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Information and communications technologies

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Fewer than 3 computers per 1,000 people in Africa


There are fewer than 3 computers per 1,000 people in Africa. UN African Recovery Report



Voxiva is a global provider of practical information solutions to improve healthcare systems. Through its Pyramid Platform, that leverages phones, mobile phones, faxes, radios and the internet, Voxiva intended to facilitate communication, data collection and analysis, and information dissemination....

Association for India's Development (AID)


Association for India's Development, Inc. (AID) is a voluntary non-profit organisation committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development in India, by working with grassroots organisations and movements in India. AID supports and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres...

LINCT Coalition


Founded in 1994, Learning and Information Networking for Communities via Technology (LINCT) is a group of non-profit organisations which develop educational and training programmes focusing on information and communication technologies. LINCT cooperated with communities to implement “Learn&Earn”...

International Business Initiatives (IBI )


IBI is a consulting firm committed to economic and social development through the modernisation of infrastructure, human capacity building, trade and investment in developing countries and American communities. It is a team of international experts who has extensive, on-the-ground experience...

Jericho Road


Provides a free service for the redistribution of computers to nonprofits.

Maplecroft Maps


Maplecroft provides a comprehensive portfolio of mapping solutions including customised global, regional and single-country maps, both in print and online. Primarily a commercial organisation, Maplecroft has formed and facilitated several strong multi-lateral partnerships with business, lobby...



InterConnection makes internet technology accessible to non-profit organisations in developing countries. The organisation provides high quality, low cost and free internet services, refurbished computers, and internet and computer training programmes.

eMap Site


Emap Site is a geoportal providing a one stop shop for digital geographic data and online mapping services for professionals in Great Britain. The website includes many free GIS plug-ins for download to improve system functionality.



SitaShop, a wholly-owned by Sita Multimedia Sdn. Bhd. and a part of the Sita Group of Companies, is an online IT retailer and service provider.