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Loving Hands Orphanage Foundation


Loving Hands Orphanage Foundation (LOHA) is an independent Christian NGO in Uganda that currently supports more than 287 OVCs and about 175 parents/caregivers.

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Computer skills training project for children in West Bengal

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As part of our mission "Unlock Child's Potential", Suri Natun Juger Pratyasha establishes and manages programmes in care, protection, and development of children in difficult circumstances (orphans and destitute children, children from broken homes; trafficked and abused children; street children...

Association des Femmes Entreprenantes du Mali (AFEM)

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The Association of Enterprising Women of Mali (AFEM) is a women's relief and development association. The Association promotes the active and responsible participation of Malian women in the development process, and aims to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of rural and...

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Soap making project for women in Mali


We are trying to help a women's association in the rural commune of Massigui to manufacture solid and liquid soap. This organisation, Association Zerekoro Benkadi, is a union of women who are engaged in the fight against poverty. To help them do this, they want to implement a project for the...

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Project to assist farmers by purchasing farming equiment in Togo.


Union Syndicale des Agriculteurs (USA) Togo is an organization whose mission is to look after, defend, and protect farmers against all forms of illegitimate dealings. It also aims to bring to public attention the problems that harm the nation’s nutrition in order to change it for the better. USA...

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Sanitation project for village girls in Andhra Pradesh, India


The Love and Care Charitable Mission is a faith-based Indian NGO based in Andra Pradesh that provides care for deprived women and children, many of whom are picked up from railway stations, bus shelters or the streets. The organisation provides food, clothing and shelter. We focus on tribal...

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Help to build and set up a ''home'' for poor Christians in Pakistan


Amoon Evangelical Ministry is a Christian organization in Pakistan working to help enslaved, poor, orphaned, neglected, and abandoned children and widows. We help all those in need by providing food, shelter and education, specifically to help children through school (both at home and at public...

Amoon Evangelical Ministry


The Amoon Evangelical Ministry is a Christian organisation in Pakistan that works for the poor and marginalised communities in which it conducts its faith-based activities.

Feel A Fellow Feeling Foundation


Feel a Fellow Feeling Foundation is a Christian organisation in Andhra Pradesh, India. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation cares for orphans and the elderly.

The International Good Samaritan Mission/Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organizational Services to the Community (MIBOS)


The Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organisational Services to the Communities (MIBOS) is an NGO comprising a number of community groups in and around Kigoma, Tanzania. MIBOS undertakes and promotes development projects in health care, income generation, nutrition and capacity building...