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Network Heaven


Network Heaven is an Australian organisation that takes what people don’t need and delivers it to those who are most in need. It is an ecumenical group established by members of Frenchs Forest Baptist Church (Australia) to help the poor in developing countries, in particular children who are in...

Response Generosity to Children Tanzania (R.G.C.T)


Response Generosity to Children Tanzania (R.G.C.T) is the non- governmental and non- profitable organization registered as an NGO. Its mission is to serve the leprosy children, orphans living with HIV/AIDS and disabled children living with HIV/AIDS (blind, deaf and handicapped). It provides ARV and...

Rebuild Zimbabwe


Rebuild Zimbabwe is an organisation that is working to rebuild the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans. The organisation, driven by Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe in the Diaspora, aims to spearhead sustainable development programmes that target the most disadvantaged communities and also to assist...

Arcot Annai Indiraa Women's Welfare Association


Arcot Annai Indiraa Women's Welfare Association (AAIWWA) is a not for profit Indian organisation. The organisation works for women's development, women's health and women's education, and has set up a number of self-help groups.

Centre for the Development of Liberian Youths


The Centre for the Development of Liberian Youths is an NGO that focuses on children and young people and aims to develop leadership in its target groups and prepare them for the future. The Centre works on capacity building, training, peace and security, the rule of law and anti corruption issues...

Asssociation of Survivors of Makobola Massacres ( ARMMK)


The Association of Survivors of Makobola Massacres (ARMMK) is an NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Association focuses on developing inter-ethnic peaceful co-existence and conflict resolution at a grassroots level, and provides training to survivors of violence and people...



The VAIGAI Trust (Voluntary Action for Integrated Global Awareness and Innovation) is an Indian NGO that assists deprived communities, focusing on the welfare of women and children and on managing natural resources for a sustainable future. The Trust works in education, conservation and human...

Lycée André Resampa Antsirabe non-profit high school

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The school is a non-denominational institution which aims to educate and train up young people who live in the city of Antsirabe and surroundings. Given the results of the annual school examination at the baccalaureat, the school has a very significant performance given the number of students per...

CTRD Trust (Centre for Tribals and Rural Development)


The Centre for Tribals and Rural Development (CRTD) Trust is an Indian NGO that works with tribal and rural communities in the Nilgiri Hills, the mountainous region in Tamil Nadu. CTRD implements projects to empower women and children, to improve health and education, to improve infrastructure...

Fundani Youth Computer Literacy Centre

Fundani youth computer literacy center[1]

Fundani Youth Computer Literacy Centre is an organisation in Johannesburg, South Africa, that promotes computer literacy, further education and training for disadvantaged communities, and aims to disseminate information through technology.