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Gender issues

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Building an inclusive education centre in Rwanda


The main objective of APAX is to make a contribution towards lasting peace in Rwanda by insuring the social integration of disabled children that are normally excluded from the society . The school becomes an instrument for enduring peace by demonstrating for any community full integration and...

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Community based organisation in Uganda in need of funding


Village Care Development Foundation is a fully registered community based organization. We help the poor people in Kagadi Kibaale District, Uganda. Our work include: - Mobilizing and sensitizing the local communities about domestic health such as boiling drinking water, having clean pit...

Rescue Foundation

Logo of rescue foundation

The Rescue Foundation is an Indian NGO that rescues, rehabilitates, repatriates and reintegrates girls and children from other states of India, Bangladesh and Nepal who are victims of human trafficking and are sold for forced prostitution or are sexually abused. The Foundation has three homes in...

Associacion par la Paz y Desarrollo (APD) - Nicaragua


Associacion par la Paz y Desarrollo (APD) is a Spanish based NGO committed to promoting gender equality, equitable redistribution of resources, and the improvement of life quality among men and women living in poverty. It runs projects and programs in 15 countries around the world to achieve ...

Kenya Orphans Rural Development Programme


Kenya Orphans Rural Development Programme (KORDP) is an indigenous NGO working with under-served communities to improve their quality of life through responsive and innovative programming, service delivery and capacity building in Kenya and across borders. The organisation focuses on providing...

Kahokya Foundation for Rural Women's Development Association (KAFFORWODA)

Kafforwoda pic

Kahokya Foundation for Rural Women's Development Association (KAFFORWODA) is an NGO based in the Rwenzori district of Uganda. The main aim of the organisation is to fight poverty and to promote health and education in the community. Past projects carried out by the organisation include an...

Rural Heal Mission


Rural Heal Mission is a Christian mission, based in India, that operates in South Asia and the Pacific. The group provides micro-finance services to poor Christian women, as well as running educational and environmental awareness programmes.

Society for Social Transformation


The Society for Social Transformation is an Indian NGO established to promote the social welfare and development of downtrodden communities focusing on women, children and young people. The Society has run awareness campaigns on social issues, education, consumer rights, road safety,...

Society for Rural Education and Livelihood Promotion of India.

Society of india

The Society for Rural Education and Livelihood Promotion of India (REAL) is a social service NGO headed by women. The organisation works for the poorest sections of society, undertaking research and investigations into the problems of scientific, environmental, economic and social development....

NAYMET (Naziran Yousaf Memorial Trust)


The Naziran Yousaf Memorial Trust (NAYMET) is an NGO working for the social and economic benefit of deprived, neglected and oppressed communities in the urban and semi-urban areas of Pakistan. The organisation runs micro-credit programmes and women's empowerment programmes, focusing on health,...