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Advocacy of global issues

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Support and Love Via Education International

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Support and Love Via Education (S.A.L.V.E) International is a UK-based charity that works to get children off the streets in Uganda. S.A.L.V.E. gives children on the streets an opportunity to leave their difficult past behind and move forward. Children are placed in a loving home environment, and...

Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM)


Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM) is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation brings together grass roots groups involved in integrated development activities including agriculture, small scale fishing, environmental management and small businesses.

Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID)

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The Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID) is a charitable, social NGO that advocates for human rights and aims to provide services for the holistic development of people and communities in Sierra Leone. AID seeks to advocate for equal access to opportunities for all, regardless of gender,...

International Associations and Organisations Federation (IAOF)


The International Associations and Organisations Federation (IAOF) is a non-profit federation that acts as an umbrella organsation for more than 460 organisations active in the areas of human rights and women's legal and social rights in the Middle-East.

KOP (Knight Over Power)


KOP (Knight Over Power) is a volunteer organization in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. KOP provides awareness raising programmes and works on policy issues in regard to community development.

Resound Orlando, Inc.

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Resound Orlando, Inc. is a community resource centre in Florida, USA, that provides job placements; English classes; feeding programmes; parenting resources and classes; an adoption programmel; and counselling (premarital, couple, individual, drugs, and other addictions). Resound Orlando is also...

PRERNA (Programme in Research Emancipation and Resurgence for Advancement)


PRERNA (Programme in Research Emancipation and Resurgence for Advancement)is an Indian NGO that aims to transform rural communities, inspiring them to tackle poverty by revitalizing each area of their lives. The organisation provides non-formal education for children and adults in rural...

Media For Excellence


Media For Excellence is a Ugandan NGO established to help people to improve their lives through training. The organisation is currently working on a fish farming project designed to improve the incomes of participants.

Oroko Cultural Association


The Oroko Cultural Association is an NGO established to meet the needs of the Oroko people both in Cameroon and in the diaspora. The Association provides assistance to Oroko people motivating them to reach their full potential and fight poverty. The Association promotes education and economic...

Leprosy Mission Trust India


The Leprosy Mission Trust India rehabilitate people affected by Leprosy. We provide them Vocational training. The organization is an offshoot of the Leprosy Mission, which was formed in 1874 to help those with leprosy in India and is currently headquartered in Middlesex, England.Tthe Leprosy...