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Education and training

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Creating Better Futures

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Creating Better Futures is a UK registered charity that supports the education and welfare of orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. Creating Better Futures is also registered as a charity in Zimbabwe and has a dedicated team of volunteers that work at grassroots level with rural primary...

Friend Ships


Friend Ships provides food, medicine, clothing, and other critical life support relief items to people in need. Operations in the U.S. include the distribution of more than 150,000 meals (in groceries) to needy people in Los Angeles every week. Internationally, Friend Ships has delivered over 100...

Cummins Foundation

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Funding is made available both by Cummins Foundation based in the US and various regional foundations around the world, including the Cummins India Foundation and the Association Filantropica Cummins in Mexico. The Foundation focuses on education of women and underprivileged children, although...

American Mathematical Society (AMS) Book & Journal Donation Program


The AMS Book and Journal Donation Program matches donors of certain types of mathematical materials with recipient institutions or libraries in developing countries where there is a need for mathematical research literature.



Africare's programmes address needs in the principal areas of food security and agriculture as well as health and HIV/AIDS. Africare also supports water resource development, environmental management, basic education, micro enterprise development, governance initiatives and emergency humanitarian...

Danish Cooperation for Environment and Development (DANCED)

Danish ministry of environment

Danish Cooperation for Environment and Development (DANCED) was created in 1994 as part of the Denmark’s initiatives of environmental assistance to developing countries. DANCED is part of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency within the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy. DANCED...

Christian Coastal and Interior Minstries Association


The Christian Coastal and Interior Minstries Association (CCIMA) is an Indian NGO in Andrha Pradesh. The Association works among the poor and needy, particularly in regard to rehabilitation and health. The organisation provides food, clothing and other necessities to members of the communities in...

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) - Indonesia


Catholic Relief Services was founded in 1943 by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and disadvantaged outside the country. The mission of CRS globally is to: a) provide direct aid to poor and disadvantaged people; b) involve people in their own development, helping them to...

Africa Muslims Agency

Africa muslim

Africa Muslims Agency provides social services and poverty relief developmental projects to Muslims and Muslim communities throughout Africa.

ECPAT International (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes)


End Child Prostition, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT) is a network of organisations and individuals working together to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children. It tracks what governments are doing in this area and publishes the results,...