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Education and training

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Jian Hua Foundation (JHF)


Jian Hua is a relief and development organisation in China that focuses on cooperation in education, development, medical and social services, and serving the Chinese people with compassion, integrity and expertise. JHF is dedicated to serving the people of China through sending professionals to...

Helping Hands Outreach


Helping Hands has emerged as one of the leading organization in Georgia, U.S., dedicated to providing health care education to the community at large. Helping Hands has partnered with local government, school systems, health clinics, businesses, faith base institutions, non-profits, and community...

Information Technology Outreach Services (ITOS)


Information Technology Outreach Services (ITOS), part of the Public Service and Outreach Branch of the University of Georgia (U.S.), aims to assist the University, non-profit groups, and state, local and national governments to expand and improve their use of information technology in the public...

Salvation Army - Hong Kong

Salvation army hk

The Salvation Army is a Christian church and charity that shows practical concern and care for the needs of people regardless of race, creed, status, colour, sex or age. Religious organisation dedicated to Christian ideals and encouraging social and economic development in the countries which it...

Phelex Foundation


Phelex Foundation actively promotes basic education for financially, socially or physically disadvantaged children in poverty-stricken regions of rural Asia and offers a program in the USA that promotes multi-cultural education.

Christian Action


Christian Action (CA) is a Hong Kong registered charitable organisation established in 1985. CA aims to serve the needs and promote the welfare of the poor and disadvantaged in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with particular emphasis upon displaced persons through education, vocational training,...

De Waal Foundation (DWF)


The De Waal Foundation(DWF) is a Dutch NGO with a regional office in Ecuador. The financially independent foundation offers financial and technical support to organisations dedicated to educating and training people who work with the prevention of birth defects, rehabilitation of disabled people,...

Conservation Through Research, Education and Action (CREA)


Conservation Through Research, Education and Action (CREA) strives to conserve tropical rain forests through the building of sustainable livelihood for the rural poor, using the principles of science, education and community participation.

Called to Rescue


Called To Rescue is a non-profit, faith neutral, worldwide organization, based in Vancouver, Washington, dedicated to the rescuing of minor children from sex trafficking, violence, and abuse. Called to Rescue’s mission is to prevent the abduction of children into the sex trafficking behemoth...

Shelter for Life

Shelter for life

Shelter for Life focuses on construction and community development projects in Africa, Asia and the USA. SFL has been addressing the need for shelter through the construction of both transitional and permanent homes in countries uprooted by conflict and disaster. SFL provides beneficiaries with the...