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Children, youth and family welfare

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Global Compassion

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Global Compassion is a Cameroonian NGO that works on humanitarian issues including health, education and community services, such as the provision of clean drinking water.

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Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rift Valley, Kenya


Family AIDS Initiative Response (FAIR) is an organization that addresses the enormous challenges faced by orphans and vulnerable children who have either been orphaned by AIDS or live with parents who are sick or dying from AIDS-related illnesses. Our support programs targets Orphans and...

Association for the Promotion of Women and Children (APWAC)

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The Association for the Promotion of Women and Children (APWAC) is a Cameroonian NGO that works with and for women. APWAC aims to empower women through education, capacity building and improvement in health and general well-being. APWAC projects include education and child care, with a...

Fraternity in Development and Support


Fraternity in Development and Support (FiDReS) is a Ugandan NGO operating in the Wobulenzi Luweero district. The organisation supports the education of orphans and other vulnerable children, and works to improve rural health and community development. FiDReS also works with people with...

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Deworming Medicine for Burundi National Health Initiative Verified non-profit organisation

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The African nation of Burundi conducts countrywide Deworming Campaigns twice per year, and these campaigns are targeted towards eradicating the following parasites: Schistosomiasis, Onchocerciasis and Helminthiasis. Whilst the campaigns are conducted in all 45 Districts, the incidences are...

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Construction of orphanage dormitory and bathrooms, India


We have a small orphanage ASHIRVAD meaning "blessing" with 75 children aged from 3 to 18 years and we have already constructed a building in which there is provision for the girls to stay but we need help to construct a shelter for the boys so that they can have a safe and permanent shelter. We...

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Clothes for people with disabilities in Moldova


Our organisation works for people with disabilities by providing social and humanitarian aid, particularly for children, the elderly and other people in need. We provide financial assistance and other services, including medical help in order to keep up our important work. There are over 1550...

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Train young people and adults in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Our organisation, OSCAR (Outreach Social Care project), is a grassroots NGO in KwaZulu Natal that promotes sustainable livelihoods, life skills development, leadership training, and education for children, young people and adults in townships and rural areas. We also work in HIV/AIDS prevention. ...

Community Rehabilitation Advocates For Transformation (C.R.A.F.T.)

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Community Rehabilitation Advocates for Transformation (C.R.A.F.T.) is a registered Non Governmental Organization in Ghana with registration # 37-317. OUR MISSION To create an enabling environment through achievable and sustainable initiatives aimed at promoting positive change for the inclusion...

Arusha Region Senior Citizens Organization


Chama cha Wazee na Wastaafu Mkoani Arusha (Arusha Region Senior Citizens Organization) was established on 18th March 1998 and registered on 3rd September 1998, under Registration No SO 9555. It has been operating in the Region since its registration on areas of Advocacy and lobbying on ageing...