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Water and related ecosystems

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Lugger Logistics


Lugger Logistics are relief aid and general order suppliers of Clothing, Bedding, Communications, Consultancy, Food Items, Freight/Transportation, Human Resources, Medical Equipment, Procurement, Public Health, Security, Shelter/Housing, Training, Vehicle Parts, Vehicles, Water, and Sanitation.

Classica International Ltd


Classica International Ltd supplies Israeli food products worldwide, including mineral water, milk, snacks, fruit juices and other products.

PeacePond International


PeacePond International is a Nepal based non-governmental organisation assisting people in needy communities.

Vasantham Trust


Vasantham Trust is an all-women, non-governmental organisation involved in providing nutritional support and medical care to poor children. It provides vaccination against Hepatitis B for thousands of children and educates mothers on methods related to water/sanitation, particularly converting sea...

Celestial Humanitarian Foundation International Inc.


Celestial Humanitarian Foundation International Inc. (CHFI) aims to eradicate abject poverty and food insecurity in Africa and Asia through productive agriculture development, water and sanitation, rehabilitation and empowerment programs coupled with short-term relief schemes. CHFI offers the...

World Health Organization (WHO) - Afghanistan


World Health Organization (WHO) - Afghanistan, a country office of the World Health Organization, aims to reduce mortality, morbidity and disability, and to improve health, especially those of the vulnerable population. This aim is achieved through building the national capacities in terms of...

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Afghanistan


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Afghanistan provides development assistance and helps build the capacity of many national institutions. The UNDP - Afghanistan programme includes state-building and government support, democratization and civil society empowerment, and promotion of...

Cotecna Inspection, Inc.


Cotecna Inspection, Inc., part of the Cotecna Group, conducts commercial inspections for public and private sector companies, and on behalf of international organisations. Cotecna offers a wide range of trade supervision services including the inspection of goods prior to shipment and at...

Spirit of America (SoA)


Spirit of America (SoA) provides support through American military and civilian personnel to people who call to them for humanitarian assistance.

Scan Water: Safe Drinking Water


Scan Water is a subidiary of Plastec AS, a leading Norwegian supplier of field-tested drinking-water supply systems for emergencies and development programs. They have been supplying UN Agencies and leading international NGOs for more than 20 years. Scan Water manage the distribution of emergency...