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Regional Noncommercial Welfare Fund


The Regional Noncommercial Welfare Fund (RNWF) is a Russian organisation that promotes activities in the field of education, science, culture, art, education, and personal development. The Fund provides assistance to victims of natural disaster and social, national and religious conflicts and...

Uganda Sustainable Agricultural Support Organization (USASO)


The Uganda Sustainable Agricultural Support Organisation (USASO) is an NGO that promotes sustainable agriculture through participatory and innovative practices, including organic farming. The organisation provides training in sustainable methods particularly for small scale farmers. ...

Youth Media Center


Youth Media Centre is an NGO in Bhutan.The organisation encourages school based media clubs where young people can develop creative and meaningful ways to showcase their potential.

Welfare Association of Helping Hands


Welfare Association of Helping Hands is an Indian NGO that works for orphans, HIV infected and physically challenged children. The organisation provides care for the children and meets their educational, financial and medical needs in order to make them responsible citizens.

Community Focus Uganda


Community Focus-Uganda (COF-UGANDA) is an NGO that aims to contribute to a community driven approach to sustainable development. The organisation intervenes in four main areas: education, food security and agricultural livelihoods, heealth/nutrition and HIV/AIDS, and human rights promotion. ...

Children First Foundation


Moira Kelly's Children First Foundation is an NGO in Australia that provides medical care and assistance and support to children in need. The foundation operates to help disadvantaged Australian children, through the Between the Gaps Program. Additionally, they also help children from around the...

Confort Community Aid Children Organisation


Confort Community Aid Children Organisation is a Sierra Leonian NGO that works on issues related to children and young people’s educational, social and moral needs. The organisation works with schools (primary and secondary) to develop projects on educational and environmental issues and to raise ...

Baradrone Social Welfare Institution


The Baradrone Social Welfare Institution is an integrated rural development organisation that aims to improve the educational status of poor and needy children. The organisation is involved in non-formal education; community development; women's empowerment; policy advocacy and leveraging...

Bright Star Club and Library


Bright Star Club and Library is an Indian NGO that works on issues relating to education, agriculture, health, and sanitation. The organisation also sponsors employment generating programmes. Target groups include Muslim women and the poor.

Muelong Cultural and Development Association


Muelong Cultural and Development Association is a Cameroonian NGO that aims to foster development in its local area.