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Education and training

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Establishing a Christian Children Centre in Uganda


SADO is a Christian NGO in Ngora Town in the Teso Region. Trouble in the area in the late 1980s and early 1990s has left a scarred community finding it difficult to come to terms with its own survival. Community structures have been totally destroyed leading to a number of problems including early...

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Construct classrooms and sanitary facilities for pupils in Kenya


We work in an undeveloped area where many people brew illicit liquor as a means of making a little bit of money. Very many people have never been to school. We run a school for poor children between the ages of 2 and 12 where the education is free as it is sponsored by the church. Most of the...

St Lukes Primary School


St Lukes Primary School is a school in rural Kenya.

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Survivors Academic Rescue Fund (SARF) for the Reinsertion of Victims of Child Trafficking in Cameroon


We want to help survivors of child trafficking. The area in which we work (the North West Region of Cameroon) is a major supply area for child trafficking because of the limited opportunities for post primary education and/or vocational training. We are therefore seeking to establish a fund...

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Help orphans and poor children in rural Kenya to obtain an education

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Bidii Children Foundation aims to combat famine, poverty and hopelessness through the provision of quality education. We also help women in rural areas to establish and maintain small businesses. We want to help AIDS orphans to go school, and women to set up businesses, but we do not have...

Bidii Children Foundation


The Bidii Children Foundation is an American NGO that supports AIDS orphans and poor children in rural Kenya achieve a viable education through scholarships, mentorship and community service. The Foundation also supports the underserved in the the communitiy by helping parents to establish and...

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Educational Resource Compilation (Updated for K-12)

Edubyte instructions v2

Edubyte ships compilations of educational resources to communities with limited internet access worldwide. These open source compilations are stored and shipped via DVDs. The updated Edubyte Resource Bundle includes material for a K-12 audience and covers nearly all academic subjects to a high...

Eden Recycling


Eden Recycling is a UK recycling organisation that collects, assesses, repairs and refurbishes end-of-life itemss, and donates them to individuals and families in need in Hackney and surrounding areas, in particular, those who are on low incomes or who have been marginalized as a result of...

New Sight


New Sight is an eye care centre in the Congo based on a similar NGO in Gabon where more than 2000 patients are treated every year. The centre offers free consultations and surgery, as well as training for staff. New Sight also provides teaching for nursing students, nurses and allied health...

Association for Pisciculture and Cattle Development

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The Association for Pisciculture and Cattle Development (APCD) is a Bangladeshi NGO. The organdisation's aim is to help the community to overcome obstacles to development,i.e., illiteracy, unemployment, population growth, early marriage, unhygienic sanitation, unhealthy physical condition among...