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The law can only fulfill its potential to deliver justice and protect rights with the help of a passionate and dedicated cadre of advocates. That’s why one of PILnet’s primary goals is to inspire lawyers to advance the public interest and equip them with the necessary knowledge, capabilities and...

Pro Bono Net


Pro Bono Net is a unique organization in its use of information technology and collaboration among the various parts of the public interest legal community. At a time of overwhelming need for legal help among those reeling from the impact of the economic downturn, Pro Bono Net is leading...

Philanthropy By Design


Philanthropy By Design (PBD) is an award-winning organization of design industry professionals who volunteer their talents to renovate the interior environments of community service organizations. PBD's pro bono work benefits thousands of underserved Bay Area residents; at-risk youth, abused women,...

Taproot Foundation


Unlike traditional foundations that make cash grants, the Taproot Foundation makes grants of professional consulting services, called Service Grants, through our Service Grant Program. Every Service Grant is delivered pro bono by a team of 5-6 business professionals who volunteer their time and...



Karmayog is an online platform geared at enabling individuals and corporations to give their time, talent and resources through volunteering, mentoring, giving materials and providing services (free or at reduced costs) to Mumbai-based NGO's, non profit organisations and charities. They focus on...

H.S. Chau Foundation


The H.S. Chau Foundation seeks to enhance access to education. The Foundation launched Project Tomorrow, an integrated system supporting the multi-faceted elements of a good education: from primary schools to universities, from teachers to students, from cultural learning to technical training,...

Foundation Infantia


Foundation Infantia's mission is to contribute to the development of children and their communities by supporting local projects across different countries. Their organization builds schools and clinics in developing nations, creates and supports grassroots initiatives to develop entrepreneurship...

India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF)


The India Development and Relief Fund (IRDF)is an Indo-American charity run by volunteers. The Fund works with NGOs in India on projects to support the needy without regard to caste, religion, race or creed. Projects focus on development (including education and childcare), relief and...

Reproductive Health Access, Information and Services in Emergencies (RAISE) Initiative


Reproductive Health Access, Information and Services in Emergencies (RAISE) Initiative works with partners to bring together all the tools needed to make comprehensive reproductive health in emergencies a basic standard of care. RAISE facilitates technical support, clinical training, research, and...



NGOabroad is a volunteer-matching service which helps individuals identify volunteer and service opportunities around the world. NGOabroad charges a fee for the service and applicants provide biographical details to help secure appropriate recommendations.