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Advocacy of global issues

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Solidarité Internationale pour l'Afrique


Solidarité Internationale pour l'Afrique (SIA) is a Malian NGO engaged in relief and development work in poor rural communities. SIA aims to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of rural populations. Target groups are children and adolescents and young farmers' organisations....

Centre for Ageing and Rural Development (CARD)


The Centre for Ageing and Rural Development (CARD)is a Kenyan NGO that aims to empower and promote the interests of older persons through training, support, research, policy analysis, and dissemination of information. The organization’s efforts are geared towards the alleviation of poverty and...

Cheshire Services Uganda


Cheshire Services Uganda (CSU) is a locally registered NGO working for and with Persons with Disabilities(PWD) and orphans and other vulnerable children. CSU comprises 7 independently managed Cheshire services of Katalemwa, Nkokonjeru, Buluba, Budaka, Butiru, St Francis Rehabilitation Centre...

Total Healing World Outreach


Total Healing World Outreach is a UK-based Christian charity established to reach out to the community through counselling, drug prevention and empowerment programmes to prevent poverty. The organisation assists other charities with similar objectives and provides relatively cheap activity venues...

Kilhampairo Womens Business Group


Kilhampairo Women's Business Group is an organisation for women, widows, girls and people with disabilities who wish to work together. The Group is concerned with human rights as well as issues around the small businesses many of the members have set up.

Dagoretti Early Childhood Education Intervention Programme


The Dagoretti Early Childhood Education Intervention Programme a Kenyan NGO that provides education for children. The Programme offers care and support to vulnerable children, including those with particular needs like orphans, HIV/AIDS affected and infected children, and, most recently, ...

Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL)


Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL) is a legally registered company limited by guarantee. ACEIL owns Acholi Broadcasting Service (ABS FM) which is being established in Gulu. The main objective of the company is to empower the community in northern Uganda who are recovering from...

Support and Love Via Education International


Support and Love Via Education (S.A.L.V.E) International is a UK-based charity that works to get children off the streets in Uganda. S.A.L.V.E. gives children on the streets an opportunity to leave their difficult past behind and move forward. Children are placed in a loving home environment, and...

Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM)


Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM) is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation brings together grass roots groups involved in integrated development activities including agriculture, small scale fishing, environmental management and small businesses.

Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID)


The Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID) is a charitable, social NGO that advocates for human rights and aims to provide services for the holistic development of people and communities in Sierra Leone. AID seeks to advocate for equal access to opportunities for all, regardless of gender,...