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Children, youth and family welfare

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OrphanAid Africa

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Orphanage Africa (OA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that aims to support orphans, needy children and women in Ghana. OA began by designing programmes that focused on education, healthcare, basic infrastructure and farming. Over time, however, OA has extended its approach by...

Kumtem Area Development Union


The Kumtem Development Union is a Cameroonian NGO that aims to initiate and carry out development projects for the village of Kumtem. It has so far succeeded in building a community school which was later handed over to the government, and has constructed a pipe-borne water system for the village.

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Womens' Aquaculculture Project in Ghana


We are trying to help unskilled young teenage mothers and girl school drop-outs who have succumbed to alcoholism and teenage prostitution. We want to empower these young women with skills in fish farming and fish smoking, and also provide protein to undernourished/malnourished rural children of...

Kyankima Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP)


The Kyankima Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP) is a youth led initiative in Uganda. The Programme's basic objective is to engage and support young people to address the most urgent problems (livelihood, health, education, poverty, peace building) facing Uganda today. The organisation aims to...

Jehovah Charitable Centre


The Jehovah Charitable Centre is a small NGO in Kenya that cares for needy children. The organisation runs a Saturday club where the children make items such as bangles, necklaces, hats, baskets and belts to sell in order to raise funds to help pay school fees.

Health Digest Foundation


The Health Digest Foundation is an NGO in Ghana that works for the improved well-being of people living in villages and remote areas where social amenities and access to information are limited. The Foundation members are professional journalists and health professionals working in public and...

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The Veolia Foundation helps to improve conditions in Cambodian orphanage


The Veolia Environment Foundation provides financing and advice on the best sanitation system to be installed, by the the Association Droit, Développement et Partenariats Francophones (ADDPF), in an orphanage in Cambodia.

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Mercy Corps teams up with Sesame Workshop in Haiti

17b microcredit success

Mercy Corps has teamed with Sesame Workshop to integrate Elmo, Cookie Monster, and other Sesame Street characters into the emotional recovery work the organisation is doing with children in Haiti.

Consolidated Youth for Peace and Development (COYPED)


Consolidated Youth for Peace and Development (COYPED) is a youth-led Liberian NGO. COYPED aims to empower young people to contribute positively to society by working together on issues related to health, education, human rights, civic education, anti-corruption and other development issues. The...

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Education and Conservation in Northern Uganda


RACODI is trying to help vulnerable children affected by the war in Northern Uganda. These children are from poor families while others are orphans, children with disabilities, formerly abducted children and youth, children born in captivity and children living with HIV. The introduction of the...