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Funds for flood victims in Stonehaven, Scotland


Families who are affected by storms and floods in the local community Stonehaven in Scotland December 2012. The background is that Stonehaven in Scotland AB39 area was hit by storms two weeks before Xmas, which devastated the sea front. The Sunday before Xmas the old Town was flooded when the local...

La Floraison


La Floraison is an NGO based in Baraka, Democratic Republic of Congo. The organisation aims to defend the social and economic rights of marginalized women, youths and vulnerable children by advocating for the human rights of young people, women and children, raising awareness of the need for...

Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Initiative)


Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Improvement) is an American NGO whose mission is to promote the sustainable development and growth of rural Indian communities. In partnership with local community members and social enterprises, the organisation identifies issues central to itd...

Uthmaniyya Islamic Association


The Uthmaniyya Islamic Association is a religious organisation in northeastern Ghana. The Association teaches the doctrines of Islam based on the Qur'an and Ahadis,i.e.(the creed of Ahl-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah). The organisation runs a primary school, and has acquired a new site on which it is proposing...

Future After Children are Traumatised (FACT)

Fact log

Future After Children are Traumatised (FACT) is a Ugandan NGO. The organisation runs a pre-primary school with 173 pupils and a special class for children with disabilities. FACT also runs a vocational training centre from which 150 people have graduated with a range of skills, including tailoring,...

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Human trafficking and business: An E-learning course on how to prevent and combat human trafficking


The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) and the End Human Trafficking Now! Campaign (EHTN!) have developed an eLearning course which is a modular training programme for business leaders, managers and employees of business companies.

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LexisNexis Human Trafficking Awareness Index


The Human Trafficking Awareness Index uses the respected Nexis® service to track and analyze the volume of news articles related to human trafficking. It is hoped that the service will provide a valuable tool for campaigners looking to raise awareness of human trafficking on an ongoing basis.

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LexisNexis and The Polaris Project fighting human trafficking together


LexisNexis and The Polaris Project have collaborated in the fight against human trafficking. This video is an extract of a segment on NewsChannel 8 in USA talking about this partnership.



MISEREOR works with a host of domestic partners to provide assistance against poverty and political suppression in places such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. MISEREOR does this by assisting with developing projects including the education of women and children against AIDS, financing farmers...



Founded in 1994 SEEDS is an India based non-profit organisation working on environmental and disaster management for over ten years. The SEEDS team comprises development professionals with experience in disaster relief, rehabilitation and preparedness.