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Community development

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Ekwonye Foundation

Stay alive program

The Ekwonye Foundation is a Nigerian NGO that aims to relieve poverty, aid the sick and the aged, and to promote the Nigeria through audio-visual productions and entertainment programmes and services. The Foundation provides social services, educational and recreational programmes and activities,...

Lovers of Lord


Lovers of Lord is a group for young boys and girls in Pakistan. The group works for orphans, poor and needy children in order to obey the Lord’s command of “Let the Children come to me”. The Lovers of Lord are committed to nurturing a strong base of Christian faith in the children in Muslim...

Loving Hands Orphanage Foundation


Loving Hands Orphanage Foundation (LOHA) is an independent Christian NGO in Uganda that currently supports more than 287 OVCs and about 175 parents/caregivers.

Amoon Evangelical Ministry


The Amoon Evangelical Ministry is a Christian organisation in Pakistan that works for the poor and marginalised communities in which it conducts its faith-based activities.

Feel A Fellow Feeling Foundation


Feel a Fellow Feeling Foundation is a Christian organisation in Andhra Pradesh, India. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation cares for orphans and the elderly.

Endeleza Dada Youth Community Organization (ENDADA)


Endeleza Dada Youth Community Organization (ENDADA) areas of focus are economic development, poverty reduction and microfinance. ENDADA, inspired by the values of integrity and compassion seeks, to offering solutions to fundamental problems in the areas of education, health, humanitarian issues and...

Kumtem Area Development Union


The Kumtem Development Union is a Cameroonian NGO that aims to initiate and carry out development projects for the village of Kumtem. It has so far succeeded in building a community school which was later handed over to the government, and has constructed a pipe-borne water system for the village.

The International Good Samaritan Mission/Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organizational Services to the Community (MIBOS)


The Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organisational Services to the Communities (MIBOS) is an NGO comprising a number of community groups in and around Kigoma, Tanzania. MIBOS undertakes and promotes development projects in health care, income generation, nutrition and capacity building...

Forces of Light and Nonviolent Communication


Forces of Light and Nonviolent Communication is a Ghanaian NGO promoting quality of life and the dignity of poor rur5al people with an emphasis on women and children.

Kyankima Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP)


The Kyankima Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP) is a youth led initiative in Uganda. The Programme's basic objective is to engage and support young people to address the most urgent problems (livelihood, health, education, poverty, peace building) facing Uganda today. The organisation aims to...