donations with the wish lists of nonprofits in the US, Canada and beyond. Recipients (nonprofits) are alerted, by potential match emails, to donations nearby that conveniently match their wish lists.

Kibera Community Youth Programme


It is a community based organisation located in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, that aims to enhance the integration of youth in the community development, works for clean environment and uses arts to educate the community on issues such as peace, development, drug abuse, AIDS, corruption and...

Talented Youths International (TYI)


Talented Youths International (TYI) is a not-for-profit organisation created to help plan initiatives on sustainable development amongst the youth of Nigeria, and internationally. With the aim of creating an information society at the grassroots of society, TYI raises youth awareness through...