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Advocacy of global issues

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Carlson (previously named Carlson Companies) is one of the largest family-run and privately-held corporations in the United States with business in the hotel, restaurant, and travel industries. Headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, near Minneapolis, Carlson brands and services, including...

MTV EXIT Foundation (End Exploitation and Trafficking)

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MTV EXIT Foundation is a registered UK charity launched by MTV Networks Europe in 2003 to use and maximise the power and influence of MTV's brand and broadcasting network to educate young people, especially European youth, about the critical social issues affecting their lives, and other young...

Pastoral Communities Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.


Pastoral Communities for Peace and Conflict Studies is a newly established NGO in Kenya. The organisation aims to work in education, health, peace and conflict studies, natural resource management, advocacy and governance.

Suri Natun Juger Pratyasha

Map of birbhum district

Suri Natun Juger Pratyasha is an NGO in West Bengal. The organisation undertakes socio-economic development programmes in rural Bengal for the welfare of marginalized communities, in particular, women for whom it provides confidence building programmes, vocational training and income generating...

Littlefeet Environmental


Littlefeet Environmental is a UK-based NGO involved in environmental conservation. The organisation's environmental management programme aims to reduce the causes of climate change through addressing the impact of local businesses on the environment and initiating a programme to reduce and...

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Life skills, food, & uniforms for orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya


Orphanshop (Orphans and Needy Students Hope Programme) is a community-based group registered in Dagoretti Division, Nairobi, Kenya which aims to support orphans and needy students by providing services, including provision of food, access to education, and vocational training and advice on HIV/AIDS...

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Microfinance, water, and skill development in rural East Africa

Tefa skills development center

Technological Empowerment for Africa (TEFA), started in 2009, is a non-profit organization in East Africa started as a Christian compassion social enterprise. TEFA is working to make a sustainable difference in the lives of the poorest people to overcome the barrier of marginalization by providing...

Scell Media Resources


Scell Media Resources is a news-magazine dedicated to the global public health issue of sickle cell disorder.

Society for Disabled Women Pakistan


The Society for Disabled Women Pakistan is an NGO that works for and with women with disabilities. The Society aims to raise awareness in the general public of the basic rights of women with disabilities and their right to live independently. The Society's long term aim is to ensure that all girls...

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Access to Clean Water & Sanitation in Cambodia and Kenya


The world is a place of great need. Sadly, most of the heartache and pain is unseen by us and therefore never properly addressed. The Entrust Foundation helps the poorest of the poor, forgotten people on this planet. With over 30 years of experience, we have identified 4 major Causes, which if...