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Water and related ecosystems

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Rayland Rural Development Organization


Rayland Rural Development Organization (RARUDO) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, community-based organisation, that was formed to support, unite and promote community development in Iyolwa Sub County of Tororo district in Uganda. RARUDO serves as a mobilising, networking, information and advocacy...

Compact AS


Compact AS manufactures and distributes emergency, therapeutical and supplementary compressed dehydrated packaged food and water products. These products are targeted towards areas including disaster relief, special dietary programmes and emergency preparedness storage. Many of the products are...

Hidaya Foundation


A non-profit educational and charitable organisation which sends new and used in-kind donation to needy Tsunami affectees. Our mission is to implement educational, environmental, social welfare, and health care programs in economically depressed areas of South Asia, West Africa and North America,...

Community Development Foundation (CDF)


Community Development Foundation (CDF) initiates and supports a number of community development projects and programmes in the Wakiso District of Uganda. These focus around primary health care, basic education and training, agriculture and farming, empowerment of marginalised groups and...

Indian Red Cross Society


The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) is a voluntary humanitarian organisation having a network of over 700 branches throughout the country, providing relief in times of disasters/emergencies and promotes health and care of the vulnerable people and communities. IRCS is a leading member of the...

G-servis Praha


G-servis Praha provides services in consulting, delivery and contract implementation in the fields of geological work and redevelopment, environmental care, water treatment and purification, and alternative energy sources in the region of Central and Western Europe.

Hope for Africa- Zambia


Hope For Africa- Zambia is a branch of Hope for Africa International. It operates at a local, provincial, and national level within Zambia to address a wide variety of societal issues. First and foremost, it attempts to better the plight of orphans and vulnerable children by establishing community...

The Green Organisation


The Green Organisation is an independent, non-political, non-activist, non-profit environment group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world. The Green Organisaion also publishes The Green Book, an annual work of reference that has become...

Scottish Water


Scottish Water is a publicly owned water and waste water company serving the people of Scotland.

Colifast AS


Colifast AS is a biotechnology company which provides rapid testing solutions for indicator bacteria in the environmental, food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets and at remote locations.