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Advocacy of global issues

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Earthquake Disaster Reduction in Turkey


In 2000, following a major earthquake in Turkey, Arup joined five other British engineering and construction firms operating in the country to form the British Earthquake Consortium for Turkey (BECT).

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ITU and Thuraya forge partnership for portable satellite terminals.


In July 2006, the International Telecommunication Union and United Arab Emirates' Thuraya Satellite cooperate to provide portable satellites for disaster relief to government authorities, rescue teams and humanitarian agencies for relief and rehabilitation efforts.

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Fair Trade group builds links with supermarkets


The Advocate for Philippine Fair Trade, Inc. (APFTI) is now working on expanding the market reach of Fair Trade products in the Philippines, through a strong partnership with supermarket associations in the country.

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Helping teachers to learn about climate change in Kenya


Few children under 18 understand anything about climate change and climate change literacy is generally very low in Kenya. Many people don't know what causes climate change and the steps they can take to adapt and mitigate climate change. The Government has not mainstreamed climate change...

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Advocacy and Disability Management Project in Uganda


We are trying to help the rural community in advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and also to fight the occurrence of impairment through prevention, treatment and community support for people with disabilities. We believe that fighting disability begins with the way people live...

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Funding needed to build a school in Liberia, West Africa


We are trying to address the issue of the lack of for the children in the rural villages surrounding the area where we work. Only the older children are managing to get some sort of education if they are strong enough to walk 2 hours, one way, to the nearest school. The kindergarten and...

Association for Local Self Reliance (ALSRE)

Alsre 1

The Association for Local Self Reliance (ALSRE) is a charitable NGO in the Gambia established to mobilize resources for development. The organisation's primary aim is to empower local communities to become self-reliant and innovative, thus taking their destiny into their own hands. Projects...

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Financial inclusion improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH)


FINISH is an action research project set up by UNU-MERIT a research and training centre of the United Nations University in Holland, working in close collaboration with the University of Maastricht.

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Auckland Zoo Makes Jumbo Swap to Fairtrade Bananas


Auckland Zoo is making a permanent swap to Fairtrade bananas.

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Canon supports Red Cross in promoting international humanitarian law


The French Red Cross is carrying out a project to introduce teenagers (10–19 year-old age group) to the basic rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) on the protection of victims of war and related issues.