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Community development

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Kingdom Life Global Missions


Kingdom Life Global Missions is a Ugandan organisation that provides support to local communities, particularly young people and women, in Eastern Uganda. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation helps young people to access primary and secondary education, teaches agricultural...

Refugees Help


Refugees Help is a Kenyan NGO that aims to assist marginalised and minority communities in Kenya and Somalia by empowering them to utilize and manage their natural resources while protecting their assets and developing sustainable livelihoods. The organisation also undertakes community and...

Sampoorna Samiti


Sampoorna Samiti is an Indian NGO that focuses on helping the underprivileged to improve their livelihoods through education, enterprise development, skill development and rehabilitation.

Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong (IRD)


The Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong (IRD) was established in 2002 by the founding members of the China Education Association of the University of Hong Kong. The organisation assists people living in poverty-stricken rural areas to improve their livelihoods and raise their...

Anant Jeewan Sewa Evam Sodh Samithi


Anant Jeewan Sewa Evam Sodh Samithi is an NGO in Madya Pradesh, India. The organisation works with tribal communities, aiming to improve educational opportunities, particularly for girls.

Riabamura Community Development (RICODE)


Riabamura Community Development (RICODE) is a Kenyan NGO that works for orphans and vulnerable children. The organisation cares for children under the age of ten, helping them with their basic needs and providing for their education until they finish college. RICODE is currently looking for...

Heal the Child Foundation Uganda


Heal the Child Foundation Uganda is an NGO working for development. The organisation aims to assist the community to raise its standard of living, targetting orphans and vulnerable children, school dropouts and the disabled. The organization currently supports 207 children to access better...

Machakos District Co-operative Union Ltd (MDCU)


MDCU was established in 1964 as an umbrella organisation of primary co-operatives in Machakos district, Kenya. Today it assists mainly marginalized producers in the handcraft sector with products such as wood carvings, baskets, soapstones, etc. The mission of MDCU is to improve the quality of...

Honey Care Africa


Honey Care Africa was established in 2000 as an innovative private sector social enterprise to promote sustainable community-based beekeeping in Eastern Africa. It was set up with an explicit triple bottom-line agenda, with an emphasis on generating economic, social and environmental values...

Forum of Women for Accelerated Rural Development (FOWARD)


The Forum of Women for Accelerated Rural Development (FOWARD) is a Ugandan NGO that aims to link grassroots communities to services and opportunities and to build their capacity for collective action to address the challenges they face. FOWARD targets mainly women and children. Its programme...