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Education and training

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Gospel Ambassadors for Christ Ministry (GACM)


The Gospel Ambassadors for Christ Ministry (GACM) is a Malawian non profit ministry which helps orphans, street children and other vulnerable children to access education. The organisation also provides clothes, soap, food items, blankets and training to guardians.

Liberia Talented Youth Association (LIBTAYA)

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The Liberia Talented Youth Association (LIBTAYA)is an NGO that works with and for young people, many of whom have been traumatised by the civil war in the country. The Association aims to provide support to its target group through educational support and skills training. Initial projects include...

Partners For Productivity Foundation ( PFPF)

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The Partners For Productivity Foundation (PFPF) is an NGO in Cameroon. The Foundation works on conservation and development issues. PFPF aims to sensitize and work with rural communities in their self-help activities by taking into consideration relevant socio-cultural and ecological aspects to...

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Provision of HIV/AIDS information for young people in Uganda


We want to help young people who are still in school and their teachers by providing information about HIV/AIDS prevention and about adolescent reproductive health. We work through civic leaders, religious leaders and opinion leaders to fight poverty, and also empower women and support the...

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Support for Orphans at the Blue House Orphanage in Uganda


Hope Multipurpose inc (HMI)has cared for orphaned and vulnerable girls in rural Kazo, Uganda, since 2004. We provide family like guidance, safe housing, nutritious food, clothing, health care, support for education and HOPE. The project is called the Blue House Orphanage. Our vision is to...

Hope Multipurpose Incorporated (HMI)

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Hope Multipurpose Incorporated (HMI) is an American charity based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and an NGO in Uganda. HMI sponsors an orphanage, the Blue House, in Uganda. The orphans and vulnerable children, currently all girls, live in a safe family-like home with nutritious food, clothing, health...

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Support Vocational Training Centre and Youth Enterprise Development Program, Cameroon

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Kupe-Muanenguba Division is 5,000 Sq.Km with a population of 10 557, one of the underdeveloped Divisions in Cameroon. About 80% of the people are engaged in agriculture & the area is beset by high rate of poverty, HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, child neglect, unemployment, & juvenile delinquency....

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Support the Mt.Elgon Clean Water project, Kenya


Primary education benefits the poor directly, bringing higher incomes, better health and empowerment especially for girls. Although the poor benefit less from primary education as relatively few enroll in spite of Kenya Free Primary Education, demand is on the increase as large numbers of children...

Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas


Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS, is an international volunteer NGO operating in Ghana. Varas provides cheap placements for volunteers, on both a short and a long term basis.

AJESH (Ajemalebu Self Help)


AJESH (Ajemalebu Self Help) is an NGO in Cameroon. The main aim of the organisation is to reduce poverty through education and training, and to assist efforts to protect the environment. AJESH also lobbies on behalf of its partner groups.