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Advocacy of global issues

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Athena Naturals


Athena Naturals is a female-owned American company that manufactures handmade soap and sells fair trade items produced by women cooperatives from around the world. The company's social mission is to educate consumers locally about fair trade and eco-friendly shopping products. Students associated...

La Floraison


La Floraison is an NGO based in Baraka, Democratic Republic of Congo. The organisation aims to defend the social and economic rights of marginalized women, youths and vulnerable children by advocating for the human rights of young people, women and children, raising awareness of the need for...

Unity4Good Initiative


The Unity4good Initiative is a Nigerian NGO interested in nutrition and health. The organisation intends to develop projects to increase food production and storage, and has also been involved in an anit-HIV campaign.

Uthmaniyya Islamic Association


The Uthmaniyya Islamic Association is a religious organisation in northeastern Ghana. The Association teaches the doctrines of Islam based on the Qur'an and Ahadis,i.e.(the creed of Ahl-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah). The organisation runs a primary school, and has acquired a new site on which it is proposing...

Disabled Refugees Projects (DRP)

Logo disabled refugees projects

The Disabled Refugees Projects (DRP) is a South African NGO that aims to to respond to critical issues affecting people living with disabilities in Gauteng, Johannesburg. The DRP advocates for their human rights, provides basic skills and organizes awareness campaigns to reduce their...



Sudmigration is an organisation based in Oran, Algeria established to assist would-be migrants from Africa to reclaim their dignity and to promote their human rights following violent treatment and hardship in their attempts to gain entry into Europe. The organisation, which is currently seeking...

Action in Kasese Foundation


The Action In Kasese Foundation is a Ugandan NGO that works to restore love and hope to Uganda’s vulnerable autistic children and others with disabilities, orphans and underprivileged families. The Foundation aims to advocate for the well being of disabled and autistic children and young people and...

Proclaimers of Christ Ministries International


Proclaimers of Christ Ministries International is an NGO in Kenya. The organisation is involved in primary education in addition to its faith-based activities.

Kehkashan Development Organization (KDO)


The Kehkashan Development Organisation (KDO) is an NGO established in the Punjab, Pakistan. The organisation is working to improve the status of young people, women and marginalized communities. KDO supports youth development and empowerment, women's rights and empowerment and children's rights....

Comité d’Entraide Familiale (CEF)


Comité d’Entraide Familiale (CEF) is a local NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), created by agricultural villagers, farmers, beekeepers, fishermen , and intellectuals. The organisation was set up to assist returning refugees. CEF aims to combat poverty by improving nutrition, health,...