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Vision HIV/AIDS is an NGO in Zimbabwe. The organisation helps orphans and vulnerable children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The orgamisation aims to assist vulnerable children to access education and to acquire life skills. Counselling and the provision of food supplements form part of...

Barna Samajkallyan Sangstha (BSS)


Barna Samajkallyan Sangstha (BSS) is a local NGO in Bangladesh dedicated to the promotion of socio-economic development for landless, homeless and marginalized farmers. The organisation focuses on establishing groups and savings programmes, vocational training and education, including education...

African Less Privileged Foundation


The African Less Privileged Foundation is a Senegalese NGO that aims to improve the living standards of orphans through the provision of food, clothes, shelter and education.

Project Share

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Project Share is a Hong Kong NGO aimed at connecting and empowering Hong Kong youth. The organisation targets young people with limited access, focusing mainly on those living in remote and low-opportunity districts. Target students are 16-19 years old. They are placed in organisations for work...

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Surplus quality medicines and funds to ship to sub-Saharan Africa Verified non-profit organisation


The medicines that Inter Care send, contribute to the health care of around 9 million people which is the combined catchment of all its units. Availability of treatment at the moment of need is vital and though Inter Care’s donation of medicines represents only a fraction of their actual need, the...

Girl Child Network Sierra Leone

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The Girl Child Network Sierra Leone is an NGO that supports and promotes empowerment of girls in the home, school and community and builds platforms to advance their rights and freedoms so that they reach their full potential. The Network's programmes deal with sexual abuse, gender based violence,...

Friends of Children and Elderly Development Initiative (F-CELDIN)


The Friends of Children and Elderly Development Initiative is a Nigerian NGO that cares for disadvantaged children and the elderly in rural areas. The organisation sets up young readers clubs in rural schools, and sponsors children with a love of printed matter, providing grants for shoes and...

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Education for orphans in Kasese, Uganda


Kasese has suffered a great deal from various problems, including the ravages of HIV/AIDS and the armed conflict between 1997 and 2006. One of the consequences is the huge increase in the number of orphans in our community. We already provide education for many orphans but we also have a lot...

All Ears Cambodia


All Ears Cambodia (AEC) is a local NGO that works for the relief of persons with ear disease and hearing impairment, and the preservation and protection of hearing. All Ears focuses on the weakest and hardest hit, and is currently working in partnership with 42 local and international aid agencies....

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Help to raise awareness of the need for HIV/AIDS information and action in Zambia


We are organising a "Walk Churches HIV & ART Campaign", a chance for people to use their leg power to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS in churches in the Western Province of Zambia. The main objective of this campaign is to petition the Ministry of Health Provincial Office in Mongu about the issue of...