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Samaritan Development Organization (SADO)


The Samaritan Development Organisation (SADO) is a Christian NGO in the Ngora District of Uganda. SADO aims to provide education for orphans and to help widows and other needy people, including victims of HIV/AIDS.

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Establishing a Christian Children Centre in Uganda


SADO is a Christian NGO in Ngora Town in the Teso Region. Trouble in the area in the late 1980s and early 1990s has left a scarred community finding it difficult to come to terms with its own survival. Community structures have been totally destroyed leading to a number of problems including early...

Osiligi Community Care-led Coalition


The Osiligi Community Care-led Coalition is a Kenyan NGO working to improve the living standards of orphans and vulnerable children and community home- based clients in a remote part of the country, Samburu County. The organization serves 1300 OVC and 27 CHBC clients affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Construct classrooms and sanitary facilities for pupils in Kenya


We work in an undeveloped area where many people brew illicit liquor as a means of making a little bit of money. Very many people have never been to school. We run a school for poor children between the ages of 2 and 12 where the education is free as it is sponsored by the church. Most of the...

Club des Amis des Malades (C.A.M)


Club des Amis des Malades (C.A.M) is an NGO in Togo involved in the provision of health services. The organisation aims to help people to stay healthy and to combat tropical diseases such as malaria, and to promote action against sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. The organisation also aims...

New Sight


New Sight is an eye care centre in the Congo based on a similar NGO in Gabon where more than 2000 patients are treated every year. The centre offers free consultations and surgery, as well as training for staff. New Sight also provides teaching for nursing students, nurses and allied health...

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Establish health care centres in Delta State, Nigeria


Phaneros Care is an NGO in Nigeria. We currently run a 20 patient capacity health centre in Ogbele, a rural area in Delta State. What we now need is the ability to set up centres throughout the area where we can follow up cases on a regular basis. If we could set up a regular health care...

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Construction of Mother and Child Health Clinic in Zambia


In many developing countries, including Zambia, women have unequal or limited access to health services. As women are most often the sole earners in a household, a decline in women’s health often leads to a decline in the standard of living for the entire household. Access to health services is...

Brethren in Christ Church - Zambia


The Brethren in Christ Church is a church in Zambia that aims to provide comprehensive health services in addition to its faith-based activities. Currently the Church runs a hospital at Macha, a clinic at Sikalongo, secondary and primary schools in the Macha and Sikalongo areas as well as...

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Construction of health centre in Avepozo, Togo


We are members of an NGO in Togo dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable members of the community many of whom suffer from tropical diseases, malaria among others, and HIV/AIDS. We are also concerned to improve the health of pregnant women. We would like to help our clients by setting...