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Gender issues

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Help equipping Mercy Training Centre, Uganda


Over 120 young ladies complete primary school every academic year, the few secondary schools that exists are far away – mainly located in trading centers. Additionally parents do not have money to pay for the tuition fee for their children to get a secondary education. Proposing this project is...

International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited - ICARE


The International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited (ICARE), a non-governmental charitable organisation, aims to improve the opportunity and accessibility of education for women and youth in developing countries, increase the number of qualified teachers and build a better sustainable future...

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Uzbekistan


UNDP Uzbekistan is committed to enhancing the development situation in the country. UNDP has assisted governmental and non-governmental institutions in obtaining the knowledge, experience and resources needed to successfully pursue economic and social reforms to ensure a good and promising future...

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)


The goal of the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) is to cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and girls everywhere. They do this by facilitating ongoing debates on fundamental issues as well as by building the individual and...

Tera Prem Church Society


The Tera Prem Church Society is a charitable organisation in India engaged in social and religious activities with needy people in more than 30 villages. The Society helps at least 10 children a year complete their schooling, while the Society's primary health centre treats between 30 - 35 patients...

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Rural Communities in Environmental Conservation for Better Livelihood Project, Uganda


This project is called Environmental Conservation for Better Livelihood Project and is concerned with building the capacity of young people using better environmental management practices for a sustainable social economic development. Continued environmental degradation in Uganda has remained a big...

Mama Africa International Organisation


Mama Africa International Organisation is a Ugandan NGO that is committed to supporting orphans and women and girls. The organisation runs the Mama Briquettes Project that helps to save trees and to provide an income for participants. The organisation also runs other programmes to assist women and...

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Venezuela


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN global development network promoting national solutions to support the efforts of countries to eradicate poverty. In Venezuela, UNDP has been raised to build alliances to strengthen the capacities of men and women, organizations and...

Association BAARA MUSO


Association BAARA MUSO is a Malian NGO created to improve the socio-economic and professional integration of young housekeepers. It provides for an average of twenty-five young girls over 19 years of age from the countryside in a residential setting. The boarding school professionalizes the girls...

Lutheran World Relief (LWR)


Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is an international nonprofit organization specializing in International Development and Disaster Relief. LWR responds to emergencies worldwide, seeks lasting solutions to rural poverty, and works for peace and justice for all. It works with small-scale farmers to...