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Doing business with the poor

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GroFin is a multi-national financier and advisor to small and medium enterprises in emerging markets. The company offers business finance solutions tailored to suit individual clients and aims to increase the success rate of SMEs by providing them with additional services from an inhouse local...

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Next Generation Business Strategies at the Base of the Pyramid


Published in 2011, this book collects together some of the newest thinking from top academics on doing business in emerging markets.

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Private sector delivery of public benefit goods and services


This documents presents a framework for doing business in low-income environments, utilising the power of marketing, and grounded in a number of actual case studies.

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Palestine Fair Trade General Guidelines


The Palestine Fair Trade Association Guidelines include: 1) Guidelines for Farmers and/or Producers 2) Guidelines for Labor and Employment 3) Environmental Guidelines 4) Trader and Distributor Guidelines

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From Awareness to Action: WBCSD


From Awareness to Action is the catalogue of publications by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

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Heifer's Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development


Heifer's Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development reflect the sustainable development principles utilised by Heifer International. Heifer is a development agency that aims to alleviate poverty by providing appropriate livestock and training to small-scale farmers worldwide.

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Doing business with the poor - a field guide


Aid has its role in a needy world, but business, if undertaken responsibly, can be instrumental in providing long term, sustainable answers to poverty. _This thinking sees people in developing countries more as partners and clients, and less as recipients or aid beneficiaries._

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Business and the millennium development goals: a framework for action


This report provides a framework for action on how companies and business coalitions can work with the UN system, governments, and civil society organisations to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), aimed at making globalisation a more positive force for more of the world's people.

Aid for Africa


Aid for Africa is a partnership of some 80 charities, all dedicated to solving the complex, inter-related challenges facing Africa. The partnership believes that its members can be more powerful together than on their own in relation to Africa's issues. Among the tasks undertaken by the...

Women's Development Businesses Group (WDB Group)


Three organisations comprise the WDB Group (the WDB Trust, WDB Micro Finance and WDB Investment Holdings). They are interdependent and integrated in working towards the promotion of the economic empowerment and social upliftment of women in South Africa. The WDB Trust’s flagship beneficiary...