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East Timor Sunrise Incorporated


East Timor Sunrise Incorporated aims to alleviate poverty and help the people of East Timor in the development of their country through the collection of donated goods for distribution in East Timor, the shipment of goods to East Timor and raising finances to support the people of East Timor.

Volunteer Match

Volunteer march 2

Volunteer Match is a non-profit, online service in the US that gives non-profit organisations the tools to recruit and manage volunteers and helps interested volunteers get involved with appropriate community service organisations. Non-profit organisations can post volunteer opportunities and...

Even Products


Even Products is a British company which specialises in simple, effective irrigation from limited water supplies. They are a leading player in the design, manufacture and installation of irrigation systems and components both in the domestic and overseas markets. In addition to horticultural,...

Caritas Nicaragua


Caritas Nicaragua, a member of the confederation of Roman Catholic relief(Caritas Internationalis), promotes development programmes to meet the basic needs of the poorest without creating dependency. Programmes are aimed at community health promotion, HIV/Aids prevention, capacity building and...

Eden House


Eden House, part of Youth With A Mission Thailand, is a Christian based home dedicated to extracting young girls, mostly those from the hilltribes, from extreme "at risk" situations. Currently, Eden House has 33 girls aged 5-20 years living in 3 homes.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) - Brazil


Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international and interdenominational mission, committed to mobilizing young people of all nations to missionary work. YWAM aims to spread the love of God through helping with the practical and physical needs of people around the world and training Christians to...

Y Care Charitable Trust Botswana


Y Care Charitable Trust is a charity which aims to raise funds for community projects and originations in Botswana while simultaneously enabling its sponsors to experience parts of Botswana that had not been a reality to them. The core activity of Y Care’s fundraising work is the walks. The...


Nabuur 1

The NABUUR is a place on the Internet that connects people that want to take action for the benefit of people in developing countries and people in need of knowledge, contacts, and new ideas to improve their lives. It links people directly with others around the world who need assistance. ...

First Hand Foundation


First Hand Foundation is a philanthropic, nonprofit organisation established by the associates of Cerner Corporation. First Hand helps the families of children with health problems address the financial aspects of their child's healthcare. By focusing on the individual child, First Hand reaches...

Nazareth House

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Nazareth House is a Catholic welfare organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The organisation is dedicated to the care of the elderly and frail who cannot care for themselves. Currently, Nazareth House cares for 30 HIV orphans, 22 terminally ill HIV/AIDS adults, 100 frail elderly people...