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Community development

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Foundation for Development Initiative (FDI)


The Foundation for Development Initiative (FDI) is a Ugandan NGO. The organisation works for people living in poverty.

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Construct an orphanage school in Buyende District, Uganda


Sub-Sahara and particularly Uganda has been affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic, and as a result many parents have died or are too weak to support their families. Therefore Horizon Youth Empowerment Community Transformation (HYECT) is formed to cater/advocate for the education of vulnerable children in...

International Development Institute

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The International Development Institute is a volunteer movement in India promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. The Institute supports Indian grassroots organizations and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as agriculture, energy, education, health,...

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Vocational training for the needy community of Kyampisi Village, Uganda


The establishment of a vocational training centre in Kyampisi Village will enable marginalized out of school youths, especially orphans and vulnerable children, young mothers, youths (in and out of school), elderly and disabled persons to receive training on tailoring and dressmaking in order to...

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Food and winter package for flood victims in Pakistan


The recent flood in Pakistan, Baluchistan in august 2012, has made 37355 families in desperate need of food, warm clothes and tents. The overall assessment carried out by UNOCHA and PDMA for the children, women, old people, and people with disabilities were the most vulnerable among the affected...

Jesus Alive Centre


The Jesus Alive Centre is a faith-based organisation in Kenya. The Centre focuses on evangelism, and also assists the less fortunate.

Parish Youth Committee - Pagbilao (PYC)


The Parish Youth Committee - Pagbilao (PYC) is a youth committee of the St Catherine of Alexandria V.M. Parish, Pagbilao, Quezon. The Committee helps young people gain a place in society and become productive citizens through a range of activities and projects oriented to the social, emotional,...

Doors of Hope Foundation


The Doors of Hope Foundation is a Malawian NGO that promotes community health and integrated development nationwide. The organisation focuses on human rights ans democracy, education, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, food security and women and girls' empowerment. It works with community...

Nsinze Youth Group for Economic Development


The Nsinze Youth Group for Economic Development is an NGO in Uganda. The Group promotes self-help initiatives for its members who come from 72 villages in the area. The Group aims to work cooperatively in its efforts to eradicate poverty.

Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda)

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Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda) is an NGO that focuses on environmental conservation,agricultural enhancement, advocacy and provision of livelihood development support programmes to communities. Eco-Agric Uganda establishes technology demonstration...