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verified non-profit organisations

Support community development program in Uganda


The number of orphans are escalating in Africa due to poverty and social upheaval that impact the communities. Our team remain committed to help people to restore lives and hopes. We help poor adults, youths and children affected by disabilities and illness. Our work focus on care, compassion,...

Support education project in the village of Kabe, Mali


The project is about the construction of five classrooms, a direction, a block of three latrines, fencing, electrification and installation of a borehole in the village of Kabe in the rural town of Djidian. The project falls within the general framework of the program “Contribution to the...

Support income generating activities for women in Mali


The project supports two women associations to develop their income generating activities through the management of equipment and festivity. The objective is to alleviate financial difficulties, increasing economic and social lives, by the establishment of a framework of solidarity as well as...

Support income generating activities for women in Mali


AFEM has since 2007 been fighting for the advancement of women through improving their living conditions. Malian women are called to play an important role in the projects, if we want to reach real development - "development, seen only in males, results in a non-development". The objective...

Increased representation of women in political decision-making, Mali

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This project is part of a greater awareness program for women and political leaders – intended to increase representation of women in decision-making bodies. Given the low representation of women in political decision-making bodies registered in the last parliamentary and municipal elections, due...

Request for UK registered charity partnership


We are looking for help from a UK registered charity. We wish to ask for help to apply to the charities who expressed interest to assist us but gave as a condition that we must first partner with a UK registered charity who can make the request on our behalf, as they only give support to UK based...

Uganda Youth Ministry Association weekly magazine


Uganda Youth Ministry Association has come up with an initiative of a weekly magazine. This is to address the spiritual and faith formation of youth in Uganda and around the world while raising funds for other charitable activities like supplying food for an orphanage. The project is a weekly...

New Life Mercy Home, India


Our vision is to protect and educate orphans, untouchable and destitute children and eradicate child laborer and provide these children with complete care and education and lead them into a personal relationship with God. Our mission is to rescue these children and rehabilitate them and provide...

Fight female circumcision in Mali


The project is to bring women of the rural town of Dialakoroba in Kati to understand the harm and consequences of female circumcision in the medium and long term through a series of meetings with information and education. The project will be based on a dynamic partnership approach and focus on...

Help providing medical services to remote villages in India Verified non-profit organisation


Relief Welfare Association is registered NGO providing medical services in remote villages in India. Due to lack of medical clinics, people die in vain. Our charity has a nursing staff and many of them of them are volunteer workers. SAVE the CHILD, SAVE the MOTHER is our vision. Our aim is...