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Children, youth and family welfare

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Support an orphanage in India


Our organisation is a small voluntary charitable trust in India, established by young people who wanted to promote the development of rural poor people. We understand human suffering and we to help people to develop a better life. We are involved in the area of child development, looking after...

Dr.Peter Charitable Trust


Dr.Peter Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that assists poor people in rural areas. The Trust understands human suffering and looks for people it can help. The organisation is involved in child development, women’s development, youth development, conservation, health and economic development. It...

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Construction of orphanage in Uganda


Divine Peace Ministries is currently taking care of 376 orphans and displaced mothers in disaster areas. We want to build a home for these children and women where as the mothers will be given employment within the home as care takers they also use it as center for empowerment. Please find more...

Boychild Agenda International


Boychild Agenda International is a Kenyan NGO that participates in numerous community development projects, including boy child empowerment, health, education, environmental conservation, disaster management, talent grooming and poverty eradication.

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Micro business for orphans and women to generate income in Tanzania


We aim to help women and young people in rural areas in Tanzania. We have developed a project for women to make and sell jewellery and thus income for their families. We also address the issues of reproductive health, early pregnancy prevention, early marriage and forced marriage for young...

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Help Nigerian children with special needs


In Nigeria, it is traditionally believed that a child born with abnormal development is from the spirit world or a snake incarnate and will bring a curse on the family. In some communities, children with disabilities such as down-syndrome, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and deformities are...

Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs (SECHILD)


The Sedoo Initiative for Children with Special Needs (SECHILD) is a Nigerian NGO established to provide support for parents of children with special needs. The organisation also provides professional help and an information resource centre providing therapy, education and support with an emphasis...

Boy Empowerment International


Boy Empowerment International is a Zambian NGO that focuses on the uplifting of the boy child. The organisation nurtures and mentors boys and aims to identify their natural talents and capabilities to prevent problems in the transition from boyhood to adulthood.

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Construction of school and community development in Uganda


We are a community based organisation that runs a school in a rural area of Uganda, approximately 70 miles from the capital. The population is poor, there is no electricity, and there are many problems in regard to the water. We provide nursery and primary education to children between 3 and 14,...

Ngando Universal Centre


Ngando Universal Centre (NUC) is a Kenyan NGO that works with grass roots communities for the welfare of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), widows/single mothers and other needy people.