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Advocacy of global issues

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Hellenic Ministries


Hellenic Ministries is a small developing international, nondenominational Greek missionary society, seeking to serve Christ throughout Greece and the surrounding nations. In addition to its evangelising activities, Hellenic Ministries engages in youth work (including sports camps), works with...

Hope Life Cooperation Organisation


The Hope Life Cooperation Organisation is a Gambian NGO that focuses on providing palliative care, education and creating awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, hepatitis and TB. The organisation also works on human resource development and community development and provides humanitarian services.

Serve the Nation

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Serve the Nation (STN) is an NGO in Pakistan based in South Punjab. The organisation works in education, rural development and emergency relief. STN also runs a water and sanitation project. STN takes a participatory approach in its work, and aims to empower its client groups, particularly women...

Nature Care Tanzania


Nature Care Tanzania is a recently established Tanzanian NGO. The organisation aims to assist in eradicating poverty through environmental conservation. Currently, Nature Care is conducting training on environmental awareness and the need for conservation in a number of local schools.

Livelihoods Development Initiatives-Uganda (LIDI - Uganda)

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Livelihoods Development Initiatives-Uganda (LIDI - Uganda)is an NGO that works towards improving standards of living and quality of life for vulnerable groups with an emphasis on children, people with disabilities, women, youths and the poor in rural communities. LIDI is involved in enhancing...

Kinark Child and Family Services


Kinark Child and Family Services is a Canadian children's mental health agency that helps children and young people, adults and the community.

Farm Africa


Farm Africa is a charity registered in the UK with offices in Africa. The organisation was established to help poor farmers and herders in Africa grow more food, keep their livestock healthy, make a basic living and manage their natural resources in a sustainable way with the right training and...

Creative Technology for Development Initiative

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"Creative Technology for Development Initiative (CTDI)" is a Nigeria based not-for-profit and non-Governmental Organization that propagates the youth voices to the Policy Makers, Industrialists and Academics. The organisation promotes the right to quality education using ICT4D (ICT for...



unseen(uk) is a charity established to disrupt and challenge human trafficking at all levels. unseen's specific focus is to combat the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation. The organisation aims to provide safety, hope and choice for women who have been trafficked. unseen lobbies on...

Calvary International - Go To Nations


Go To Nations (ex-Calvary International) is a faith-based non profit agency, providing technical and practical support to workers in the field. It interfaces with local organisations to raise awareness, present projects, provide training and serves as a facilitator among individuals and...