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Radio Health International


Radio Health International, based in Cameroon, is the only health themed radio in the central african subregion. The organisatiion focuses on simplifying health information for general understanding and influencing actions for change. Radio Health International supports and encourages science...

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Support needed for radio station focusing on health information in Cameroon


Radio Health International is a radio station that holds to a particular theme, which is health and science. Therefore, every work or strategy is primarily towards the promotion and development of health and/or sciences. The radio is also a community based stations a type of radio service, that...

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Funding to build a centre for displaced flood victims and an orphanage in Nigeria


We are trying to get support for the displaced flood victims and needy children in Delta State and Bayelsa State in Nigeria, in response to the flooding in Bayelsa in October 2012. Right now our team in Nigeria has come forward to provide shelter and food for 1200 flood victims and 310 orphans, and...

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Help vulnerable teens in Uganda by education and football


• HOPE SOCCER ACADEMY (HOSA) is a registered nonprofit and community based organization in Uganda,which was founded in 2006 in response to promotion of sports in rural areas. • To cater for the educational and vulnerable children whose families have no capacity of providing the basic needs. The...

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Setting up diagnostic health camps in rural India


We want to provide health care facilities for the nomadic population living in rural areas in India, where there is little or no health infrastructure. The major need is for regular diagnostic health camps to be held for rural people with the ability to follow up cases from time to time. Such...

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Establishment of non-profit Eye Centre with surgical facilities in the Republic of Congo


We are based in Impfondo, the capital of Likouala region in the remote north-east of the Republic of Congo. 54% of the population in Congo live under the United Nation’s definition of Absolute Poverty, i.e. less than US$1 a day. Likouala is the poorest and currently the most food insecure...

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Toothpaste needed for oral health project in Africa Verified non-profit organisation


We are Mercy Ships who provide free medical care to the world's forgotten poor using a hospital ship, the Africa Mercy to provide a world class care in areas absent of the basic infrastructure such as clean water & electricity. All 450 crew on board are volunteers who actually pay their own way...

Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL)


The Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL) is an organization established to promote the spirit of volunteering in Uganda. The organisation works through the use of national volunteers in the following thematic areas: education (concentration on basic skills); health (advocacy and community based...

Somali Women Education Campaigners


Somali Women Education Campaigners (SWEC) is a women-led NGO working in southern and central Somalia on community development especially humanitarian protection, women's and children's literacy promotion, human rights advocacy and lobbying for women and children in urban and rural areas of Somalia.

Global Compassion


Global Compassion is a Cameroonian NGO that works on humanitarian issues including health, education and community services, such as the provision of clean drinking water.