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Education and training

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Funding needed to purchase 150 computers as to facilitate the youth training centre in Uganda


Self Help computer training centre has come up with an innovative program that bridges the technological gap among the society. We offer a variety of programs that serve community youths of every age and background. This particular proposal seeks funding for one of our most important programs, our...

Self Help Computer Training Centre


The Self Help Computer Training Centre is an NGO in Uganda that targets 500 students annually, helping them to acquire competence in IT skills.

Afri-Can Trust


The Afri-Can Trust is a Kenyan NGO that works on issues relating to entrepreneurship. The organisation supports income-generating projects designed to benefit the entire community, including the Afri-Car Garage project, the production of reusable sanitary pads, and a technical training centre...

Community Based Initiative Centre - Rwenzori (COBIC-R)


The Community Based Initiative Centre – Rwenzori (COBIC-R) is an NGO based in the Kasese district of Uganda, operating in the Rwenzori region. The organisation focuses on the improvement of livelihoods, health and human rights. COBIC-R works for the welfare of people in the Rwenzori region,...



Sahakaar is an Indian NGO that aims to provide basic education for young needy kids, and in the process help them become responsible and independent adults.

Community Active Network Uganda (CAN-Uganda)


Community Active Network Uganda (CAN-Uganda) is an NGO working with children, young people and families with challenging and complex needs. The Network works towards protecting children and families from all forms of injustices through skills education, health insurance, health care, and poverty...

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Funding for supporting the poor and disabled in Kampala, Uganda


In Kampala, Uganda, our organization has 152 disabled children that we are trying to help and they are between the ages of 0 – 17years. On addition to that, we also try to help disabled parents and poor parents to children with disabilities. This brings it to a total of 210 members that need a...

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Volunteers and funding needed to facilitate 4 projects to protect vulnerable children in Uganda East Africa


Located near Kampala city along Gayaza Road, Can-Uganda is a not for profit community based organization initiated with the plight of transforming the most disadvantaged livelihoods and communities in Uganda East Africa. We aim to protect, rescue and prevent any form of children violence in Uganda....

Rural Action Alliance Programme (RAAP)


The Rural Action Alliance Programme (RAAP) is an NGO that aims to tackle poverty in Ghana. RAAP works in the Upper West, Northern, and Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana with its headquarters based at Hain in the Jirapa District of the Upper West Region. RAAP’s mandate is to combat poverty in...

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Funding needed for education of the teenage pregnancies problem in Teso, Uganda


The project idea is focusing to help the young girls still in school, but are threatened to drop out of school. The major issues the project is trying to address is the high teenage pregnancy rate which stands at 24.6 per cent. It is a result of harmful attitudes and practices like early/forced...