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Advocacy of global issues

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Bead Nana


Bead Nana is a mobile arts and crafts centre, a social entreprise made up of art ethusiasts whose goals are to bring meaningful arts experiences to children and women in Ghana, to lay the groundwork for children and women to be creative problem solvers through arts, and to nurture the developmental...

The Child Development Centre


The Child Development Centre (CDC) is an organisation based in Hong Kong that provides a unique range of services for children with special needs in English and Chinese. CDC provides tailored early intervention for all children with developmental or special educational needs delivered by a...

Bring Me A Book Hong Kong


Bring Me A book Hong Kong (BMABHK) is a Hong Kong registered non-profit organization that aims to improve family literacy in Hong Kong. The organisation serves children who do not have access to quality books and who are not read aloud to on a regular basis by setting up libraries and providing...

Meridian International Institute for Capacity Building


The Meridian International Institute for Capacity Building (MIICB) is an NGO in Cameroon. The organisation works in education, health, agriculture, environmental protection and conservation, human rights, climate change, democracy and sustainable development. A current project focuses on education...

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Building a vocational training center in Kumbo, North West Cameroon


In 2005, we started a project on "Rural Education for the Underprivileged" in three areas and in 2012 we established vocational training centres in those villages. The main aim of this project is to provide free education to the less privileged in these areas. The project is on going but we do...

Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association


The Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association (HKJDA) is a charity established in 2001, dedicated to supporting children and adolescents with diabetes and their families in Hong Kong. The organisation's efforts centre on providing support to families (educational, emotional, financial,...

Community Technology Empowerment Network (CTEN)


The Community Technology Empowerment Network (CTEN) is an organisation in South Sudan that promotes ICT and aims to increase the use of ICTs throughout the region. The organisation also implements community-based projects in core areas such as health and agriculture.

Sudar Academy and Charitable Trust


Sudar Academy and Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that educates people with disabilities. The Trust started with 4 physically challenged children and now looks after 30 students between the ages of 7 - 30. Education and food are provided free of charge.

Adekunle Muslim Youth


Adekunle Muslim Youth is a Nigerian organisation opeerating out of a local mosque. The organisation aims to encourage Muslims to discharge their duties towards Allah and to encourage Muslim children to appreciate their religion.

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Help to prevent early student pregnancies in Tanzania


Tanganyika Centre for Development and Advocacy is a non governmental organization established to address youth issues such as capacity building for self employment, social and cultural issues and human rights advocacy. We are currently working on a project to address the problem of unwanted...