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Education and training

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Peer Educators Club - Ghana


The Peer Educators Club-Ghana (PEC-GH) is an NGO that works on development and health, helping young people to make informed decisions about their lives. In particular, the Club provides opportunities for young people to discuss issues relating to sexual health, and to access counselling for...

Nyasubi Youth Development Forum (NYDF)


The Nyasubi Youth Development Forum is a Tanzanian NGO that promotes opportunities for young people, focusing on education, health and the environment.

Vozoli Horticultural Self Help Group


The Vozoli Horticultural Self Help Group is an NGO in Kenya. The Group aims to introduce farmers, particularly women, to innovative methods of food production and marketing as a way of increasing food security and income generation. The Group is also involved in child care and health programmes,...

Aspire Kibera


Aspire Kibera is a UK-based NGO that aims to work alongside young people from Kibera in Kenya to provide a tailored support system during and after secondary education. The organisation currently runs a sanitary programme that provides sanitary towels to 500 young women per month in Kibera, and is...

Charity Foundation Uganda


The Charity Foundation Uganda is a community based NGO. The Foundation has run a number of projects, including an orphan empowerment project, and an environmental protection programme.

Amar Jyoti Bal Vikas Sansthan


Amar Jyoti Bal Vikas Sansthan is a school in Lal Tappar, North India. The school offers free education and support to children from the slums of this area. Currently, 75 children between the ages of 3 and 15 attend the school.

Fana Association for Individuals with Learning and Communication Difficulties (FAILCD-Ethiopia)


Fana Association for Individuals with Learning and Communication Difficulties (FAILCD-Ethiopia) is a charity that provides help and support to children with learning and communication difficulties and seeks to raise awareness of these issues. The organisation aims to assist the children to...

Manob Korma-Sohayok Foundation


Manob Korma-Sohayok Foundation (MKSF) is an NGO working with deprived and landless farm families in the Chittagong region, the southeastern coastal part of Bangladesh. MKSF assists farmers' group to develop sustainable livelihoods and social justice through capacity building and education. ...

Idara e Manzil


Idara e Manzil is an Islamic students' organisation in Pakistan. The organisation works for social change by supporting poor young people to continue their higher education.

Kenya Young Men's Chrisitian Association (Kenya YMCA)


The Kenya Young Men’s Christian Association (Kenya YMCA) is a charitable membership organization committed to the improvement of the quality of life of young people under 30 years of age. Kenya YMCA runs a range of youth development programmes, including sport and life skills training.