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Advocacy of global issues

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Network of Peace Movement (NOPM)


The Network of Peace Movement (NOPM) is a Kosovan NGO. The organisation promotes peace building and conflict resolution in order to develop and promote a peaceful, tolerant and democratic environment for all communities living in Kosovo. NOPM promotes civil society among young people by aiming to...

ACDES (Alternatives Communes pour le Developpement Economique et Social)


ACDES (Alternatives Communes pour le Developpement Economique et Social) is a Togolese NGO that builds global partnerships to empower underdeveloped rural communities. The organisation works with local communities and international organisations to develop sustainable solutions to education,...

Tanzania Education Promotion Organisation (TEPO)


The Tanzania Education Promotion Organisation (TEPO) is an NGO aiming to assist in the eradication of illiteracy among girls by promoting adult literacy centres where girls, particularly those who have dropped out of school, are given opportunities to study.

Looking unto Jesus Ministry


The Looking Unto Jesus Ministry is an NGO in Andrha Pradesh, India. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation cares for orphans and runs medical camps. The Minsitry is also planning to build a hostel for physically disadvanted people, and is already supporting five mentally and...

Girl Child Network Uganda

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The Girl Child Network Uganda (GCN) is a girls' empowerment NGO. GCN mobilizes whole communities aiming to eradicate patriarchal structures that dominate homes, schools, and communities in order to support and develop an enabling environment that will promote and protect the rights of the girl...

Society for Advancement of Rural Communities (SARC)

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The Society for the Advancement of Rural Communities (SARC) is an NGO in Pakistan. The Society aims to create and maintain a conducive environment for rural communities and promote participatory democracy.

Annai Theresa Social Welfare Action Trust (ATSWA)


Annai Theresa Social Welfare Action Trust (ATSWA) is an Indian NGO that works for economic empowerment and social justice in North Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. ATSWA works with the rural poor, orphans, children and women, people with disabilities, senior citizens, commercial sex workers, and...

Literacy Aid Uganda

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Literacy Aid Uganda is a Ugandan NGO established to help women learn to read and write. The organisation works in the central district of Uganda and its main beneficaries have been women who form 92% of the clients. The organisation offers basic adult education and advocates for the education of...

Cookhouse Children's Foundation and Cookhouse Church of Christ


The Cookhouse Children's Foundation and Cookhouse Church of Christ is an organisation in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The organisation focuses on running feeding schemes for children, education, job creation for the unemployed, sports & recreation and health.

Healing to the Nation (HETONA)


Healing to the Nation (HETONA) is a South African NGO that works in the Gauteng area. HETONA provides hungry children with food, school uniforms, clothing and counselling. The organisation runs outreach programmes, assisting and referring lost and at-risk children to safe places, reuniting missing...