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Hospital beds for UK-based charity shipping to Africa Verified non-profit organisation


Glasgow the Caring City charity is looking for hospital beds for various health initiatives. Ideally, these beds would be located in Scotland however any UK location will be considered. We are looking for 'Kings Fund' style beds on wheels. Various health programmes requiring practical...

Nadhifu Mums Power


Nadhifu Mums Power is an NGO in Kenya that assists women, particularly those who need to work because they have lost their homes or families through domestic violence and lack relevant skills. The organisation aims to provide such women with vocational skills like dressmaking, bead work,...

Literates Welfare Association (LAW)


The Literates Welfare Association (LAW) is an NGO in Tamilnadu, India, working for the welfare of the downtrodden especially dalits, women, marginal landholders, landless peasants, and underprivileged children. Among the current programmes sponsored by the organisation are the following:...

Revival Mission of Uganda

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Revival Mission of Uganda is a faith-based NGO. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation provides care and support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), provides education and encourages participation in sports. The Mission also works on health, gender and community...

Tanzyme Falah-e-Mashra


Tanzyme-Falah-E-Moashra (TFM) is an NGO in Pakistan that aims to increase literacy rates, especially among women in rural areas. TFM is also involved in social-economic development activities on a participatory basis particularly in the areas of education, health, drug prevention, rural...

Murera Community Empowerment and Support Organization

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Murera Community Empowerment and Support Organization (MCESO) is a community based Kenyan NGO that aims to support and empower orphans and other vulnerable children in the Ruiru district through providing care, education and training.

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Orphanage project in rural Uganda


Bethany Rehabilitation Centre is a Ugandan NGO set up to help the local community of Bufumbira South in Kisoro, the South Western region of Uganda. The organisation tries to respond to the needs of vulnerable children, in particular, orphans. More than 120 orphans between 0-16 years have been...

Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust


The Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust (IWCWT) is an NGO involved in social development, relief and advocacy. The Trust is committed to the Millennium Development Goals, caring for poor, unprivileged and exploited people. The Trust's primary focus is on improving community education,...

Tears Foundation

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The Tears Foundation Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that works for children.

Assam Cancer Society and Rural Based Preventive Oncology Research Centre ( Cancer Awareness Campaign)


The Assam Cancer Society and Rural Based Preventive Oncology Research Centre is an Indian NGO that campaigns for cancer awareness.