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Protect and regenerate the traditional art and culture of tribes in India


The major objective of S.A.F.D.A.R. is the moral as well as social development of the indigenous people (tribals), backward minorities including women, youth and children by improving the cultural resources through social coordination. In line with our mission, we intend to protect and expand the...

Improve health and working conditions for female labourers engaged in stone crushing, India

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Title of the project is: A study on health and working conditions of female labourers engaged in stone crusher industry with specific reference to Ranchi district of Jharkhand state. Jharkhand is rich in mineral resources but with poor inhabitants, though it cradles rich industrial houses like...

Creating a self-sustainable community, Kenya


The project shall take considerable advantage and conduct capacity building initiatives for business development. This will help the community became self reliant and self sustainable in terms of service production. The overall countdown will be to empower the community to take care of itself. This...

Improving living conditions for the Birhor tribe, India


The Birhors are primitive tribal people, their land, forests, mountains and rivers make their history. Their struggle for survival is as high as the mountains and as long as the rivers, and their culture is interwoven with the earth. The Birhor people numbers about 1400. They are faced with not...

Funding to Complete Maternity Project, Ghana


Our project is to help the women in Madina, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. Madina has a population of 5000 women and there’s only one government maternity house taking care of all of them. The others are privately owned, leading to a lot of pressure on the facilities available, as well on the medical...

Finishing construction of community secondary school, Northern Somalia


The Town of Eilbuh, in Northern Somalia, is home to a large number of displaced livestock farmers who have lost their livelihood in the last few years due to the prolonged and repeated drought that has affected this region in Somalia. The young people in the town and surrounding area have become...

Care for HIV/AIDS infected children in Uganda


Kamod Youth HIV/AIDS Support (KYHAS) is a non-profit organization that caters to the future well being of the children of Uganda. By helping to arm themselves against the dangers of disease and destruction that are prevalent in the world today. Providing people with the right kind of medicines and...

Support community development program in Uganda


The number of orphans are escalating in Africa due to poverty and social upheaval that impact the communities. Our team remain committed to help people to restore lives and hopes. We help poor adults, youths and children affected by disabilities and illness. Our work focus on care, compassion,...

Support education project in the village of Kabe, Mali


The project is about the construction of five classrooms, a direction, a block of three latrines, fencing, electrification and installation of a borehole in the village of Kabe in the rural town of Djidian. The project falls within the general framework of the program “Contribution to the...

Support income generating activities for women in Mali


The project supports two women associations to develop their income generating activities through the management of equipment and festivity. The objective is to alleviate financial difficulties, increasing economic and social lives, by the establishment of a framework of solidarity as well as...