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Advocacy of global issues

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Organisation De Opportunity Uganda


Organisation De Opportunity (ODO) Ugandan is an NGO that reaches out to vulnerable groups. ODO Uganda supports human rights and good governance; gender and women in development; children and young people; health; the environment and natural resource management; public information, education and...

Women Rights Action Group (WRAG)


The Women Rights Action Group (WRAG) is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation aims to improve the social economic welfare of women through education and health programmes, and through promoting their human rights. WRAG also fights against HIV/AIDS. WRAG is currently involved in a capacity building...

Mission to the Needy (MITON)

Mission to the needy

Mission to the Needy (MITON) is a Ugandan NGO that works for women suffering from domestic violence, abused children, disadvantaged families, vulnerable young people and children. the organisation focuses on health, education and economic development in marginalized communities, and advocates...

The Independent Charismatic Catholic Church International (ICCCI)

Iccci training on financial management after church service

The Independent Charismatic Catholic Church International (ICCCI) is a Ugandan faith-based organisation that aims to empower and transform the lives of vulnerable and less privileged people suffering from HIV/AIDS, through education, advocacy, lobbying and preaching.

Lore & Light Society

Lore and light

The Lore and Light Society is an NGO in Pakistan that aims to support deprived communities in various ways, particularly in regard to the improvement of health and education services for those living in rural areas. The Society focuses on awareness raising in regard to hygiene, the need for...

Nagaland Centre for Human Development and Information Techonology (NCHD-IT)

Nchd logo9

The Nagaland Centre for Human Development and Information Technology (CHD-IT) is an Indian NGO. The Centre works in participatory community development, aiming to build leadership capabilities for socio-economic empowerment amongst women, children and youth through training, information technology...

Movement of Voice for Democracy (Movers Nigeria)

Movers tee shirt front pocket

Movement of Voice for Democracy (Movers Nigeria) is a peoples rights and economic empowerment association. The organisation's objective is to educate and mobilize Nigerians to be productive entrepreneurs through pooling talents and resources for the promotion of mutual interests.

Hope Alert Network for Development and Local Empowerment (HANDLE)


HANDLE (Hope Alert Network for Development and Local Empowerment) is an NGO that works in Northern Uganda helping victims of war and civil conflict to rebuild their lives. HANDLE programmes provide education, HIV/AIDS care, livelihood enhancement, trauma counselling, micro-credit, and community...

Uganda Down's Syndrome Association (UDSA)

Children with down syndromme picture with the chairman mr alex emadit

The Uganda Down's Syndrome Association is an NGO that identifies, cares for and serves people born with Down's Syndrome and their families. The Association aims to provide a common voice for people with learning disabilities and other impairments, promoting their rights and opportunities.

Children 4 Children International


Children 4 Children International is an NGO in Cameroon. The organisation is involved in capacity building and entrepreneurship, offering training in job interview skills, strategies and resume writing. Children4Children also runs a book club for young people and a job cafe. Training for managers,...