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Australian Conservative Foundation


The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is a national NGO aiming to promote and contribute to the protection, restoration and sustainability of the environment. The ACF works to promote conservation solutions through research, consultation, education and partnerships. They work with the...

IT Share


ITShare SA Inc. refurbishes discarded or donated computer parts and peripherals. The team accepts donations of computers from businesses, institutions and individuals. IT Share then processes the goods and makes them available to low-income groups, individuals and communities for a minimal fee. ...

Women & Children's Hospital Foundation


The Women & Children's Hospital Foundation Inc is the charity branch of the hospital in South Australia which provides funding for various projects connected to the hospital. The Foundation's projects include: purchasing equipment; supporting research; improving patient facilities; funding...

Connected Inc


Connected Inc aims to assist other charities by helping them process often overwhelming donation loads. Especially following natural disasters, Connected is able to directly provide people with vital products immediately when they need it. In particular, Connected helps provide essential...

Charity Link Australia


Charity Link Australia is an ever growing partnership of philanthropic business people and individuals who grant comprehensive, practical resources and services directly to individuals and families who are referred from existing welfare agencies, intervention and housing support programs. The...

Hope Foundation


Hope Foundation works in Australia primarily with women caught in addiction and in the sex industry. Hope Foundation works with those involved and their loved ones to bring hope, help and healing, including exit and rehabilitation programs. This target group has been identified to provide relief...

REMAR Christian Drug and Alcohol Residental Rehab


Remar Australia (part of Remar International) provides long-term support and residential rehabilitation to people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions who have been marginalised by society. In developed countries Remar works primarily with substance abusers, providing support,...

African Relief and Welfare Agency Australia (ARWA Australia)


African Relief & Welfare Agency Australia (ARWA Australia) is an NGO operating from Australia specifically to Africa to contribute to poverty alleviation and assist African communities in need to gain hope and self-sufficiency. ARWA integrates development with aid relief, to relieve immediate...

Habitat for Humanity Australia


Habitat for Humanity Australia (HFHA) is an NGO that aims to reduce housing poverty by providing appropriate housing solutions to communities in need. Habitat Australia works to mobilize partnerships between families, volunteers and communities to ensure the right to secure shelter. They work in...

South Sudanese Community Association (UK)


South Sudanese Community Association (UK) seeks to advance education, social welfare, and health in the refugee communities within the UK and South Sudan.