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Gender issues

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Oxfam - Québec


Oxfam-Québec is dedicated to supporting its partners and colleagues in developing countries in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. It is committed to eliminating the structural causes of poverty, making economic and social justice a top global priority,...

ActionAid - Vietnam


As part of ActionAid International, ActionAid Vietnam is one of the leading international non-governmental organisations working in Vietnam. It is committed to eradicating poverty by facilitating the process of empowering the poorest and excluded people with special reference to ethnic minorities...

Shadow of His Wings Children's Ophanage


Shadow of His Wings Children's Ophanage is a home for orphaned, abandoned and abused girls. The organisation provides health care, basic education and vocational skills training intended to equip the girls for independent living. Presently Shadow of His Wings houses sixty one girls in five homes...

The Israel National Council for the Child


The National Council for the Child is the oldest and largest organisation of its kind in Israel. Representing the rights of all Israeli children, including Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, sick and healthy, immigrants and “Sabras”, the NCC operates on several complementary fronts as it seeks...

Centre for International Health and Cooperation


The Centre for International Health and Cooperation aims to promote recovery and peace in countries shattered by natural disasters, armed conflicts and ethnic violence. The Center employs its resources and unique personal contacts to stimulate interest in humanitarian issues and to promote...

H.S. Chau Foundation


The H.S. Chau Foundation seeks to enhance access to education. The Foundation launched Project Tomorrow, an integrated system supporting the multi-faceted elements of a good education: from primary schools to universities, from teachers to students, from cultural learning to technical training,...

Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) International


Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) was established in India as a consumer protection organisation. Currently, the organisation operates across India, Africa, Vietnam and the United Kingdom in five areas: consumer protection,trade and development, competition, investment and economic...

Action for Security and Food Sovereignty in Niger- AcSSA


Action for Security and Food Sovereignty in Niger (AcSSA), established by Afrique Verte International, helps communities to develop and ensure professional, technical and trading of agricultural products. The organizaiton also focuses on women as actors in development.

Reledev Australia Limited


The Reledev Australia exists to motivate and enable Australians and people, communities and institutions in developing countries to be responsive in overcoming or alleviating poverty within their social, cultural and economic context.

Association Tchadienne pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ASTBEF)


Association Tchadienne pour le Bien-Etre Familial (ASTBEF), a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, provides programmes aimed at sensitising the population (particularly men) about family health and planning, the prevention of HIV/AIDS, and providing young people with...