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Advocacy of global issues

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Coalition Against Women Abuse


The Coalition Against Women Abuse (CAWA) is a Ugandan NGO. The organisation works for the protection of women, for their human rights, and for the improvement of their social and economic conditions.

United Hands of Transformation Uganda


United Hands of Transformation Uganda is an NGO that aims to work on social issues including health, education, agriculture, the environment, governance and innovation. Target groups are people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and other vulnerable children, people with disabilities, small scale...

Congolese Union of Breeders and Veterinarians


The Congolese Union of Breeders and Veterinarians (UCEV) is an NGO that works for the reconstruction and sustainable development of the Democratic Republic of Congo through support for rural grassroots communities.

Fire Revival Apostolic Ministries


Fire Revival Apostolic Ministries is an organisation in Kenya that aims to spread the Christian message as widely as possible. In addition, the Ministry would like to establish a children's home, to care for the needy and to provide relief during emergencies.

Building Equality


Building Equality is a Tanzanian NGO that works on issues related to women's empowerment in areas such as health, culture and technology. The organisation engages in advocacy and lobbying. Its main activities include the provision of educational support for girls, the provision of a revolving ...

Handicapped Ability Empowerment Initiative


The Handicapped Ability Empowerment Initiative is a Nigerian NGO that addresses issues relating to persons with disabilities, including the promotion of rights for people with disabilities, the establishment of special educational centres, assistance during elections, and health, in particular,...



GAPAFOT is a local NGO in the Central African Republic working with poor, vulnerable people in urban and rural areas. GAPAFOT works on humanitarian issues, training and peace and security issues.

Green Africa Foundation


Green Africa Foundation is a South African NGO that provides consultancy and training in permaculture, environmental greening and food security. The Foundation works on environmental and water projects with schools.

Solomon Shepherd Foundation (SSF)


Solomon Shepherd Foundation (SSF) is a Nigerian NGO that works to promote the quality of life of women, young people, children and the elderly in rural areas. The Foundation provides a centre where information on sustainable development can be found and supports the Millenium Development Goals. ...

Youth Awareness and Guidance Organisation


The Youth Awareness and Guidance Organisation is a Nigerian NGO based in the Delta State. The organisation works oncommunity development, awareness creation and capacity building.