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Crescent Foundation

Classroom 2

The Crescent Foundation is a recently formed charitable organization in Sri Lanka. The Foundation aims to enable a private school to provide free and high-quality education along with personality development, positive attitudes and enrichment opportunities, while maintaining Islamic standards.

Community Affairs Network (COMMANET)


The Community Affairs Network (COMMANET) is a Ugandan NGO that is committed to work for the improvement of governance in the country and for provision of quality technical and advisory services. The Network advocates for the rights of citizens and aims to raise resources and awareness to address...

Victory Children's Homes International Foundation


Victory Children's Homes International FoundationNon is a Canadian NGO that operates childrens homes in third world countries.

Socionomic Minorities Welfare and WAQF Development India


Socionomic Minorities Welfare and WAQF Development India is an Indian NGO that implements social welfare activities geared towards the development of minority communities. The organisation is actively involved in health, conservation and education projects, and promotes the rights of women and...

Ostomy Lifestyle


Ostomy Lifestyle is a UK charity that provides support, advice and information to anyone affected by stoma surgery on their bowel or urinary system. The charity seeks to empower people, enabling them to make informed choices and to communicate frankly about all aspects of stoma surgery; and...

Rural World Resources International


Rural World Resources International is a company in Cameroon that develops, commissions and installs power systems [solar,biomass,bio gas, micro hydro power].

Helping Hand


Helping hand is a Kenyan NGO that offers help to children. The organisation aims to organize events and teach them skills including art,music, science and technology, and business among others.

Community Empowerment Association (C.E.A)


The Community Empowerment Asociation (CEA)is a Rural NGO in Cameroon. The Association promotes life skills development for the less-privileged (single mothers, young widows, school drop out) through vocational trraining and craft activities.

Indian Social Service Institute


The Indian Social Service Institute (ISSI) is a rural NGO in Tamil Nadu. ISSI aims to assist the sustainable development of rural areas by conducting non-formal and formal educational programmes to address illiteracy; empowering women with various skills and motivating them to participate in...

Upper Hill Kipkorgot Water Project


The Upper Hill Kipkorgot Water Project is a self help group in a rural area of Kenya. The community is attempting to establish a water supply and has started the project by identifying a suitable location for drilling and is currently looking for partners to assist its own efforts.