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National Organisation for Welfare and Development (NOWAD)


The National Organisation for Welfare and Development (NOWAD) is an Indian NGO. NOWAD works in adult education, continuing education , and women's empowerment and leadership training. NOWAD focuses on helping people living in tribal areas and Dalits, women and children in particular.

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Support Non-profit Youth Organization in Manila, Philippines


1012 Youth Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, and socio-civic organization in Manila, Philippines. It was established in 2009, and since that year, we could not do monthly project due to lack of fund. Our beneficiaries are mostly youth but also we care for children, persons with...

International Transformation Foundation


The International Transformation Foundation (ITF) is a global youth organization based in Kenya. ITF aims to improve life for disadvantaged young people through a range of programmes including the provision of computers and associated training for young people living in the slums, a youth...

Lore & Light Society

Lore and light

The Lore and Light Society is an NGO in Pakistan that aims to support deprived communities in various ways, particularly in regard to the improvement of health and education services for those living in rural areas. The Society focuses on awareness raising in regard to hygiene, the need for...

Giving Children Hope Initiative (GCHI)


The Giving Children Hope Initiative is a Ugandan NGO that works for underprivileged children and their families on issues including child care, young people's and women's empowement, environmental conservation, food security and health. The organisation is currently involved in tree planting...

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Child development centre for children born with Downs Syndrome – the first of its kind in Uganda


The association is helping and supporting children born with Downs Syndrome and their families in areas on health, education, social welfare and income generation. 
Issues to address
: a) HEALTH: A majority of children born with Downs Syndrome do not have access to specialized health services in...

Uganda Down's Syndrome Association (UDSA)

Children with down syndromme picture with the chairman mr alex emadit

The Uganda Down's Syndrome Association is an NGO that identifies, cares for and serves people born with Down's Syndrome and their families. The Association aims to provide a common voice for people with learning disabilities and other impairments, promoting their rights and opportunities.

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Improving Maternal Health: Construction and Equipping of Maternity Centre in Uganda


The majority of women within Nabwigulu Sub-county in Uganda do not receive the minimum package of health care needed during antenatal: - About 58% of births occur at home or under a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) - 74% of mothers do not receive a post partum medical check up - 86% of women...

International Development Institute

Idi logo

The International Development Institute is a volunteer movement in India promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. The Institute supports Indian grassroots organizations and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as agriculture, energy, education, health,...

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Vocational training for the needy community of Kyampisi Village, Uganda


The establishment of a vocational training centre in Kyampisi Village will enable marginalized out of school youths, especially orphans and vulnerable children, young mothers, youths (in and out of school), elderly and disabled persons to receive training on tailoring and dressmaking in order to...