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Human rights

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African Refugees Foundation (AREF)


AREF is a humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary development organization conceptualized with the 3-R strategy of RESCUE, REHABILITATION and RE-INTEGRATION of African Refugees, Evacuees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons. AREF speaks for and supports African Refugees,...

Peace Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development Organisation (PRASDO)


The Peaced Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development Organisation (PRASDO) is a Pakistani NGO that works for a non-violent and peaceful society. Thus the organisation addresses the root causes of backwardness in diverse fields such as the lack of clean water, food, sanitation, health and...

Centre for Enterprise Development and Action Research (CEDAR)


The Centre for Enterprise Development and Action Research (CEDAR) is a non-governmental, not for profit organisation set up in 1995, as a ‘help centre’ for a network of interested people and organisations in response to problems associated with inequitable distribution of development benefits; ...

Central Asian Partners


Central Asian Partners is involved in a wide variety of projects from rural village medical clinics and maternal health projects, to providing visiting professors to teach university seminars, as well as locating and shipping equipment and supplies needed by field personnel.

Belgian Technical Cooperation


Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) is the Belgian development cooperation agency. As a public service provider, and on behalf of the Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, BTC supports developing countries in their fight against poverty. Thanks to...

American Jewish World Service


American Jewish World Service, Inc. ("AJWS"), a not-for-profit international development organization motivated by Judaism's imperative to pursue justice. AJWS is dedicated to alleviating poverty, hunger and disease among the people of the developing world regardless of race, religion or...

Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage (BABWO)


BAWBO is a child development organisation, providing children with programmes to develop their education and self esteem. BABWO currently supports 120 children It is based in the Chittagong Hill Tracts area, Bangladesh and was set up by Ven. U Khemachara Mahathero in 1982. The organisation is...

Aid to Southeast Asia (ASA)


Aid to Southeast Asia (ASA) is a people-to-people, international aid project contributing to world peace and the respect for human rights. It helps meeting the medical needs of Vietnam after 70 years of war and economic isolation. ASA began as a post-war veterans' initiative to help restore the...

Kagoma Community Based Organisation (KACOBA)


Kagoma Community Based Organisation (KACOBA) develops projects aimed at reducing poverty and enhancing living conditions in Uganda. The organisation offers a variety of aid services, including facility based care for HIV/AIDS patients, community based initiatives on food security, nutrition and...

Catholic Charities


Catholic Charities is one of the largest voluntary social service networks in the USA. The organisation works with more than 1,600 community-based agencies and institutions across America, seeking to reduce poverty, support individuals and families and empower communities. Programmes supported by...