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Funding for water project in Angola


Improving access to safe-drinking water and sanitation is one of the greatest development challenges in Angola, as indicated by successive outbreaks of cholera, a typically water born disease, that since 2006 has claimed nearly 50,000 victims. To achieve MDG 7 in Angola by 2015, requires the...

Hope for Angola


Hope for Angola, is an American NGO working to promote community based development programmes in the Republic of Angola. The organisation works to link the identified needs of local communities with resources, serving as a bridge between poor communities in Angola and possible donors or...

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Vocational training for tribal people in India


The Association for Community Training (ACT) is an Indian NGO that works for social justice and a more equal society. In addition to our work with various marginalised communities, we also concentrate on issues pertaining to vulnerable/weaker communities including discrimination against Dalits....

Association for Community Training (ACT)


The Association for Community Training (ACT) is an NGO in Tamil Nadu, India. ACT works in rural and marginalised communities for social justice and a more equal society. Among the activities undertaken by ACT are projects on human rights and democracy, training in literacy for women, and the...

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Afya Mashbani Sanitation Project in Kenya


Water and sanitation facilities are very poor in Kiminini Division. Many households in the Division have very poor latrines. Many of the people use bushes especially along small rivers. The latrines that are available in the Division are temporary and of very poor standard. This has turned out as...

Universal Fellowship Organisation


The Universal Fellowship Organisation is a Kenyan NGO. The Foundation aims to alleviate the suffering of individuals and families in the poorest communities through sustainable grass roots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, and access to health services and other basic services. The...

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Provide clean drinking water for schoolchildren in Uganda

Holy cross children collecting water

We are trying to help poor people living in the Wakiso District, Masulita sub county, a typical rural area of Uganda. Our main targets are the school children in ten schools who do not have access to safe clean nearby water and proper sanitation. Provision of water and sanitation will help to...

Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre


Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre is an Indian NGO whose primary objective is to provide advanced eye care services to needy people in Eastern India. Susrut is one of the largest tertiary eye care service provider in India and a one stop destination for all services related to eye care. ...

Centre for African Children Foundation


The Centre for African Children Foundation is a Ghanaian NGO that aims to promote holistic health for children and young people, and to ensure their access to education.

Concern International Association


The Concern International Association is an NGO in Cameroon. The Association assists the destitute by recycling unwanted goods from more affluent members of the community to those who need them, and by offering small primary school scholarships to enable children to continue their basic education. ...