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Human rights

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Ehsaas is an organisation that is involved in disaster relief work. Ehsaas provides basic food, shelter, medical aid and other items for survivors and relies on donations to operate.

Midland International Aid Trust UK


Midland International Aid Trust (MIAT) is a UK-based non-governmental organisation which provides relief goods including shelters, uniforms, books and food stuffs to many of the world's worst disaster areas. MIAT also extends help in health and education sectors to disaster prone areas across the...

Salaam Award project - Vellore


The Salaam Award Project is an international program for young people (12-24 yrs), which aim to channelize the potential of disadvantaged urban youth. The Award Program seeks to encourage independence, inter-dependence and self-help among socially isolated and vulnerable youth.

Al Zubair Charity Foundation (ZCF)


Al Zubair Charity Foundation (ZCF) implements programmes for relief and social welfare toward the poor, orphans and needy. ZCF engages in seasonal projects such as breakfast for fastening, school bags, Eid happiness, and sacrifices. The organisation also offers educational and health services,...

ActionAid - Burkina Faso


ActionAid is an international charity working with poor and marginalised people in more than 50 countries worldwide to help eradicate poverty by overcoming injustice and inequity. ActionAid's work in Burkina Faso focuses on helping families to improve their farming techniques, improving access to...

The Thomas Merton Centre


The Thomas Merton Centre (TMC) is an NGO based in Pittsburg, USA. The organisation promotes peace and social justice through campaigns and awareness-raising (seminars, information for schools) with a focus on racial and economic justice, non-violence and anti-war issues. TMC also presents an annual...

The Hope (An Organisation For Rural Development)


The HOPE (An Organisation for Rural Development) is an NGO in Pakistan. The Hope works for the poor particularly children, women and young people. The organisation runs awareness raising campaigns on issues such as child labour , health and the environment, and provides skills training for women....

Brot Für Alle (Bread for All)


Brot Fur Alle (Bread for All) is the Development Service of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland. It works to empower people to build sustainable livelihoods through over 350 projects in more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It also advocates for international social,...

France Libertés


France Libertés supports human rights and development projects in areas and countries that have been exposed to unfavourable social conditions.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Switzerland's international cooperation agency within the Department of Foreign Affairs, is responsible for overall coordination of international development activities as well as humanitarian aid. SDC also provides survival aid and supports the...