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Advocacy of global issues

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Ladies of Substance International Network (LoSIN)


The Ladies of Substance International Network (LoSIN) is an NGO in Ghana comprising a fellowship of Christian career (professional) women who meet once a month to discuss a range of issues.

Lubowa Traditional Healers Association


The Lubowa Traditional Healers Association is a Ugandan NGO that advocates for traditional medicine with an emphasis on traditional spiritual healing. The Association aims to reintroduc people to traditional healing which can be used as part of the holistic healing process, and should not be...

Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI)

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The Centre for Girls & Interaction (CEGI) is an NGO in Malawi, primarily concerned with creating access to information on the rights of girls and young women and related issues through interaction, advocacy, documentation, education and networking for positive change.

Samadjite Fantamady Association


The Samadjite Fantamady Association is an NGO in Senegal that works on environmental issues, education and health. The Association also encourages women to engage in small business activity, e.g., reselling fish bought from fishermen, and is engaged in the fight against desertification by planting...

Rural Development Media Communication (RUDMEC)


Rural Development Media and Communication (RUDMEC) is an NGO in Uganda. RUDMEC's core focus is on the initiation of behaviour change by using media as a change agent to enhance improved livelihoods. RUDMEC is currently involved in promoting the adoption and use of environmental friendly...

Reach Out Ministries

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Reach Out Ministries is a faith-based NGO in Malawi that works on poverty eradication in addition to its principal mission of transforming lives through faith. The Ministry works on health, education and social justice projects.

Grace Children's Orphanage

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Grace Children's Orphanage is an Indian NGO that currently houses 75 orphans who are provided with shelter, food, clothing and basic education at a local school. Medical attention is given as and when required. The orphanage is in urgent need of funds to improve its ability to help the children...

Alfajr Palestinian Youth Association


The Alfajr Palestinian Youth Association is a Palestinian NGO that works to integrate young people into civil society through programmes designed to promote the spirit of national belonging and develop self reliance. The Association also aims topromote trust, esteem and awareness of the way...

Awana Wasinchis


Awana Wasinchis is an organization that promotes fair trade in native communities in Peru and helps to gain fair prices for producers.

Charity Centre for Widows and Orphans


The Charity Centre for Widows and Orphans is a Kenyan NGO that aims to assist widows and orphans by establishing orphanages and helping widows to start their own small businesses.