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Community development

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Support for Orphans at the Blue House Orphanage in Uganda


Hope Multipurpose inc (HMI)has cared for orphaned and vulnerable girls in rural Kazo, Uganda, since 2004. We provide family like guidance, safe housing, nutritious food, clothing, health care, support for education and HOPE. The project is called the Blue House Orphanage. Our vision is to...

Christian Development Foundation


The Christian Development Foundation is a faith-based community development organization based in Guyana. The organisation runs projects in a number of countries in South America, targeting people and communities in need. The organisation also assists organisations to develop business plans. ...

Samagra Social Service Society


The Samagra Social Service Society is an Indian NGO that promotes the concept of an egalitarian society. The organization believes that development demands information, education, involvement and participation of the people for whom it is intended. The Society runs an orphanage, and sponsors...

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Shipping 40ft container with 400 donated bikes to Mexico


"Bicycles for Humanity" is trying to help poor Mexican children by giving them bikes to get to school. In addition, giving the adults a way to improve their life by giving them bikes to get empowered. They can get water, go to work, get to health clinics and so much more. This project in called...

Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas


Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS, is an international volunteer NGO operating in Ghana. Varas provides cheap placements for volunteers, on both a short and a long term basis.

AJESH (Ajemalebu Self Help)


AJESH (Ajemalebu Self Help) is an NGO in Cameroon. The main aim of the organisation is to reduce poverty through education and training, and to assist efforts to protect the environment. AJESH also lobbies on behalf of its partner groups.

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Improve employment and income for young women in Mufindi Iringa Region in Tanzania


We have had extensive experience of working with vulnerable groups in our community, including young people and street children. Girls and young women are among the most vulnerable of these groups. They live in an environment fraught with risks. The combination of an unstable family environment,...

Mamiyo Caring Community


Mamiyo Caring Community is a Ugandan NGO, spearheaded by the Mamiyo Outreach Church. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation supports poverty alleviation strategies and runs several key programmes aiming to build capacity within the local population. The organisation also...

King World Missions


King World Missions is a Zambian NGO that looks after orphans and vulnerable children from Mutendere, gives them the education they could not have got any other way and gives them opportunities to make informed decisions about their world. The organisation also supports a Women's Self Help Group...

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Provide care for orphans in Cameroon


We operate in Eyangntui Village and Mamfe Town. The economy here is agrarian in nature. The major economic activity in and around the villages is subsistence agriculture. There are no hospitals or clinics in Eyangntui Village. The village doesn’t have electricity or piped water so that people...