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Advocacy of global issues

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Dynamic Action Group (DAG)


The Dynamic Action Group (DAG) is a Cameroonian NGO that works with vulnerable populations including young people, disabled, women and children, poor, school dropout widows, vulnerable groups and communities etc on a range of projects and activities designed to address poverty and assist community...

Community Children Organisation (COCO)


The Community Children Organization (COCO) is a Cameroonian NGO. Since its inception in 2006, COCO has worked with disabled children and young people, parents, government bodies and intergovernmental bodies on a range of programmes to support and promote the needs of children with disabilities and...

Association of Human Rights and Tortured Defenders (AHURTOD)


The Association of Human Rights and Tortured Defenders (AHURTOD) is a human rights and relief organisation founded in 2004 to protect Cameroon’s vulnerable and poor population. AHURTOD’s activities aim to defend men and women’s rights, to fight against child labour, exploitation, abuse and...

Foundation for Released Prisoners


The Foundation for Released Prisoners (FRP) is a Cameroonian NGO that works with underprivileged people, in particular, women, young girls,young men, ex-convicts (male and female), convicts, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS through human rights education, the provision of literacy skills...

Pakistan Friends Foundation


Pakistan Friends Foundation (PFF) is an NGO that aims to improve the socio-economic condition of urban, semi-urban and rural communities, especially young people and women. PFF started as a small technical education and vocational training centre for young people and gradually developed ...

Youth Rwanda


Youth Rwanda is an NGO whose members are young people between 12 and 24. The organisation works with young people on HIV/AIDS prevention, family planning, sexual reproductive health, hygiene, water and sanitation, TB prevention, malaria and entrepreneurship. The overall aim is to provide accurate...

Future Generation Consortium

F gc

The Future Generation Consortium is an NGO in Kenya whose main aim is to find creative and sustainable solutions to key community challenges. The Consortium provides a number of services to its members and others in the following areas: personal development and advocacy, health and safety,...

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)


World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) is an organisation that contributes to the emancipation of working people. WFTU is against all forms of exploitation, and champions the rights of workers. These rights include the right to organise, the right to work, to paid holidays and adequate pay, the...

Cooperazione Italiana


Italian international development agency. Current areas of focus include Mozambique and Swaziland.

Refugehouse Cameroon


Refugehouse Cameroon is an organisation that works for less privileged people, including the poor, the elderly, homeless people and children. The organisation distributes food and medicine, and provides housing, schooling and school equipment. Refugehouse also undertakes relief activities during...