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Improve computer literacy in rural Cameroon Verified non-profit organisation


The DUNGRI - Computer Center Project is a project designed by the Computer Department of the NAVTI FOUNDATION, CAMEROON aimed at improving computer literacy, by creating Community Computer Centers in each town with above 5.000 people in Bui Division in Cameroon. We shall offer computer training...

Jericho Orphanage Home

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Jericho Orphanage Homeis an NGO in Tanzania. The Home helps children become productive members of society through rehabilitation, education and developing self-reliance. The Home provides placements for international volunteers.

Shahabad Parish Society


The Shahabad Parish Society is an Indian NGO that works towards empowering Dalit children, youth, women and people with disabilities.

Alebtong Aged Support Organisation (AASO)

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Alebtong Aged Support Organisation (AASO) is a Ugandan NGO that works with the elderly. AASO establishes shelters and provides food for its clients.

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Funding for Kingfisher Nursery and Primary School Construction Project in Uganda

Dscn0139 kingfisher

Kingfisher Nursery and Primary School - Education project proposal is a project in association with Buganda Women Community Initiative (Buwoco). The thrust of the women is to assist the school to construct classrooms for the good environment of the children. Buhanda Women Community Initiative is...

Arrow Kenya


Arrow Kenya is a Kenyan NGO that works in health care education and community service. The organisation has established a health care facility in the Kayole Soweto slums of Nairobi focusing on serious health challenges such as the lack of family planning, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, and threats...

Amani PLWHA Self Help Group


The Amani PLWHA Self Help Group is an NGO in Kenya that cares for orphans and promotes sustainable development.

Betterworld Fundraising Club


The Betterworld Fundraising Club is an organisation in Ghana that solicits funds for good causes, in particular to assist young people through education.

Future After Children Are Traumatised (FACT) Uganda


Future After Children are Traumatized (FACT) Uganda is an NGO that works for children with disabilities, street children, single mothers and school drop outs. FACT advocates for the rights of vulnerable children and promotes the empowerment of girls and women. FACT runs a vocational training...

Mawanda Hill Girls Secondary School


Mawanda Hill Girls Secondary School is a commuunity school in Uganda. The school 200 students with a capacity for 500. 50% of the students are successful.