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Children, youth and family welfare

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Volunteers wanted for grass root organisation in Uganda

New classrooms foundation

The VOLSET is recognized world-wide thanks to international volunteers and stakeholders that have participated in our projects. Please watch the movie to learn more about our activities. We focus on education in the fields of community health, community outreach, youth life skills, and early...

Volset Foundation

New classrooms foundation

The Volset Foundation is an NGO in Uganda. The organisation focuses on education in the fields of community health, community outreach, youth life skills, and early childhood education. Volset also develops community health awareness through training and education by establishing resource centres...

New Life Mission Trust


The New Life Mission (NLM) Trust is an Indian NGO that aims to take the Christian message to people in the slums and rural villages. The Mission adopts orphan children from the slums and educates them, providing medical care and school related equipment. Currently, the Mission cares for 140...

Nkasi National Association of Non-Govenrmental Organisations


The Nkasi National Association of Non Governmental Organisations (NKANGO) is a Tanzanian NGO with a focus on working with teenage youths. It is dedicated to promoting educational and health programmes for orphans, vulnerable children (OVC) and young people, many of are destitute because of the...

Relief Education Development (RED) International

Mobile clinic (19)

Relief Education Development (RED) International is an NGO which is specifically engaged in relief, education and development projects through a network of local partners around the world. The organisation works to change lives through the relief of poverty, sickness and suffering and through...

Love and Care Charitable Mission


The Love and Care Charitable Mission is a faith-based Indian NGO based in Andra Pradesh that provides care for deprived women and children, many of whom are picked up from railway stations, bus shelters or the streets. The organisation provides food, clothing and shelter. The Mission also provides...

Association des Femmes d'Entraide de Boulkassoubougou (AFDB)

Logo afdb

Association des Femmes d'Entraide de Boulkassoubougou (AFDB)is an NGO in Mali. The organisation works for the improvement of women's lives through education and the creation of income-generating activities.

Welfare Concern Initiative


Welfare Concern Initiative (WCI) is a faith- based NGO in Zambia currently operating in two rural districts of the southern province. WCI aims to improve the welfare of orphans, vulnerable children and disabled children especially those who cannot access education.Currently, 55 children are being...

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Help orphans in Utter Perdash, India


New life Mission is registered in India and working for the last 5 years in Utter Perdash. We are providing education, shelter, food and health to the orphans and needy children. At present we are taking care of 140 children aged 5-15 years. New Life mission wants to give these underprivileged...

Salvation Army - International Headquarters


The Salvation Army is a Christian church and charity that shows practical concern and care for the needs of people regardless of race, creed, status, colour, sex or age. This organisation, through its dedication to Christian ideals, encourages social and economic development in the countries in...