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HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health and medical

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Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust


The Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust (IWCWT) is an NGO involved in social development, relief and advocacy. The Trust is committed to the Millennium Development Goals, caring for poor, unprivileged and exploited people. The Trust's primary focus is on improving community education,...

Tears Foundation

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The Tears Foundation Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that works for children.

Assam Cancer Society and Rural Based Preventive Oncology Research Centre ( Cancer Awareness Campaign)


The Assam Cancer Society and Rural Based Preventive Oncology Research Centre is an Indian NGO that campaigns for cancer awareness.

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School girl health and sanitation project, Mpigi District, Uganda


We want to help schoolgirls in Uganda to manage their menstrual periods more easily. Through building girl-friendly clean pit-latrines with washing facilities and clean washing water, we will enable girls to manage their periods and improve girls' education. In the Mpigi District of Uganda a...

Srishti Helpage Foundation


The Srishti Helpage Foundation is an independent youth volunteer NGO in India. The organisation's volunteers comprise students and young professionals who work for the holistic development of under-privileged children in the fields of education, health and community development. Currently,...

Disabled Refugees Projects (DRP)

Logo disabled refugees projects

The Disabled Refugees Projects (DRP) is a South African NGO that aims to to respond to critical issues affecting people living with disabilities in Gauteng, Johannesburg. The DRP advocates for their human rights, provides basic skills and organizes awareness campaigns to reduce their...

Serve The Nation (STN))


Serve The Nation (STN) is an NGO in Pakistan that works for marginalised communities, in particular, for people with disabilities and children. The organisation is in the process of raising funds to build an orphanage for a group of children left destitute, and also hopes to be able to send them...

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Fund Raising for Hospital Ship in the Philippines Verified non-profit organisation


Natural disasters are a constant threat. The most affected continent is Asia with 8 of the top 10 countries with the highest number of disaster related deaths. By 2015, an average of over 374 million people per year are likely to be affected, 50% more than the average number of people affected...

Fight Against Aids Guinea


Fight Against Aids Guinea is an NGO involved in health issues in the Republic of Guinea. The organisation believes that tackling poverty will assist in the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB.

Naihati Prolife


Naihati Prolife is an Indian NGO based in West Bengal. The organisation sponsors projects ranging from the education of migrant children, safe arsenic free drinking water in schools, water and sanitation in schools. the national TB prevention programme, and advocacy in urban ecology, including...