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Water and related ecosystems

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Sanitation case studies: It is time for business to act


In 2008, the UN International Year of Sanitation, the WBCSD highlighted this important issue, and saw this advocacy effort as an excellent opportunity for companies to get involved and make a positive difference.

Caritas Togo / Organisation de la Charité pour un Développement Intégral


Caritas Togo / Organisation de la Charité pour un Développement Intégral, affiliated with Caritas Internationalis, operates programmes for education and training in rural areas, improving agricultural and livestock management practices, restoring soils, setting up small farmers’ organisations,...

World Vision - Democratic Republic of The Congo


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation, established in 1950, dedicated to working with children, families and communities in the fight against poverty and for social justice. Through emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and through raising public...

Caritas Développement Congo (Caritas DRC)


Caritas Développement Congo (Caritas DRC), affiliated with Caritas Internationalis - the confederation of Catholic relief, development and social service organisations, is active in projects addressing HIV/AIDS prevention; education; peace-building; access to health services; access to water and...

Congolese Red Cross (CRC)


Congolese Red Cross (CRC), a member society of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, provides medical and humanitarian assistance. CRC has expanded its training in community-based public health and disaster preparedness, and operates a programme to improved...



The STEER Foundation (Social Development, Technology, Environment, Education and Research&Releases Foundation) is an Indian NGO established in 1994. STEER works with and through young people to promote innovation and the advancement of knowledge for development. STEER has run literacy projects for...

Keng Foundation (KF)


Some of objectives of the association are; 1. Making a contribution to poor and underprivileged people by providing them education and basic healthcare facilities such as portable drinking water to promoting basic sanitary facilities; 2. Designing and implementing prevention strategies against...

Action Contre la Faim (Action against Hunger) - France


Action Contre la Faim (Action against Hunger) - France offers projects in the areas of water and sanitation, food security, and disaster prevention. The organisation's activities include the repair and construction of infrastructures, construction of showers and latrines, hygiene education,...

Action Contre La Faim (ACF) - Sierra Leone


Action Contre La Faim (ACF) - Sierra Leone assists in the fight against hunger through implementing various nutrition, health, food security, and water and sanitation projects. Emergency relief is also provided and these kind of relief are usually followed by longer term activities aiming to enable...

Action Against Hunger UK


Action Against Hunger UK is part of the Action Against Hunger international network, one of the leading international organisations in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. The aim of Action Against Hunger is to save lives by combating hunger, diseases, and those crises threatening the lives...