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Education and training

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Mamiyo Caring Community


Mamiyo Caring Community is a Ugandan NGO, spearheaded by the Mamiyo Outreach Church. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation supports poverty alleviation strategies and runs several key programmes aiming to build capacity within the local population. The organisation also...

Holy Cross Primary School


The Holy Cross Primary School is a school in Kenya sponsored by the Sisters of Mary Kakmega, an order of Catholic nuns. The school serves boys and girls between 7 and 15, with a current enrollment of 1000. 45% of the pupils are HIV/AIDS orphans. The Sisters of Mary are currently involved in...

King World Missions


King World Missions is a Zambian NGO that looks after orphans and vulnerable children from Mutendere, gives them the education they could not have got any other way and gives them opportunities to make informed decisions about their world. The organisation also supports a Women's Self Help Group...

Masud Parves Library


Masud Parves Library is an information centre in Bangladesh that provides students with educational materials and aims to contribute to achieving sustainable economic growth.

Volunteers With Passion


Volunteers With Passion (VWP) is a Kenyan NGO that promotes volunteering and community service to enhance living standards. The organisation brings people together to share skills, experiences, creativity and learning to improve the quality of education, health, the environment, and access to...

Association for Community Training (ACT)


The Association for Community Training (ACT) is an NGO in Tamil Nadu, India. ACT works in rural and marginalised communities for social justice and a more equal society. Among the activities undertaken by ACT are projects on human rights and democracy, training in literacy for women, and the...

Universal Fellowship Organisation


The Universal Fellowship Organisation is a Kenyan NGO. The Foundation aims to alleviate the suffering of individuals and families in the poorest communities through sustainable grass roots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, and access to health services and other basic services. The...

Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre


Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre is an Indian NGO whose primary objective is to provide advanced eye care services to needy people in Eastern India. Susrut is one of the largest tertiary eye care service provider in India and a one stop destination for all services related to eye care. ...

Centre for African Children Foundation


The Centre for African Children Foundation is a Ghanaian NGO that aims to promote holistic health for children and young people, and to ensure their access to education.

Concern International Association


The Concern International Association is an NGO in Cameroon. The Association assists the destitute by recycling unwanted goods from more affluent members of the community to those who need them, and by offering small primary school scholarships to enable children to continue their basic education. ...