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Community development

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Cosmopolitan United Church


The Cosmopolitan United Church is an American community church in Illinois that provides parish ministry and spiritual, devotional and worship services.

Association for Comprehensive Community Development Nicaragua (Adico-NIC)


The Association for Comprehensive Community Development Nicaragua (Adico-NIC) is a Nicaraguan NGO that works for disadvantaged communities on projects that promote equality and social justice and participation. The organisation undertakes projects in health, the environment, agriculture and...

Angels of Hope


Angels of Hope is a Kenyan NGO. The organisation assists its community through relevant development projects, and the provision of food and clothing. Angels of Hope works with schools to educate and help children in regard to life skills and mentorship. Other programmes run by the organisation...

Samaritan Development Organization (SADO)


The Samaritan Development Organisation (SADO) is a Christian NGO in the Ngora District of Uganda. SADO aims to provide education for orphans and to help widows and other needy people, including victims of HIV/AIDS.

Osiligi Community Care-led Coalition


The Osiligi Community Care-led Coalition is a Kenyan NGO working to improve the living standards of orphans and vulnerable children and community home- based clients in a remote part of the country, Samburu County. The organization serves 1300 OVC and 27 CHBC clients affected by HIV/AIDS.

Kitengela Hot Glass


Kitengela Hot Glass started September 2000 with a desire to make flat and blown glass in Eastern Africa. It employs over thirty people, and has trained many more in the various disciplines that they are proficient in. Kitengela Glass is located opposite the Nairobi National Park, at the end of a...

Initiatives Agri-Business Firme (ILABF)


Initiatives Agri-Business Firme (ILABF) is an NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The organisation promotes youth employment in agriculture. ILABF specializes in plant and animal production and processing, seed multiplication, and the sale of agricultural produce.

Association for Pisciculture and Cattle Development


The Association for Pisciculture and Cattle Development (APCD) is a Bangladeshi NGO. The organdisation's aim is to help the community to overcome obstacles to development,i.e., illiteracy, unemployment, population growth, early marriage, unhygienic sanitation, unhealthy physical condition among...

Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti


Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti (DSMBUS) is an Indian social welfare NGO working in Rajasthan. DSMBUS works on a wide range of issues, including vocational training, women's and young people's empowerment, health, family welfare, disablity, environmental protection and rural development....

National Youth Service Corps


The National Youth Service Corps is a Nigerian organisation created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war. The NYSC aims to encourage and develop common ties among the youths of Nigeria and to promote national unity. After completion of tertiary...