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Human rights

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International Non Governmental Organisations Accountability Charter


International Non Governmental Organisations Accountability Charter resulted from a gathering of INGOs to systematise and reduce the number of structures NGOs must respond to. The INGOs who are signatories to the Charter agree to abide by the following principles: respect for universal principles,...

Queen Elizabeth House - Oxford Department of International Development

University of oxford

Queen Elizabeth House is the University of Oxford’s centre for Development Studies, and the focus for the University’s research and teaching on these issues. Their objective is to conduct high level research which advances understanding of the complex economic, social and political processes of...

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)


The American Friends Service Committee carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programmes throughout the world. In collaboration with local communities and neighborhoods, AFSC’s programs foster understanding and reconciliation, promote economic development and food security,...

Solidarity Against AIDS Organization


Solidarity Against AIDS Organization is a community-based organization offering HIV/AIDS services in Amuria and Soroti Districts in eastern Uganda. Its mission is to improve the health of the people of Teso region, through various programs of mitigation against the impact of HIV/AIDS on the...

BATAY OUVRIYE (Workers' Fight)


BATAY OUVRIYE (Workers' Fight) is a Haitian labour movement that regroups factory unions and committees, workers’ associations and militants, struggling to build an independent, combative and democratic union movement in Haiti . The organisation helps to organize employed and self-employed workers...

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ACFID Code of Conduct


The ACFID Code of Conduct is a voluntary, self regulatory industry code for non government development organisations.

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Social Accountability 8000


Social Accountability 8000, a standard and verification system, is a credible, comprehensive and efficient tool for ensuring humane workplaces.

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OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises


OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are recommendations addressed by governments to multinational enterprises operating in or from adhering countries. They provide voluntary principles and standards for responsible business conduct in a variety of areas including employment and industrial...

Transparency International


Transparency International (TI) is an international NGO devoted to combating corruption. It raises awareness of corruption, advocates policy reform, works towards the implementation of multilateral conventions and subsequently monitors compliance. TI focuses its activities on fighting corruption in...

OneWorld - Africa


OneWorld Africa, a not for profit organisation and part of the OneWorld online network, is committed to utilising the internet and other technologies to bring the voices of African people to a global audience and make visible their contributions to sustainable development and human rights promotion...