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Bangkok Free Ambulance (BFA)


The Bangkok Free Ambulance (BFA) is a service in Thailand that assists with Thai and foreign accidents and/or deaths. Its primary service is the provision of medical care. The BFA also works with other foundations, police, government, communities, and embassies in EMS care and education. BFA is...

Kasuki HIV/AIDS Guidance and Counselling Group


Kasuki HIV/AIDS Guidance and Counselling Group is an NGO in Kenya. The Group works with existing community based development groups, the Government and other development agencies focusing on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. The Group is currently aiming to assist with the provision of water in...

Sot - Uganda International


Sot-Uganda International is a Christian organisation that works for people affected by HIV/AIDS, providing formal education for orphans and vulnerable children, helping widows financially and psychosocially, sensitizing communities about HIV/AIDS, providing mobile palliative care for people living...

My Brother My Sister Charity Foundation


My Brother My Sister Charity Foundation is a Ugandan NGO based in Nsangi Sub County. The Charity aims to improve the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and street children, and works in rural areas with people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The organisation provides children with...

Christian Community Fellowship


The Christian Community Fellowship (CCF) is a pentecostal church in Liberia that is involved in holistic ministry in Montserrado County. In addition to its faith-based activities, CCF aims to meet the social and physical needs of its community. Currently, CCF is setting up a project to improve the...

Samaritan for Child Action Network Uganda


Samaritan for Child Action Network Uganda (SCAN Uganda) is a local NGO that aims to assist people living in poor urban communities to improve their lives. The organisation sponsors action programmes, undertakes capacity building, advocacy, networking and research. SCAN is specifically...

Lumbung Yusuf Indonesia


Lumbung Yusuf Indonesia provides health, education, relief, and social services.

Integrated Development Forum (IDF)


The Integrated Development Forum (IDF) is a local Bangladeshi NGO. The organisation works on a range of issues including education, health and poverty alleviation; safe water supply and sanitation; food security and livelihood development; environment and climate change; HIV/Aids and advocacy....

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Initiation of Breast Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Program in Goma/DRC


This project aims to initiate breast cancer prevention and to make the screening, mammography and treatment (surgery) available for women in our country, especially in our community (the city of Goma). This kind of activities are innovative practices in our region even if they may be common in...

AGIR Ensemble


AGIR Ensemble is an NGO based in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. The organisation works in development and health. In particular, the organisation focuses on public health, hygiene, water and sanitation, cancer and tobacco control, HIV/AIDS, palliative care and nutrition. AGIR Ensemble also...