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Children, youth and family welfare

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Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust


The Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust (IWCWT) is an NGO involved in social development, relief and advocacy. The Trust is committed to the Millennium Development Goals, caring for poor, unprivileged and exploited people. The Trust's primary focus is on improving community education,...

Tears Foundation

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The Tears Foundation Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that works for children.

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Education Training Centre for children in the slum of New Delhi, India


The slums of India, are a breeding ground for poverty, exploitation, negligence, destitution and disease. Children living in these slums have poor access to schools; there is a high dropout rate from school by grade 8, often because slum children are employed in the labour sector at a young age....

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Support budding talents in Uganda

Project photo with friends from hong kong

Prom Talent Africa is a Ugandan NGO that aims to assist talented young people to become stars in their field so that they will be able to compete at an international level. In this way, we as an organisation are attempting to address poverty among the young people of our community. We look for and...

Prom Talent Africa


Prom Talent Africa is an NGO in Uganda established to discover and nurture talent in young people, whether sporting or artistic. The organisation aims to provide the training necessary to allow the young people to immprove their particular area of expertise to a level at which they will be able to...

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School supplies for children in Ghana


Illiteracy is a major problem in developing countries as governments fail to provide the basic necessities for children to learn in schools. A lack of education eventually leads to a lack of growth in the economy, human trafficking, street hawking, internal migration which causes overcrowding and...

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Poultry farming expansion project in Kenya

Kids playing in poultry yard

Mwengenye Widows, Widowers and Orphans Slums Organization (MWOSO) is an NGO in Kenya. We mobilize people in the community through education and training and starting income generating project. We tackle hunger and social issues, and help widows, widowers and orphans in a variety of ways, helping...

Future After Children are Traumatised (FACT)

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Future After Children are Traumatised (FACT) is a Ugandan NGO. The organisation runs a pre-primary school with 173 pupils and a special class for children with disabilities. FACT also runs a vocational training centre from which 150 people have graduated with a range of skills, including tailoring,...

Serve The Nation (STN))


Serve The Nation (STN) is an NGO in Pakistan that works for marginalised communities, in particular, for people with disabilities and children. The organisation is in the process of raising funds to build an orphanage for a group of children left destitute, and also hopes to be able to send them...

Commonwealth Youth Association Cameroon


The Commonwealth Youth Association Cameroon (CYAC) is an NGO that works with young women, young men and children with disabilities, particularly deaf children. Currently, CYAC is training young people in computer skills, including data processing and computer maintenance, and runs a secondary...