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Community development

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Jesus Evangelical Church Ministry Inc


Jesus Evangelical Church Ministry Inc is a religious organisation in Liberia involved in a range of faith-based activities.

Dona Organisation


The Dona Organisation is a small grass roots NGO in Pakistan.

Association Yalagré pour le développement du village de Lalwéoghin


The Association Yalagré pour le développement du village de Lalwéoghin is an GO in Burkina Faso working for the economic empowerment of women, children and men in the village of Lalwéghin.

Manob Korma-Sohayok Foundation


Manob Korma-Sohayok Foundation (MKSF) is an NGO working with deprived and landless farm families in the Chittagong region, the southeastern coastal part of Bangladesh. MKSF assists farmers' group to develop sustainable livelihoods and social justice through capacity building and education. ...

Ikongo Rural Development Association


The Ikongo Rural Development Asociation is a Ugandan NGO that works with subsistence farmers, helpinh them to increase their income.

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Establish Training Centers for Underprivileged Women and Children in Nigeria


Nigeria, in terms of natural and human resources, remains arguably one of the richest countries in Africa. However, as a direct consequence of corruption, mismanagement of resources and bad governance, over 80% of its population of over 162.5 million people (2011 census figures), live in poverty,...

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Funds for Elderly Support Project in Rural Uganda


The aim of Uganda Rural Elderly Support (UGRES) is to improve the quality of life of the elderly and their dependents. The rural elderly people in need vary from those staying alone with no relatives to those with orphans and grandchildren. The elderly in rural areas rely on hand work till...

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Computer Education Center for Poor Children in Faisalabad, Pakistan


DONA ORGANIZATION is a registered NGO in Faisalabad, Pakistan who works for the empowerment and education of poor children, women and young girls of the society. We want to help poor children from the populated and backward areas of Faisalabad who do not have a computer education/ knowledge....

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Beekeeping as an Economic Empowerment for Poor Women in Uganda


The social, cultural and economic climate of Kasese district has great bearing on the dynamics of any project undertaken. Poverty has become a systemic problem in Kasese district along with low levels of literacy, high proliferation levels of AIDS and limited opportunities for employment. ...

Kenya Young Men's Chrisitian Association (Kenya YMCA)


The Kenya Young Men’s Christian Association (Kenya YMCA) is a charitable membership organization committed to the improvement of the quality of life of young people under 30 years of age. Kenya YMCA runs a range of youth development programmes, including sport and life skills training.