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Australian People for Health, Education & Development Abroad (APHEDA) Union Aid Abroad


Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA was established to contribute directly to countries and regions of the world where men and women workers are disadvantaged through poverty, a lack of workplace, denial of labour and human rights, civil conflict and war. Union Aid Abroad is committed to justice and...

IBM Crisis Management Services


IBM crisis management helps companies to prepare for, respond to and recover from unforeseen events, from the minor to the catastrophic (e.g. fire, a tsunami or a flu pandemic), preventing damage to an organization's workforce, operations and brand image. IBM crisis management have provided...

Pharmaciens Sans Frontières Comité International - Tajikistan


Pharmaciens Sans Frontières Comité International (PSFCI) are a humanitarian association specialising in providing pharmaceutical care to the world's most vulnerable populations. Present in Tajikistan since 1995, its projects have included supplying pharmaceuticals to local health care centres,...

Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan


The Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan focuses on creating conditions to ensure development of an open society through reform of public institutions and attitudes toward certain social issues. Priority areas included local governance and public administration, civil society, media freedom, legal aid for...

World Hope International


World Hope International promotes social and economic rehabilitation in Azerbaijan through the vehicles of education, community development, and business training. Its projects, many of which target the problems of internally displaced persons, include the construction and remodeling of schools,...

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) - Colombia


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 80 countries. In Colombia, MSF provide essential medical services in numerous urban and rural areas of the country, using both fixed...



FacilitAid is an organisation that provides relief to those in developing countries that have need, hardship and distress. The organisation aims to empower local communities and to produce sustainable results within those communities by working through financial, material and/or educational support...

Akany Avoko


Akany Avoko offers a safe shelter for the destitute through its child care and girls centres, and a halfway home for young persons, children and babies. Akany Avoko aims to provide education and skills for a self sufficient life, and to integrate alternative technologies that help to conserve the...

Partners In Micro-Development (PIMD)


Partners In Micro-Development Inc. (PIMD) is an association of volunteer professionals from the education and ICT sectors, who are highly motivated and committed to improving access to education and ICT in the developing countries and communities.

RedR International


RedR International is an international charity working to relieve suffering in disasters by selecting, training and providing competent and effective relief personnel to humanitarian aid agencies world-wide. RedR's services include a register of professionals who can be called upon at very short...