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Help to support vocational training for vulnerable young people in Mbara, Uganda

Requested by

Youth Empowerment & Rehabilitation Projects (YERP) Uganda

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Youth Empowerment & Rehabilitation Projects (YERP) is a Ugandan NGO. YERP tries to help restore hope and build a bright future for vulnerable youth & children in Uganda, including young people with disabilities, orphans, street kids and young girls who have been abused by being forced into early marriages due to their parents’ failure to support them (primarily in education). YERP helps young people and children who have lost hope mainly through the death of their parents caused by the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and civil wars.

Our work is also to help rehabilitate those who have adopted damaging behaviours like drug abuse, prostitution, and alcoholism to such an extent that they have been rejected by their societies. By offering them a basic education, vocational training, good nutrition and health care accompanied with spiritual counselling and rehabilitation programmes, we hope to alleviate their burden.

As we do not have the resources needed ourselves, we are requesting you to help us by providing funds for us to buy the necessary equipment and furniture so that we can provide relevant vocational training for the group of young people we are working with.

What is your project and how will it help?

The main goal of our project is simple: to restore hope and a bright future to our young people by creating a wide open opportunity for them to strengthen their awareness of their own potential through training which will help them to set up their own small scale businesses, or with vocational skills training and other rehabilitation projects. We also want to provide educational support for the children who drop out of basic education before they manage to reach primary stage 5. These pupils generally drop out of school because there is no support for them although they wish to continue with their education. Some of these children have ended up on the streets looking for un-adapted and dangerous jobs, while others, especially girls, have been married off at an early age.

We will provide this support by teaching them specific skills, and providing the training needed for a good education.

But all this will only be possible with your help and support.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Other people can partner with us, in a group or individually, by:
- becoming volunteers:
You will feel welcomed by people of Nyakiziba, and the work did will make such a difference to the lives of the miserable youth and the community at large.
- Sponsoring a young student with a dollar a day or 2200 Uganda shillings :
This will help to pay for their lunch in different schools and institutions, uniform, books and other scholastic materials for one year. You will receive information and a photo of the student you sponsor. If you want you can also write to your sponsored student and become an encourager.
- Supporting a project individually or with a group manageable and accountable with defined leadership.
- Holding a one-time or/and a major fundraising.
- Giving us funds

We know that you will be blessed by your time here and only ask that you will demonstrate good behaviour, passion, respect and love to the youth and the community. We look forward to meeting any of you who will be interested.

We also highly encourage and cherish short term missions.

Please detail the resources that you need.

1. The cost of child sponsorship as of January 1, 2012, is $35 per
month, or $420 per year. The actual disbursement of funds is at
the discretion of YERP Uganda

2. Other items include :
- Exercise books
- Pencils
- Pens
- Uniforms
- Special gifts
- School bags
- Sports kits
- Sports balls
- School dues per term

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