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Gender issues

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Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition


The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is a conglomeration of more than 350 civil organisations in Zimbabwe working together to bring about democratic change in Zimbabwe. The Coalition works on human rights issues, democratic governance, political freedom, women's rights, electoral reform, and...

American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center)


The American Center for International Labor Solidarity, or Solidarity Center, launched in 1997, is an organization dedicated to helping workers around the world build independent and democratic trade unions. It works with NGOs and unions worldwide to improve living conditions and promote equitable,...

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Medical Assistance for Sixty Survivors of Sexual Violence, Congo


We are seeking support for 60 survivors of sexual violence for our project of psycho social assistance. We are providing counselling services and referral to health practitioners; still they need payment fees for services offered. As you may know, in the DRC as in other countries of the world where...

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Empowering thirty teenagers mothers, Congo


Teenage mothers are very disadvantaged economically because they have to raise their children themselves. Otherwise, they do not any resource to sustain their livelihood. Mostly, they require assistance from their parents (since most of them are living with their parents at home.) For sake of...

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Improving water supply and quality, Uganda


This project is focused on the provision of a reliable and regular water supply and to overall improve the quality of life of the community by providing safe and clean water. This project will especially focus on helping alleviating the suffering of severely vulnerable women and will relieve them...

Baan Unrak


Baan Unrak is a non-profit, non-governmental community development project founded in 1991 to serve people in need in Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. Baan Unrak's programmes are directed toward orphans and destitute women. Our largest project is a children's home (and accredited...

Asian Women's Empowerment Project


Women's NGO that aims to empower female immigrant workers from Southeast Asia and reduce their exploitation within the sex industry

Gender Center for Sustainable Development (GSCD)


Gender Center for Sustainable Development (GSCD) aims to promote partnership with key stakeholders from civil society, the public and private sectors to assist the welfare of women. GSCD also seeks to ensure equal gender participation in IT, support information structures for free exchange of...

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Philippines


UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations devoted to serving the world’s children. UNICEF began providing assistance to the Philippines in November 1948. Since then, we and the Philippine government have been partners in protecting Filipino children. They aim to provide the best quality of life for...

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Philippines


In the Philippines, UNDP fosters human development for peace and prosperity. Working with central and local Governments as well as civil society, and building on global best practices, UNDP strengthens capacities of women, men and institutions to empower them to achieve the Millennium Development...