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Advocacy of global issues

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Association des Femmes Entreprenantes du Mali (AFEM)

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The Association of Enterprising Women of Mali (AFEM) is a women's relief and development association. The Association promotes the active and responsible participation of Malian women in the development process, and aims to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of rural and...

Union Syndicale des Agriculteurs


Union Syndicale des Agriculteurs is an organization in Togo that aims to defend farmers against all forms of illegitimate dealing. The Union also aims to alert the public to problems in regard to national nutrition and to act as an umbrella organisation for all organisations involved in...

Amoon Evangelical Ministry


The Amoon Evangelical Ministry is a Christian organisation in Pakistan that works for the poor and marginalised communities in which it conducts its faith-based activities.

Feel A Fellow Feeling Foundation


Feel a Fellow Feeling Foundation is a Christian organisation in Andhra Pradesh, India. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation cares for orphans and the elderly.

The International Good Samaritan Mission/Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organizational Services to the Community (MIBOS)


The Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organisational Services to the Communities (MIBOS) is an NGO comprising a number of community groups in and around Kigoma, Tanzania. MIBOS undertakes and promotes development projects in health care, income generation, nutrition and capacity building...

Ahimsa International


Ahimsa International is an NGO based in the USA and in South America. The organisation aims to bring to light a scientific diagnosis of the range of social and ecological threats to makind's shared future, and to facilitate access to a spectrum of scientific solutions. The organisation develops ...

Sindh Social Welfare Organization


The Sindh Social Welfare Organization (SSWO) is a Pakistani NGO committed to democratic action for everyone. The organisation aims to develop innovative methods for the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and also for environmental regeneration in order to protect resources for future...

National Network of Retrenchees for Social and Economic Justice


The National Network of Retrenchees for Social and Economic Justice (NNR) is a Kenyan NGO established by victims of retrenchment in Kenya to articulate the interests of affected people through advocacy, social justice, economic justice and other issues such as HIV/AIDS and the environment. The...

Kyankima Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP)


The Kyankima Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP) is a youth led initiative in Uganda. The Programme's basic objective is to engage and support young people to address the most urgent problems (livelihood, health, education, poverty, peace building) facing Uganda today. The organisation aims to...

Health Digest Foundation


The Health Digest Foundation is an NGO in Ghana that works for the improved well-being of people living in villages and remote areas where social amenities and access to information are limited. The Foundation members are professional journalists and health professionals working in public and...