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HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health and medical

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Divine Peace Ministries


Divine Peace Ministries is a Christian NGO that operates in disaster areas in Uganda, providing shelter, food, clothing and medical care to women, men and children in addition to its faith-based activities.

Life Transformers Foundation


The Life Transformers Foundation is an NGO in Ghana that aims to encourage people to adopt a healthier life style.

Health Care and Enviromental Sanitation Association


The Health Care and Enviromental Sanitation Association is an NGO in Cameroon. The Association works on sensitization and training programmes related to disease prevention and on the empowerment of women and young people, and runs programmes in schools and for university students. ...

Empower Africa Joshua's Generation Community Network Uganda [EAJGCNU]


Empower Africa Joshua's Generation Community Network Uganda (EAJGCNU) is a Ugandan NGO. The organisation provides care and support to HIV/AIDS orphans, vulnerable and disadvantaged children, widows, and young people and their communities under the auspices of the Christian Family Church...

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Help street children in ​​Port-au-Prince, Haiti


The phenomenon of street children is found in almost all major cities of Haiti, particularly in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince. The children live in very difficult conditions, doing odd jobs, begging and even thieving. The older ones sometimes become henchmen to carry illegal packages....

Fondation Eddy Mesidor Pour Le Developpement (FEMED)


Fondation Eddy Mesidor Pour Le Developpement (FEMED) is an NGO in Haiti. FEMED works on a range of issues, including education, health, sport, arts and culture, and general humanitarian aid. The organisation helps children go to school, and runs mobile health clinics where free medicines are...

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Construct sanitary facilities for elderly in Uganda


Old people in the Kimwanyi ward of Kira in Ugandan do not have proper sanitary facilities. These people do not have proper pit latrines and this has led to their families being invaded by disease. Children fall sick because of poor sanitation and hygiene. They need training in sanitation as...

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Help HIV/AIDS affected families in Kenya


We strive to ensure all those who are disadvantaged in life are taken care of. We have planned and implemented a number of projects within the community which are geared towards the socio-economic empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable people. Past and current projects include a dairy...

Girls Education Movement Uganda


Girls Education Movement Uganda (GEM-U) is a child centred and young people-led NGO whose goal is to empower girls to lobby for equal access to education. GEM-U provides scholarships to more than 1000 girls in both secondary and vocational institutions. GEM-U also equips girls with appropriate...

New Hope Bethesda


New Hope Bethesda is a Christian NGO in the Congo. The organisation is dedicated to the discipleship movement and to charitable work, caring for orphans, widows, raped women and HIV/AIDS positive people.