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Advocacy of global issues

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Nyasubi Youth Development Forum (NYDF)


The Nyasubi Youth Development Forum is a Tanzanian NGO that promotes opportunities for young people, focusing on education, health and the environment.

Africa Intercultural Development Support Trust


The Africa Intercultural Development Support Trust is a Ugandan NGO that is involved in advocacy for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, in particular, for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The organisation also works with rural farmers in regard to food processing and marketing, and is involved in...

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Funding, Equipment and Volunteers Needed for Training Disadvantaged Uganda Women


This project is meant to address the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls in rural and sub-urban communities in Uganda. The project is to be implemented by the Africa Intercultural Development Support Trust (AIDEST), a non-profit and community based organization. The...

Jesus Evangelical Church Ministry Inc


Jesus Evangelical Church Ministry Inc is a religious organisation in Liberia involved in a range of faith-based activities.

Fana Association for Individuals with Learning and Communication Difficulties (FAILCD-Ethiopia)


Fana Association for Individuals with Learning and Communication Difficulties (FAILCD-Ethiopia) is a charity that provides help and support to children with learning and communication difficulties and seeks to raise awareness of these issues. The organisation aims to assist the children to...

Manob Korma-Sohayok Foundation


Manob Korma-Sohayok Foundation (MKSF) is an NGO working with deprived and landless farm families in the Chittagong region, the southeastern coastal part of Bangladesh. MKSF assists farmers' group to develop sustainable livelihoods and social justice through capacity building and education. ...

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Establish Training Centers for Underprivileged Women and Children in Nigeria


Nigeria, in terms of natural and human resources, remains arguably one of the richest countries in Africa. However, as a direct consequence of corruption, mismanagement of resources and bad governance, over 80% of its population of over 162.5 million people (2011 census figures), live in poverty,...

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Prevention of Obstetric Fistula Amongst Young Mothers, Uganda


Community based initiative centre Rwenzori (COBIC.R) is a local indigenous, non-profit community based organization formed in June 2009 by a group of stigmatized adolescent female youths, who were dejected, devastated and disillusioned as a result of obstetric fistula which had become so rampant...

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Advocating for Women Land-ownership Rights in Kasase District, Uganda


We are trying to help women who have lost the ownership of land to their husbands, thus leaving them with no land for cultivation which has greatly increased the levels of poverty. The right to property and equality with evidence indicates great abuse of women rights over land ownership in...

Kenya Young Men's Chrisitian Association (Kenya YMCA)


The Kenya Young Men’s Christian Association (Kenya YMCA) is a charitable membership organization committed to the improvement of the quality of life of young people under 30 years of age. Kenya YMCA runs a range of youth development programmes, including sport and life skills training.