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Advocacy of global issues

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Aim for Restoration of Hope (AROH) Uganda


Aim for Restoration of Hope is an NGO in Uganda. The organisation aims to promote the response of people to the needs of orphans and widows and to mitigate through spiritual, health, and socio-economic assistance the needs of children who have been orphaned as result of HIV/AIDS. AROH supports...

Liberia Talented Youth Association (LIBTAYA)

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The Liberia Talented Youth Association (LIBTAYA)is an NGO that works with and for young people, many of whom have been traumatised by the civil war in the country. The Association aims to provide support to its target group through educational support and skills training. Initial projects include...

Human Rights Protection Organization and Welfare Trust


The Human Rights Protection Organization and Welfare Trust is an Indian NGO that aims to ensure social, economic and political justice for the common people; to promote and protect the welfare of people at all levels, and to develop and promote fraternity good will and co-operation, raise...

AJESH (Ajemalebu Self Help)


AJESH (Ajemalebu Self Help) is an NGO in Cameroon. The main aim of the organisation is to reduce poverty through education and training, and to assist efforts to protect the environment. AJESH also lobbies on behalf of its partner groups.

Hope In Life Children Care

Street children

Hope In Life Children Care is a Ugandan NGO working for people with disabilities. The organisation aims to assist people with disabilities and orphans to access education and improve their lives generally.

Mamiyo Caring Community


Mamiyo Caring Community is a Ugandan NGO, spearheaded by the Mamiyo Outreach Church. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation supports poverty alleviation strategies and runs several key programmes aiming to build capacity within the local population. The organisation also...

Malawi Women Association (MAWA)

Calling all women

Malawi Women Association is an NGO established to promote the cause of women. The organisation takes a holistic approach to addressing issues concerning women, and aims to promote multi-agency working to enable the development of a voice for women, access to information, services, justice and...

Association for Community Training (ACT)


The Association for Community Training (ACT) is an NGO in Tamil Nadu, India. ACT works in rural and marginalised communities for social justice and a more equal society. Among the activities undertaken by ACT are projects on human rights and democracy, training in literacy for women, and the...

Universal Fellowship Organisation


The Universal Fellowship Organisation is a Kenyan NGO. The Foundation aims to alleviate the suffering of individuals and families in the poorest communities through sustainable grass roots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, and access to health services and other basic services. The...

Barna Samajkallyan Sangstha (BSS)


Barna Samajkallyan Sangstha (BSS) is a local NGO in Bangladesh dedicated to the promotion of socio-economic development for landless, homeless and marginalized farmers. The organisation focuses on establishing groups and savings programmes, vocational training and education, including education...