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Children, youth and family welfare

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Future After Children are Traumatised (FACT)

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Future After Children are Traumatised (FACT) is a Ugandan NGO. The organisation runs a pre-primary school with 173 pupils and a special class for children with disabilities. FACT also runs a vocational training centre from which 150 people have graduated with a range of skills, including tailoring,...

Serve The Nation (STN))


Serve The Nation (STN) is an NGO in Pakistan that works for marginalised communities, in particular, for people with disabilities and children. The organisation is in the process of raising funds to build an orphanage for a group of children left destitute, and also hopes to be able to send them...

Commonwealth Youth Association Cameroon


The Commonwealth Youth Association Cameroon (CYAC) is an NGO that works with young women, young men and children with disabilities, particularly deaf children. Currently, CYAC is training young people in computer skills, including data processing and computer maintenance, and runs a secondary...

Naihati Prolife


Naihati Prolife is an Indian NGO based in West Bengal. The organisation sponsors projects ranging from the education of migrant children, safe arsenic free drinking water in schools, water and sanitation in schools. the national TB prevention programme, and advocacy in urban ecology, including...



MISEREOR works with a host of domestic partners to provide assistance against poverty and political suppression in places such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. MISEREOR does this by assisting with developing projects including the education of women and children against AIDS, financing farmers...



Founded in 1994 SEEDS is an India based non-profit organisation working on environmental and disaster management for over ten years. The SEEDS team comprises development professionals with experience in disaster relief, rehabilitation and preparedness.

Association for Sending Picture Books to Laos Children


NGO that provides book for children in Laos to enable them to pursue future study. Often these children live in rural areas without schools, teaching or books. ALC creates an environment for children to develop their ability to learn so that they can get a chance of choosing their own future. ...

The Good Neighbour International


The Good Neighbour International (TGNI) is a Fijian based organisation that runs a number of programs to improve the quality of life. TGNI works to create employment locally so that families can grow and live together and reach their full potential.

Proclaimers of Christ Ministries International


Proclaimers of Christ Ministries International is an NGO in Kenya. The organisation is involved in primary education in addition to its faith-based activities.

Roland Clinic


Roland Clinic is a non-governmental organisation which works to enhance the living and health standards of poor families in Gambia.